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Pokemon we have seen and are likely to see in these games.

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User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#1
I watched all three trailers again (announcement trailer, Sylveon trailer, Awakened Mewtwo trailer) and listed every Pokemon shown. In most cases, the (pre)evolutions should be in these games as well. This is a list of Pokemon we will likely be able to find in the wild and/or obtain through evolution:

#025 Pikachu
#054 Psyduck
#055 Golduck
#066 Machop
#067 Machoke
#068 Machamp
#090 Shellder
#091 Cloyster
#129 Magikarp
#130 Gyarados
#133 Eevee
#134 Vaporeon
#135 Jolteon
#136 Flareon
#143 Snorlax
#147 Dratini
#148 Dragonair
#149 Dragonite
#172 Pichu
#196 Espeon
#197 Umbreon
#207 Gligar
#215 Sneasel
#280 Ralts
#281 Kirlia
#282 Gardevoir
#296 Makuhita
#297 Hariyama
#335 Zangoose
#446 Munchlax
#461 Weavile
#472 Gliscor
#475 Gallade
#504 Patrat
#505 Watchog
#513 Pansear
#514 Simisear
#531 Audino
#551 Sandile
#552 Krokorok
#553 Krookodile
#607 Litwick
#608 Lampent
#609 Chandelure
#619 Mienfoo
#620 Mienshao
#622 Golett
#623 Golurk
#??? Chespin
#??? Chespin 1st evo
#???Chespin 2nd evo
#??? Fennekin
#??? Fennekin 1st evo
#??? Fennekin 2nd evo
#??? Froakie
#??? Froakie 1st evo
#??? Froakie 2nd evo
#??? Sylveon
#??? Xerneas
#??? Yveltal

Now you're probably wondering, "why did I leave Leafeon and Glaceon out?" Obviously, they need their respective rocks to be available somewhere in the region, and although it's more than likely the rocks will be present, it's also a possibility that they won't. We can't expect EVERY single Pokemon to be crammed into these games; we're going to have to transfer some from Gen 5 to Gen 6. It's also very likely that since Pansear is in these games, Pansage, Panpour, and their evolutions will be as well. I left them out of the previous list simply because they haven't been shown at all, but I'm 99% positive they'll be in.

These, then, are the known Pokemon that most likely WILL appear in these games:

#470 Leafeon
#471 Glaceon
#511 Pansage
#512 Simisage
#515 Panpour
#516 Simipour

Next, there are a few other Pokemon I left out; these are Mewtwo, Genesect, and Rampardos (and Cranidos by association). Mewtwo and Genesect are legendary Pokemon from previous generations, so it's uncertain how they'll be obtainable. They could be found in the games somewhere, need to be transferred, or be obtained through an event. Thus, while we have seen footage of them, they might not be directly obtainable in these games. Furthermore, Cranidos is a 4th gen fossil Pokemon, so it's unlikely we'll be able to find it in the wild; it will either have to be transferred, or its fossil would have to be received through an in-game event. The same could be said for all other fossil Pokemon.

The following list is of the Pokemon that most likely WON'T appear in X and Y, or will need to be obtained through some manner outside of the games themselves (or inside after certain conditions have been met):

#138 Omanyte
#139 Omastar
#140 Kabuto
#141 Kabutops
#142 Aerodactyl
#150 Mewtwo
#345 Lileep
#346 Cradily
#347 Anorith
# 348 Armaldo
#408 Cranidos
#409 Rampardos
#410 Shieldon
#411 Bastiodon
#564 Tirtouga
#565 Carracosta
#566 Archen
#567 Archeops
#649 Genesect

*Continued in next post*
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User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#2
Finally, there is the matter of which new Pokemon will be introduced in Gen 6. Looking back on the previous gens, I'm fairly certain the following types of Pokemon will appear:

#??? Gen 6 Bird
#??? Gen 6 Bird evo
#??? Gen 6 Rodent
#??? Gen 6 Rodent evo
#??? Gen 6 Generic Bug
#??? Gen 6 Generic Bug evo 1
#??? Gen 6 Generic Bug evo 2
#??? Gen 6 Dog
#??? Gen 6 Dog evo
#??? Gen 6 Cat
#??? Gen 6 Cat evo
#??? Gen 6 Fossil Pokemon 1
#??? Gen 6 Fossil Pokemon 1 evo
#??? Gen 6 Fossil Pokemon 2
#??? Gen 6 Fossil Pokemon 2 evo
#??? Gen 6 Dragon
#??? Gen 6 Dragon 1st evo
#??? Gen 6 Dragon 2nd evo
#???, #???, #??? Gen 6 Legendary Trio
#??? Gen 6 3rd Legendary Beast
#??? Gen 6 Promotional Legendary 1
#??? Gen 6 Promotional Legendary 2
#??? Gen 6 Promotional Legendary 3

