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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#21
Chocolate put her phone away and smiled.

"Sure!" -Chocolate, excited.
Official Fabulous of the Internet!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#22
(Alright, nearly done with Vortex)

[---[Paris] Region---]
(Public Abuse)

The court room was filled with people, Pokemon, and Machine, all aiming their sights on Vortex, who was strapped to a death chair. And knowing that they'd get the first drop if he did something out of nowhere, the Judge stood up from his chair.


That name fell on silent eyes that stared all across the room.

Judge----''After reviewing what has been said by all sides of the court, I here by sentence you to spend the rest of your days in Solitary Confinement, lose the wright to your name, and be given a paralyzing injection!''

No one smiled at the decision, but it was better than nothing.

---40 Minutes later---

Vortex was being beaten within the street by the citizens of the region that he was in.
And even though the Humans were more present, the hybrids were especially glad that they had the chance to legally beat up another Norm.

So, through the kicking, clawing, biting, poisoning, and other un-describable stuff, Arckson, Bingles, Mr.Enthusiasm, and Medical Division Grunt were looking at the scene.

Arckson-----''Can you believe this?''
Bingles------''Meh, I heard that this region was more on the side of not going by the book.''
MDG---------''If you're talking about the proof behind those photos. I can assure you that there was an MD Case detailing the examination of Children that showed DNA of that Vortex character.''
Mr.E----------''Guys! Look who's here!''

Mr.Enthusiasm enthusiastically came in, flailing his arms, and skipping through the crowd. And a blaziken was present.

Mr.E---------''You bet your sweet candy coated left arm it is, baby.''

Staring down Bingles, Isaac harnessed his anger, and Mary Sue'd Vortex into the air, and sent him flying with a blaze kick, zooming past a body of water, splashing into the ocean, accidentally hitting a pink Kyogre that was searching for its date, bouncing back up into the air, ricocheting off of a pure Shadow Giratina, and landing inside the Prison of Sharpedo Isle.

Reporter 1------''Holy shnap, please tell me you got that.''
Camera man---''All of it.''

Arckson then barrates Mr.Enth-

Mr.E-------''Hey, just close your eyes.''
Arckson--''Dude, Isaac just did a Realgam-''

---Sharpedo Isle---
(Just off of [Paris] Region)

With the next blink of her eyes, the lady with the one good arm found herself, Bingles, MDG, half of the Police force sent in on their escort of Vortex, and their stuff, all in front of a enchanted handcuffed Vortex.

Mr.E----------''Through EnTHUsiASm!''
Arckson-----''Ugh, fine, let's bring him in!''

They headed deeper into the Prison Isle,.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#23
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
Chocolate put her phone away and smiled.

"Sure!" -Chocolate, excited.

She said yes!


He then thought for a moment, checking his body for bruises.

Oh, but her appetite is growing again.. do I know of a good restaurant?
Actually, I have a friend who used to work as a waiter.. wonder what he's doing now.

The Nurse comes in with a clipboard.

Nurse----''Raul-er-Pepper Ringles?''
Nurse----''Your vitals check out, you can go now.''

She leaves the room, leaving Pepper, and Chocolate to themselves.
Pepper Ringles then enthusiastically responds to Chocolate.

Pepper-----''I know of a great Restaurant over in Mainstreet! We just need to go to take a ferry into the mainland.. are you okay with that?''

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#24
Still waiting on Poli or someone to say if i need to change something. Also, Good post Changlini. Could you PM me though when your done with Vortex, Perhaps? I need him for my character's finale.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#25
Don't worry, I will.
Unless Poli still wants a go on him..

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#26
Tyler saw Vrael Approach him, sword ready.
Tyler: You.
Vrael: Noble Sacrifice, Having your friends actually leave you here.
Atlas: Got a problem with that, Heir?
Vrael: Tah! You will forget that name on your journey! To hell!
( Stars Playing)
Tyler: I won't let you!
Azure: We will stop you!
Vrael flew forward and sliced at Tyler, But he dodged, throwing his Zweilander at Vrael. He blocked it off.
Azure: Astral Blade!
Azure Ran forward and Swung his sword at Vrael, but he blocked it off.
Vrael: Come, my Minions!
Several Undead Demons appeared before Vrael.
Tyler: Rexaura!
The Light spell blasted Vrael Away, but Tyler was stabbed through by Vrael's Rapier. Vrael flew and grabbed the blade, pushing Tyler away.
Tyler: Ugh!
Atlas: Shine Sword!
Atlas ran and slashed at the Undead Demons. They Disappeared, but Atlas was blasted away by a dark spell.
Vrael: Die, fools! Skeletal Sword!
Tyler: Shadow Sword!
Atlas: Shine Sword!
Azure: Astral Blade!
The Three clashed with Vrael, but were bombarded by Demons.
Tyler: Ugh!
Vrael: Inferno!
Several pillars of Fire erupted from the ground, nearly hitting Tyler. He Dodged.
Tyler: Naglfar!
The Dark Spell bounced off the Demonic Heir.
Vrael: Eclipse!
Tyler was blasted by a mini Eclipse appearing, and Exploding.
Atlas: Radiant Light!
The Whole Field Was Covered by Light. Tyler Barely dodged the Attack.
Tyler: Atlas! Don't forget I'm a Demon TOO!
Atlas: Sorry!
Azure: Astral.... Blast!
Azure fired a blast of Astral Energy at Vrael, and he was blasted away.
Vrael: Ugh! Steel Ground!
Vrael placed his hand on the ground, and the Field was Covered in steel.
Tyler: What the-
Vrael suddenly Flashed forward, and threw Tyler up to the air.
Vrael: Fire Blast!
Vrael Released the Blast. it scorched Tyler into the ground.
Tyler: AH!!!!
Atlas: Rain of Light!
Rain began pouring down, dousing the Fire.
Tyler: Ugh.... Thanks.....
Azure: He's Strong, that's for sure-
Azure was bombarded by Steel Spears, being pushed to the wall of the Barrier. Outside, Vin looked at the Group with Envy.
Vin: Milady, Surely we won't let the Demons Win this!
Wynn: Yes, but for now, we shall wait. I want the other part of their Band to come back, so we can give them a good welcome....
Vin: What of those three in the barrier? We let them die from Vrael's Anger?!
Wynn: Yes. Surely you'd be happy of this. The Person who Murdered your Ancestor, Arcuextra, is about to die.
Vin: ....
Inside the Barrier, Tyler was blcoking swings by Vrael's sword with his.
Vrael: You can't beat me in my Territory!
Tyler: ! (He's a Registeel Hybrid! Of course!)
Atlas: Light Sword!
Atlas swung forward, but was blocked off by more Steel.
Tyler: Let's try this then! Credillylad!
Tyler punched at the ground. The entire Ground became covered with the Spell.
Vrael: No! Not my Steel!
Vrael was blasted away by the Light.
Tyler: Let's finish This! Ultima... Sword!
Tyler's sword was covered by the Elements. Hew swung forward, blasting Vrael into the Barrier several times, until the Demon Heir fainted.
Vrael: Ugh.... N-No.... I..... W-Won't..... Lose...... N-Not..... Here..... N-Not...... Y-Yet................
Vrael fainted.
Vin: (Amazing.... He actually Beat Vrael in his own Ground! Interesting Strategy.....)
Wynn: Prepare Yourself, Vin. You're Next.
Vin: Got it, Milady.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
Also Knight of "the Organization."

