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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#271
Cherry:Emile,have you ever heard of the new haunted house in the villiage?


Cherry:I heard the place is shocking.You've GOT to go with Tableflip.

Tableflip woke up,and he sat up on the couch.Rose woke up too.

Tableflip:*yawn* What are we talking about?

Emile:Lets go.You and me!

Emile grabbed Tableflip and ran out the door,dragging him on the ground,
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#272
(I gotta say though. I feel ya event, on that part about exciting things happening when you can't post conveniently.)

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#273

Slinking along in the marshlands, Trevor at last approached the farmlands. He smiled as his feet left squishy ground for firm dirt and grass.

Passing through the various plants and shrubbery that housed the Berries the region was known for, Trevor caught sight of three statues. A Beheeyem, a Brown Maractus, and a faceless grunt. But what caught Trevor's eye was the shining white Orb in the Maractus's hands.

There it is...strange how it seems no one's guarding it. Is something of importance being held elsewhere?

Trevor got out his bag, and opened it. He daintily picked up the Orb and slid it into the slot in the bag. Placing a few Power Pills in his pocket in case of emergency, he zipped up the bag and began to head back towards the cliff.

I'm half expecting some grunts to chase me...but meh, I've already worked out an escape plan.

The farmlands transitioned into the marshlands as Trevor made his way back out.


-Poli Draxis-

The purple veil found what it was seeking. A Custap Sprout planted within the earth, near the location of the old National Guard Institute Building.

Wait...what that Custap meant...

The veil's throughts went back to his first trip towards the LotSS, when he was still fused with Kyurem. The Custap. A coldness emenated from the crystal heart as the veil recalled.

R-rough exterior...juicy interior... described me...does it still?

The Sprout rapidly grew into a Custap Plant, now affected by the purple mist being's presence. The grey eyes looked towards where Kyurem was probably at. may have influenced...
But...nothing works without the spark.
So...Kyurem alone...cannot take the blame.

The plant now bore three new Custap Berries. The purple veil of Poli left it.

I'm sorry.

Now a visible purple mist, grey eyes piercing, the being began to snake its way towards the Walk of Shame.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#274
Emile made it to the haunted house.She looked down at Tableflip,who had dirt and scratches all over his clothes since he was dragged outside.Tableflip stood up,and he looked Emile in the eye.

Tableflip:Well,here we are!


They entered the haunted house,and the doors shut behind them.Both of them thought this was supposed to be for fun,but they're wrong...
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#275
(Tidbit; Maractus statue was holding the orb)
(I'm going to be glad that I can nuke the world)

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#276
Emile looked around the house.A rusty chandelier hanged from the wall.Few strange artifacts from twenty years ago were in a pile in the corner of the aged room.Emile clinged to Tableflip,and suddenly,Tableflip saw knifes float up from the pile of artifacts and fly towards Emile.


Tableflip grabbed Emile and slammed to the floor in order to dodge the knives.The tip of Emile's mermaid-like tail was cut off,making Emile screech in pain.

Tableflip:Emile,are you okay!?

Emile:Yeah...I just got a little of my fin cut'll regenerate soon...

Tableflip:I'm glad you're okay.

They hugged each other.

Emile:I have a bad feeling about this house.This is a serious feeling,too.Tab?

