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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#281
TableFlip posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Good night.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#282
LOTS: So then... you dare to defy me? I guess I will just have to show you the true power you're dealing with!

With a grandiose gesture, she pulls out a beautiful golden wand...

LOTS: Frightened now?

Willingmess2: No... I shall never be frightened of you!

His eyes gleamed madly... And he quickly leapt in for a strike!

But with a wave of her wand, she disappeared, leaving behind four different spheres around Willingmess...

LOTS: Bwahahahaha! You cannot hope to defy me!

With a loud crash, the orbs all flew in to strike Willingmess!

All of them hit... dealing grievous blows to the beast... all of them except one.... that was batted away by his sword! It quickly homed in on the lady and struck!

LOTS: Oooof!

Willingmess2: This is only the beginning of the pain you shall feel!

With that, he leapt up, and dealt a tremendous uppercut to the stunned lady! He then began following it up with blow after blow until he finally brought his sword down in such a hard manner that he dragged her all the way down into the ground.

There they lay... Green blood from the mouth of one, and foam beginning to bubble from the mouth of the other...

Willingmess2: Raaaaaaagggghhhhhh!!!! RAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Aiee aaaaiiieee AAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!!! fhgjn,khbegjjg.... YOU SHALL PAY!!!! THE WORLD SHALL PAY!!!!

LOTS: You've gone mad! This is beginning to become worrisome... A berserker like you could lay waste to entire countries...

Willingmess2: RAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!! It.... hurts..... You shall feel my pain...

With that, the lady quickly launches a volley of balls towards him... but upon hitting him... He just walks through them....


With aninsane look about his eyes, he continues walking, through the barrage.... Coldly... unfeeling of anything but his own mental anguish...

With that, he strides up fully to the lady. The look on her face of pure fright... Able to comprehend the horrors that lay before her...

LOTS: Please... I beg of you...

Willingmess2: You shall FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!1!!11!

With that, he lunges forward, driving the cold black metal into her heart.... But he doesn't just stop there... Quickly, he twists the blade and pulls it out. Then, with a quick cut, he opens up a hole in the spacetime continuum!

LOTS: Please! No! I beg of you!

But before she could continue, Willingmess creates an intense ball of fire and plasma and shoves it into the hole left by his sword, and shoves her into the rift! There, she lay, eternally tormented by the pain, and the mental anguish....

Meanwhile.... Willingmess was becoming even more erratic...

Willingmess: Kill! Destroy! The whole world must feel it... The pain.... My pain.... RAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!1!!!!! GFJHIBJHVFHGHGF!!!!1!!!

With tat, he begins to conjure and throw fireballs anywhere he could!

Willingmess2: Megido... THY TIME HAS COME!!!!!!

With that, he flew off... Ready to kill everything....

Bacon: Umm..... I think we should be going now...

Daffodil: Me too....

With that, they left... Back for Tyler and friends....

All the while, back at camp..... There was a strangest thing.... Lying there.... Next to the cold lifeless body of Serah... Was an egg.... Of purest black.
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#283
Chandler014 posted...
TableFlip posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Good night.
The other true Pokemon fan.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#284
Bimp D:
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#285
(Case 9)

As the walk of shame continued through the city evening, where the pelting of things organic, and objects of other caliber at the icy legend, and the streets it walked being littered with wasted berries, and other items, Octillery was suspiciously glancing back at the Kyurem.

Something's wrong...

She looks at the Vespiqueen that was currently buzzing about next to Kyurem, showing a concern look towards the direction of the Statue field within the Farmland.

Octillery-----''Is something the matter?''

The Vespiqueen, whose entire body was with the coloring of the wonder berries, buzzed towards the Menace.

Vespiqueen----''It's just.. some of my Combees came back to tell me that they-''

Interrupted Lugand, as he started rushing into the crowd.

''Death to the cold!''
Screamed a human from Hoenn, whose eyes were filled with hate.

And through the wall like crowd of citizens, tourists, and Hybrids, Lugand's Disaster Prevention Team opened up a small clearing of people, the Bomber dead center.

Lugand----''Put it down!''

A large bean bag blasted against the Bomber's body, knocking the trigger off of him, and letting the Disaster Prevention team have enough time to disable the device. And after a few minutes of taking the device apart, Lugand gave the all clear sign to Octillery's team of Guard Members, who were in very defensive positions alongside kyurem.

Lugand----''We're clear!''
Octillery---''Give my regards to that Rhyperior. Let's move people!''

They continued to walk, with the crowd starting to be more accurate with their throws.

----Petite & Prindle---
(Furez's status)

Prindle, and Petite were walking around the route where Kyurem would soon be at, seeing the crowd of people waiting for their turn to follow, and take a try at mockery. After checking to see if nothing suspicious was happening, Prindle had a question.

Prindle-----''Oh, so SoUL has been behind the infiltration of Risen Sun?''
Petite-------''Yep, Furez isn't happy about that, seems like it's becoming a stain on her, as she has Risen Sun's reputation to defend..''
Prindle------''Ouch, and with the fact that we lost to that Vorte-''
Petite--------''Happy Skipper McDipper.''
Prindler------''Happy Skipper Mcdip, how is she-''
Petite---------''Really upset about everything, and I wouldn't blame her. I mean, it's like we've let the gigantic black wall gate opened to whoever wants to plunge into our treasure!''

Prindle checks to see if his blue paddle is on his waist, and looks back at Petite.

Prindle-------''And I guess.. Fed-Up.''
Petite---------''It's still doing it's job, but I don't like to think what Furez might do with it, if another things makes her reach her braking point. I mean, she has the Heli, and Sauplane squadrons patrolling the entire city just so something doesn't go wrong! And don't get me started on that Poke-Prindle?''

