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Do you remember which starter you picked the first time you played each game?

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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#61
Snivy in Black: otherwise the Water-type starter in FR, Pearl, HG and W2.

User Info: gameraz

4 years ago#62
Kementarri posted...
2nd Gen: Cyndaquil, Silver will always be my favorite game because it came with my favorite designs for pokemon. Espeon, Scizor, Skarmory, Zangoose, Ampharos, Typhlosion. ;)

Zagoose is a 3rd gen pokemon. Easy to remember due to its pearing with Seviper.

Anyway, on topic :

Crystal : Chikorita. It was my first pokemon game ever and I was like 8 years old IIRC. I Had a REALLY hard time with it. Hated every second.

Red : Charmander. Still 8 years old. I thought I HAD to pick the starter on the cover box, otherwise it would not obey me (lol). But even if I could choose "freely, I'd still pick Charmander!

Emerald : Mudkip, AMAZING STARTER! I like how bulky it is whilst being VERY strong, also : IT IS ONLY WEAK TO GRASS! Which doesn't matter due to Ice Beam!

4th gen : Chimchar. Same as Blaziken, but even faster!

Black (1st) : Oshawot. Another Fire Fighting, but this time a hella weaker. No thanks. It's time for something new!

Black (2nd) : Chimchar + Mudkip + Snivy - I traded the starters from other gens to make a journey with them. I Picked Snivy cuz I wanted to see how Emboar works for my Rival.

Black 2 : Charmander + Spheal - Wanted to try something new...
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User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#63
All the water starters. I prefer Venusaur to Blastoise now.
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User Info: Summonearth

4 years ago#64
Gen 1 - Pikachu (I had Pokemon Yellow so that was the only pokemon I can pick)
Gen 2 - Cyndaquil
Gen 3 - Mudkip
Gen 4 - Piplup
Gen 5 - Oshawott
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User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

4 years ago#65

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#66
Silver: Cyndaquil
Red: Charmander
Crystal: Totodile
Ruby: Torchic
Sapphire: Mudkip
Emerald: Torchic
Pearl: Chimchar
Platinum: Turtwig
White: Oshawott
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User Info: Immortal_Chaos7

4 years ago#67
Yellow: Pikachu
Silver: Cyndaquil
Ruby: Treeco
Sapphire: Torchic
Emerald: Torchic
LG: Charmander
FR: Squirtle
Diamond: Chimchar
Pearl: Piplup
Plat: Chimchar
SS: Cyndaquil
White: Tepig

....guess who likes fire types for their starter.

EDIT: Also...
Y: Fennekin
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User Info: SharmHedgehog

4 years ago#68
FR: Squirtle
LG: Bulbasaur
S: Mudkip
E: Treecko
P: Piplup
W2: Oshawott

I like water.
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User Info: boltsquirt

4 years ago#69
Blue: Squirtle (all time favorite)
Red: Charmander
Yellow: Pikachu...
Silver: Cyndaquil
Gold: Cyndaquil
Crystal: Totodile
Ruby: Torchic
Sapphire: Treecko
Emerald: All three (Traded among own games)
LeafGreen: Squirtle
FireRed: Bulbasaur
Diamond: Piplup
Pearl: Chimchar
Platinum: Elekid (traded an Egg in)
SoulSilver: Cyndaquil
HeartGold: Totodile
White: Oshawott
Black: Tepig
Black2: Riolu (couldn't resist)
White2: Beldum (traded an Egg in)
X/Y: Chespin

I've used every starter at some point though, and usually have used all three by the time the third game comes out. At this point I just try to use Pokes I haven't used before, which is how Beldum won out...
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User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#70
Red/LG- Bulbasaur
Yellow- Duh
Silver/Gold/Crystal- Totodile
Sapphire/Emerald- Mudkip
Platinum- Piplup
W- Oshawott
B2- Emboar
W2- Snivy
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