She looked all around her,and Tableflip wasn't around.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#277
ZORA'S Story
Zora: There it is. The Silph Co. Building.
Azure: It's Abandoned, right?
Zenon: I believe so.
Zora: We'll find out.
Zora pushed open the Door, and entered. No one was around.
Azure: Guess so.
Zora went to the Elevator.
Zora: Hm...
Zenon: What?
Azure: Hm?
Zora: Someone IS here. They used the Elevator.
Azure: Who?
Zora: Let's find out.
The Elevator came, and the three entered. The elevator went up several floors, when it stopped. The Ceiling opened.
Zora: Guess we go up ourselves.
The Group climbed up to the top of the Building. A Skeletal Soldier was there.
Azure: That's one of Tyler's Necromancy Skeletons....
Zora: Why are you here?
The Skeletal Soldier began speaking Tyler's Message. In his voice.
Skeletal Soldier: Vortex Has Escaped. He has Declared to want revenge, and might go after you guys. Stay Alert.
The Skeletal Soldier disappeared.
Zora: So, Vortex is back, Eh?
???: Well, Well, Well. Azure, You came after all.
Zora looked up.
Azure: No, That voice it's-
Galaxia: Yes, Me! I'm here to stop you. Once. And. For. All!
Azure: Father, Please-
Zora: ... Give it to us.
Galaxia moved his Hand, revealing the Lunar Crest Piece.
Galaxia: Not bad, Boy. Azure! If you want this, You'll have to pry it from my bare hands!
( Starts Playing)
Azure: Father, Please!
Zora: No choice but to fight him, Azure!
Galaxia Then Shot out a powerful Blast of Astral Energy at Azure, but he dodged. Zora ran up and cut the King.
Zenon: Psychic.
The Psychic didn't do much.
Zora: I'll end you. Flame Sword!
Zora ran forward and Slashed at Galaxia. The King Dodged, and stabbed Zora through.
Zora: Ugh!
Azure: No! Astral Blast!
The Astral Blast hit Galaxia.
Galaxia: Astral Storm.
A cloud of Rain appeared, and begun to pour.
Galaxia: Astral Blast XL.
A Super-large blast was then fired at Azure. He was blasted away.
Zenon: Recover!
The Move healed Zora's wounds, mostly.
Zora: Thanks....
Zora observed the Situation.
Zora: (Galaxia is very powerful indeed.... It sucks I'm Not Angel, Demon, or Astral Entity. I'm pure Human, so i can be killed easily, unlike Tyler. Chandler really made him OP.)
*The Fourth Wall Crashed!*
Zora: (Bah, The Writers can fix it. Now, How to win....)
Azure: Astral Sword!
Azure ran forward and clashed with Galaxia, The King doing the Same.
Zora: (I've Got it!)
Zora ran forward.
Zora: Light Sword!
Zora clashed with Galaxia. The Two blades fought out Galaxia's, And he was hit.
Galaxia: Ugh! I'll end this once and for all. Astral....
The Whole Air turned blue.
Zora: (Oh No, Not good-)
Galaxia: Credillylad!
The whole Roof blasted into Blue. Zora saw only white, then Nothingness.


Azure: Father, No!
Zenon: Ugh! Zora! He's....
Azure examined Zora's Body.
Azure: No.... No, No, No! You can't Die, You can't Die!
Zenon: Recover!
The Move did nothing. Zora was Dead.
Galaxia: Twas a Pitiful Death. Now, For you two.
Azure: Zora..... Father..... You'll pay.
Azure approached Galaxia.
Galaxia: Ready for the Settling of this?
Azure: Hm.
Galaxia: Very well then.
The Two approached each other evenly.
Azure/Galaxia: Astral Credillylad!
The Two Spells Locked, and the Two Astral Entities, Father and Son, began to charge their energy into Their Spells.

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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#278
Emile checked the dusty furniture around her,and she checked the whole room she was in for Tableflip.Tableflip was nowhere to be found.Emile sat down against a wall,and she sighed.Across from her was a mirror that looked like it was made a hundred years ago.She peered in the mirror,and she saw her reflection.Her reflection's clothes were dirty and scratched ,and the reflection had no orb necklace.


As she spoke,her reflection spoke in a deeper voice than she did.Emile knew that it was Tableflip.

Emile:I'll get you out of there!

She tackled the mirror,and so did Tableflip,since he was her reflection.The mirror busted,and both Emiles fell to the floor.

Emile:Who did this to you?

Tableflip:The Mismagius did...

Tableflip fainted.
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#279
I'm heading to bed, but I'll try and write a story part tomorrow.

Good night.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#280
TVirusPredator posted...
Good night.
I don't even know anymore.
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