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Favorite Starters- X/Y

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User Info: Gray_Areas

4 years ago#11
Close poll...
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User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#12
Froakie=Robby so he wins without majority.
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User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#13
endergamer537 posted...

Kanto: Squirtle
Johto: Totodile
Hoenn: Torchic
Sinnoh: Piplup
Unova: Oshawott

One big final.

Dammit, I went away for a couple of days and everything explodes. >.>
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User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#14
Fennekin has proven itself to be overrated again.

F*** Fennekin.
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User Info: CJShines

4 years ago#15
It's funny how none of the Grass starters have won a poll.
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