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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#31
Ok, I'll bring myself to write later.
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User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#32
Miki desperately tried to hang on, but Lancar was too strong. He pulled her hand off him. Miki closed her eyes, expecting to be falling to her death any second now. She flew through the air, then landed roughly.

Huh? I'm still alive? What happened?

She looked around and saw that she had somehow ended up on the roof of the building. Lancar had also began climbing up, and his hand was at the edge of the roof.

"Don't just stand there. Give me a hand." he snapped.

Miki walked over to him and pulled him up. "Why did you throw me up here? Why not just kill me?"

Lancar glared at her. "I'm not a cold-blooded killer. I've told you that I don't mean to fight you. What happened with Zade, that was...necessary. I couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry."

Miki hesitated, not sure how to react.

"You're probably not going to forgive me. All I ask is that we make peace, and go our separate ways from now on." Lancar said. "Goodbye."

He walked past her, heading towards the door.

"Wait!" Miki yelled. "Thank you, Lancar. But apologies won't change anything. Of course, killing you won't change anything either."

"If that's all." he said. Just before he could leave, a group of trainers and police came running through the door.

"Both of you are under arrest! How dare you bring chaos to our town!" They yelled.

Lancar tried to fight them off, but was overwhelmed in the end. 20 Machokes pinned him to the ground, and the few officers left stood over him.

"Since you weren't as cooperative as the girl, you're in for a world of hurt." one of them said, kicking him. Suddenly, the pokemon and officers were all blasted by a beam of light, and Lancar was freed.

He got up and started to walk towards the door.

"You could say thank you, you know." Miki called as he walked off.

"Yeah, yeah." He said, ignoring her.

He started to leave, but once again, more trainers came out of the exit.

"How many of you do I have to deal with?" he moaned.

They all sent out their pokemon at once. Lancar got ready to battle them, but was instantly grabbed by a Staraptor and dragged off into the sky.

"Really, you didn't have to do that, Miki." Lancar said.

"It's as I said, right? Nothing will change, regardless of what we do. So it's better if we're friends, right?" She replied.

The two of them flew off into the distance.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#33
Tyler looked, and saw a Hooded Demon approach the team. He lifted his hood.
Atlas: *Gasp* Sayer?!
Tyler: You again....
Sayer: Prepare to die.
Atlas: But-
( Starts Playing)
Sayer: Fight Me!
Tyler ran and slashed at Sayer with his Sword, but missed.
Atlas: Healing Light!
The Spell healed the Group's Wounds.
Tyler: Thanks! Naglfar!
Sayer: Inferno!
The Spell was blocked away by Pillars of Fire erupting from the ground.
Sayer: Tsunami!
Water began Roaring from the ground, covering the Fire, and charged at Tyler, Blasting him away.
Azure: Astral Blast-
Azure was interrupted by the Water.
Atlas: Gwa!
Tyler: Rexaura!
Sayer: Tornado!
Sayer summoned a powerful Tornado, blocking the Light spell.
Sayer: Take this! Nosferatu!
The Dark Spell hit Atlas, Draining him of his Energy.
Sayer: Aura Sphere!
Sayer channeled his Energy, and Fired it at Atlas.
Atlas: Light Sword!
Tyler: Rexaura!
Azure: Astral Blast!
The Sphere was sliced through, while the spells hit Sayer, knocking him back.
Sayer: Ugh!
Tyler: Shadow Sword!
Tyler ran forward and sliced Sayer through.
Sayer: Inferno!
The Fire pillars Reappeared.
Azure: Astral Blade!
Atlas: Water Sword!
Atlas dowsed the Pillars, while Azure jumped through them and hit Sayer.
Sayer: Tornado!
Azure was blown to the Air, and then into the Barrier.
Azure: Ugh!
Wynn: (....)
Tyler: Rexaura!
The Light Spell blasted Sayer away.
Sayer: Ugh! enough of this.
Sayer then Released another Aura Sphere.
Sayer: Tornado!
The Tornado appeared.
Sayer: Inferno!
The Pillars combined with the Tornado.
Sayer: Thunder!
A Thunderbolt appeared, combining with the Tornado. It Created a Flaming, Electrical Tornado.
Sayer: Split!
The Tornado Swarmed into Three, Surrounding Tyler, Atlas, and Azure.
Tyler: i do not like this....
Sayer: Now, Merge! Sink these fools to the pits of the Earth!
The Three Tornado's Merged, swarming up The Group into the Heart of the Tornado.
Tyler: Ah!
Atlas: Gwa!
Azure: Uga!
Sayer: End.
Sayer flew up and sliced through the Tornado, causing it to Explode. Tyler and the others were blasted to different parts of the Barrier.
Sayer: Triangle Bombardment!
A Magic Triangle Formed, with Tyler and the others at each tip of the Triangle. Dark Meteors began to fall down on the group, followed by a large one, size of Jupiter.
Tyler: Shoot!
Atlas: Not good...
Azure: *Gulp*
The Three was blasted down by the Super Meteor.
Sayer: Explosion!
The Super Meteor exploded, Springing Tyler and the others into the air, then to the ground.
Tyler: Ugh.... N-No....
Atlas: N-Not....Y-Yet....
Azure: Mustn't.... give up.....
Sayer: Die, Fools.
Tyler: Ultima!
The Spell blasted Sayer away.
Atlas: Aura!
Sayer: !
Sayer was blasted more by the Spell.
Azure: Astral Light!
The Spell blasted Sayer away more.
Tyler: End this now...!
Atlas: Aura Sword!
Atlas ran forward and Sliced Through Sayer.
Sayer: AH!!!! No! I won't.... fall.... Yet! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sayer's body crumbled in Light, Until it Exploded into Pure Light. Sayer's body disappeared as it Disparated.
Tyler: Finally....
Atlas: Sayer... Why?
Wynn: Now, My turn.
Wynn entered the Barrier.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#34
{-Poli Draxis-}