She saw Prindle have a blank stare at everything around him.

Petite-------''Prindle, what is it?''

With no response, Petite then slapped him in his face.

Petite-------''What. Is. It?''

Prindle looks towards the direction of the Statue field within the Farm area.

Prindle-----''I just.. felt like something.. Uka's Orb..''
Petite------''What about it?''
Prindle-----''Do you think someone would take it?''
Petite-------''Of course I do. And to be honest with you, I have expect it to be skipping across the Valley that goes on for miles by now, I mean, our competency has-''
Prindle-----''Alright, you could be right. But right now, I thought I saw an entity roaming about, Purple from the looks of it.''
Petite------''That's potentially dangerous, let's check it out.''

They both started searching.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#286
-Poli Draxis-

The Walk of Shame was in view. The purple veil being looked at it solemnly.

Come to think...
What am I?

It faded in and out, and looked around.

This...reminds me...

It faded out of sight, and began floating towards the Walk of Shame.

My actions...must...repent...



Trevor was baffled. The black wall was in clear view, and no attempt to retake the Orb was made.

This is too strange...surely they would have caught me on camera...I mean, don't they monitor action everywhere in here?

Trevor approached the wall, and climbed up, instantly greeted by the sheer drop of the cliff he climbed.

He glanced back towards the LotSS. Something wasn't right. This Orb was valuable to them, yet it wasn't guarded. Grunts weren't on his tail. Nothing. He didn't even need to use the other Power Pills. Clean break.

This isn't some kind of underlying plot of theirs, is it? If this Orb was so valuable, wouldn't they have had it protected? Shouldn't have been that easy...

He looked back down the cliff, and equipped the Raptor Claws.

Their loss.

He began climbing down.



GenePoli walked back towards Twila, note in hand.

Twila ---- "What is it?"
GenePoli ---- "A note...written by a Tyler."
Twila ----- "Read it."
GenePoli ----- "Alright, alright! Give me a sec..."

"Vortex is loose again. His powers have returned. Stay alert.

Twila leaned upwards, sullen expression in her eyes replaced by rage.

Twila ------ "That...that no good rotten scum!"
GenePoli ---- "Hmm?"

Twila stood up, and stomped about, burning passion in her eyes.

Twila ---- "He attacked my Poli and spawned that dark fake that killed my dear Nekky! I saw the events five years ago occur from my Observer's Cloud! I should claw his eyes out, have him corrode to the bone, give him a good spanking, deliver-"

GenePoli tuned out her furious rant.

I promised Arceus I'd protect her son...

GenePoli ----- "Hey. Listen."
Twila ----- "WHAT?"
GenePoli ---- "You should go find Poli. Hand the Lunar Crest Piece to me. I'll get it delivered safely."
Twila ----- "..."
GenePoli ---- "Ranting and cursing to Kingdom Shnap isn't going to solve the problem. Action will."
Twila ---- "I...I suppose you're right."

She went into the bathroom to clean her face. As the water ran down it, soaking up the red anger, she looked at the mirror.

Nekky wouldn't to be like this. Poli wouldn't either.

She dryed her face with a towel, then walked towards GenePoli.

Twila ---- "Alright. What's the plan?"
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#287
ATLAS' Story
Vrai: My God! That Girl was as annoying as Hell and Heaven!
Atlas: ....
Vrai: ...No offense.
Atlas: Non Taken. Can't help i'm an Angel. But I agree, That girl was just.... Ugh. I mean, The Whole WORLD was in our hands, yet she didn't give a care in the world.
Vrai: You've got a point, Bacon.
Atlas: Quit Calling me BACON!
Vrai: Hehehe. So, What now?
Atlas: We go to the Whirl Islands. The Lunar crest should be at the lowest point.
Vrai: Good plan. Let's go!
The Two Left.

Azure: I won't let you Win, Father!
Galaxia: You foolish Child. Do you not see you're Outmatched?
Zenon: You can do this, Azure!
Azure looked at Zenon and Zora, Who was still stiff as dead.
Azure: I won't lose. I won't Lose... I. Won't. LOSE!
Azure's Blast began to Beat Galaxia's.
Galaxia: W-What?! But how.... You can't best me, You stupid Brat!
Azure: Guess what Father? I can.
The Blasts combined, and charged at Galaxia.
Galaxia: No!!!
Galaxia was hit by the Blast. He then Disappeared, leaving the Lunar Crest.
Galaxia: Trust me Boy. You will wish you never were born when I'm done with you! Later though!
Azure picked up the Lunar Crest. Zora woke up.
Zora: *Gasp* Thank Goodness.
Azure: AH!
Zenon: Heh.
Zora: Calm down. I was playing dead. I knew i couldn't Beat that Brute myself, so i thought making you think i was dead could help. And it did.
Azure: Oh... Thank you.... I guess?
Zora: I should be thanking you. You beat him after all. But now, Let's get this back to Newmoon Isle.
Azure: Right.
Zenon: Got it.
The Three left.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#288

Astronis saw the Astra Dahaka exit through a portal form the Mortal Plane.

Astronis: Alright, this is going to be perfect.

Galaxia suddenly reappeared near Astronis.

Astronis: GAH!


Astronis: Gah... ...Why?

Galaxia: My son has betrayed me! He shall pay for his crimes!

Astronis: Hm, I see.

Galaxia: GO!

Astronis: Yes my lord!

Astronis went to the Astral Soldiers and told them to start the signal for war...

Galaxia looked at the Astra Dahaka.

Galaxia: Put him in Platnium armor and we are good to go...
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#289
(I'm busy multitasking in the @*(&%#$%$ Board)
(But I'll see if I can get another part in, within the hour)

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#290
Pokemon Bumpsion.
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