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#27
Tyler Saw Vin enter the Barrier.
Atlas: Healing Light!
The Spell Healed the Group's Wounds.
Tyler: Thanks!
Vin: A Most Excellent Job, defeating my Brother, Vrael.
Vin kicked Vrael's Unconscious Body away.
Vin: But I'm just as powerful.
Tyler: Please. Surely you can see that this War is meaningless!
Vin: I serve Milady, and She thinks otherwise. I apologize, but this is the end.
( Starts Playing)
Tyler: Two Tacticians....
Vin: One Winner. Let's go!
Vin launched forward with his Lance, stabbing Tyler.
Vin: Lance of Light!
The Lance glew with Light, blasting Tyler away.
Tyler: Ugh! Naglfar!
Vin: Aura!
The Two Spells Clashed with Each other.
Atlas: Light Sword!
Atlas swung his Sword at Vin, but The Angel Dodged.
Azure: Astral Blast!
Vin dodged again, Spells still clashing.
Tyler: Ugh!
Vin: Hm.
Vin Suddenly Disappeared, and Flew Through Tyler in a flash of light, Bombarding him to the Air.
Tyler: Gwa!
Vin: Light Sky!
The Sky turned white, and began shining down rays into Tyler, knocking him to the Ground. The Light cleared.
Tyler: Ugh.... Urk!
Tyler was pushed back by Vin's lance.
Atlas: Hang on! Wind Sword!
Azure: Astral Sword!
The Two swung their Blades at Vin, but he flew over them, making them slash at each other.
Atlas/Azure: OW!
Tyler: Shadow Sword!
Tyler ran forward and sliced at Vin. The Angel Dodged and Countered with a Light Spear.
Vin: Aura!
Tyler: Naglfar!
The two spells clashed again.
Tyler: Atlas, Azure! Surround him!
Azure: Got it!
Atlas: Hm!
The two ran to opposite Sides of Vin.
Vin: (Hm....)
Tyler: Now! Shadow Sword!
Atlas: Shine Sword!
Azure: Astral Blade!
Tyler jumped forward over the Aura Spell, and Slashed at Vin. Atlas and Azure did the same, Slicing him down.
Vin: Urgh!
Tyler: Now then! Naglfar!
The Spell Blasted Vin Away.
Vin: Gwa!
Wynn: (....)
Azure: Astral Blast!
The Spell blasted Vin away more.
Tyler: Let's Finish this! Naglfar!
Atlas: Wind Sword!
Azure: Astral Blast!
The Two Spells combined with Atlas's Sword, and he Swung it down at Vin. The Whole area was covered by different Elements, with Atlas jumping out of them.
Tyler: Alright!
Atlas: Yes!
Vin came walking out, severely Wounded.
Vin: Not yet.... Aura!
The Spell blasted away Tyler, and continued to attack him, sapping him of his Strength.
Atlas: Wind Sword!
Atlas ran and hit Vin with the Attack.
Tyler: Urgh.... Naglfar!
Vin: Aura!
The Spells Blasted at each other once more. Tyler was soon blasted away.
Tyler: Urgh!
Vin: Do you not see yet? Death is Unavoidable. Prepare to die, Prince of Hell.
Tyler: ....Ultima!
Vin: What?!
Vin was blasted away by the Spell, glowing with Several Elements.
Vin: Urgh!
Tyler: Ultima Sword!
Tyler ran and Swung his sword once more at Vin, then began Barraging him like he did Vrael.
Vin: Ugh.... N-No..... I-I've.... Been.....Out....M-Matched.....I-Impossi....ble..........
Vin Fainted.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#28
I might be able to rejoin, but I'd be making small parts...
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#29
OcarinaofToast posted...
I might be able to rejoin, but I'd be making small parts...

Eh, Up to you. Frankly, I'm losing interest on this as well. I'm running out of posts too because i need Poli to find whatever it is that the group needs to end the war.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
Also Knight of "the Organization."

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#30
OcarinaofToast posted...
I might be able to rejoin, but I'd be making small parts...

That's fine.
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