Each generation has introduced a generic bird and rodent Pokemon. The rodent Pokemon (Rattata, Sentret, Zigzagoon, Bidoof, Patrat) have ALWAYS had one evolution, so the Gen 6 rodent should follow suit. As for the bird Pokemon, Pidgey, Starly, and Pidove have two evolutions, while Hoothoot and Taillow only have one. Therefore, there's an almost chance the Gen 6 bird could have one or two evolutions, so I'm only listing one for now.

We can definitely expect at least one generic bug Pokemon, but the possibility of there being a second generic bug and the ability to determine the number of evolution lines is questionable at best. If there are two bug Pokemon, they should have at least one evolution each, but it gets shaky from there. Gen 2 had Ledyba and Spinarak, who each evolved once. Gen 3 had Wurmple, which had two evolution lines with two evolutions in each. Gen 4 had Burmy, which evolved into two different Pokemon based on gender, and the female evolution had different typing depending on where it battled before it evolved. Finally, Gens 1 and 5 each had two generic bugs with two evolutions each. Because of the X/Y/DNA theme, I'm willing to bet there will be at least one generic bug Pokemon with two evolution lines based on gender, and at least one evolution in each. It's honestly difficult to predict the existence of another generic bug Pokemon, as well as the type(s) of evolutions.

Dog and cat Pokemon have each been introduced in every generation of games except one; for dogs, it was Gen 4 (unless you count Riolu/Lucario, who more closely resemble Anubis), while it was Gen 2 for cats. Both dogs and cats appeared in Gens 1, 3, and 5 (Growlithe/Meowth, Poochyena/Skitty, and Lillipup/Purrloin, respectively), while at least one kind appeared in Gens 2 and 4 (Houndour for Gen 2, Glameow for Gen 4). Each of these Pokemon have only one evolution, except for Lillipup, which had 2. Therefore, I'm more inclined to include one dog and one cat with only one evolution each in the list of potential Gen 6 Pokemon.

Every gen except for Gen 2 had a pair of fossil Pokemon (Gen 1 is special in that it had a third, separate fossil Pokemon as well: Aerodactyl). Each fossil Pokemon pair have one evolution, so it will likely be the same case for Gen 6's fossil Pokemon pair. It's also pretty obvious there will be at least one "uber dragon" line, but I'm withholding the assumption of there being two for now, since only Gens 3 and 5 had two of them.

Finally, there should most definitely be at least one legendary trio, as well as a a 3rd legendary beast to go along with Xerneas and Yveltal (especially since it follows the legend of Yggdrasil). Only Gen 5 had two legendary trios, so I'm not going to wager the same will happen in Gen 6. Last but not least, there will probably be three promotional legendary Pokemon that won't be known to the general public until their respective movie(s)/shorts are released, following from the tradition started in Gen 4.
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User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#3
Not including the third list from the first post, we can be pretty sure that we know about 89 of the Pokemon native to X and Y's region so far, with a good portion of them being from Gens 1 and 5.

Gen 2 needs more rep!
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User Info: DweezleMoonunit

4 years ago#4
Based on painstaking research and analysis...
I'd say every pokemon will be present in the data but many will be unobtainable
no need to thank me

User Info: Pokemon_Looker

4 years ago#5
DweezleMoonunit posted...
Based on painstaking research and analysis...
I'd say every pokemon will be present in the data but many will be unobtainable
no need to thank me

Even spiky-eared pichu?
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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#6
How long did this take to analyse?
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User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#7
... Why isn't Raichu on your list?

Anyway, proceed with caution. We saw Scyther in Diamond and Pearl pre-release material, and he wasn't in the (pre-Platinum) Sinnoh Dex.
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User Info: SilverSaint7

4 years ago#8
I think there's a good chance Seviper will be in it since we've already seen Zangoose.

User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#9
jayman7 posted...
... Why isn't Raichu on your list?

Shoot, I forgot to put it back in the list when I was rearranging them in National Dex order! Make that 90 Pokemon.

It didn't really take a long time to make the list; I'm just stating which Pokemon I think will be available in the games. Even if it's for no other reason than I felt like it.
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User Info: ShiningRegice

4 years ago#10
I think those were place holders for the trailer, so they wouldn't spoil new Pokémon. In the trailer you see Magikarp is in the grass, so that shows it is a place holder.

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