Necrodium whipped out a book upon landing upon Newmoon Isle.

Draxis ----- "What's that?"
Necrodium ----- "History book. Written by yours truly."
Mephy ------- "What for?"
Necrodium ------ "To figure out how to end the war, we must learn of why the hatred began."

He flipped through the book to a page: The Great War.

Necrodium ----- "Here. A long, long time ago, the Legendary Pokémon went to war, for an unknown reason. The Angels and Demons were originally peaceful...until they got sucked up in the war."
Erika ----- "Did the war spark a rivalry?"
Necrodium ------- "Hush! Anyways, Angels and Demons are, by nature, enemies. To prevent them from ravaging PokéEarth with their fighting, a great stone was made, by a Being of Preservation, to pacify the two races. This stone, the Lunar Crest, was put into possession by Cresselia and Darkrai. When tje Legends went to war, their conflict unintentionally shattered the Crest, spreading the 5 pieces to the ends of the planet."

He closed the book.

Necrodium ----- "Now, I'd imagine that the two know where the pieces lie. But they are MIA."
Angelica ----- "I dunno if I like the idea of not hating Demon Breath..."
Mephy ---- "I, for one, welcome the change."
Draxis ------ "But...if they hate each other by nature, explain why you and Mom got together."
Twila ----- "I'd imagine that some angels and demons are born without that innate hatred."
Necrodium ----- "Which explains why Angel-Demon hybrids are extremely rare."

Poli walked towards the puddle in the island center. The water reflected the moon's light. An idea hit him.

Draxis ------ "...Stand back!"

They did so, and Poli drew the Rainbow Cleaver, its blade glowing a multitude of colors. He slammed it into the ground, causing the colors of the elements to spread into the water. They rippled and mixed, then shot up towards the moon in a radiating brilliance. A few lines entered Poli's head.

Draxis ---- "Odd...I suddenly learned a poem. Maybe..."

He cleared his throat.

"Five shattered fragments, of pacifying power.
One atop Kanto's tallest of towers.
Another in Johto's submerged cave of whirlpools.
The third within Hoenn, where the land and sea meet.
A fourth in the Hall of Origin, whose climb is no ordinary feat.
The last lies within Unova's sands, in a castle swallowed by the orange sea."

Belial ----- "Could those be the locations of the Lunar Crest pieces?"
Draxis ----- "I believe so."
Erika ----- "Let's wait for Tyler, fill him in with the info, then split up to collect the pieces."
Draxis ------ "Alright."

(Have to get off at 2:30 over here.)
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#35
Thank you for finding a way to split the group, Polimario :)
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#36
Jessica:So...what now?

Tableflip:We'll have to get through this dungeon.Again.

Tableflip tried to bust the cell open,but Emile's body was too weak to.Jessica then brought out the blade of wind and sliced the cell open.They continued onto the first room.The dungeon looked different this time for some reason.It didn't look as simple as the real dungeon was.

Tableflip:Be carefull...

Jessica:Of wha-*cough* *cough*

Jessica started coughing like she was choked on that one peice of food that you try to swallow without chewing.Jessica was actually choking on the gas that was used in th dungeon before.

Tableflip:Jessica,are you okay?


Tableflip opened the door to the next room,as you could see Jessica's new eevee-tail wagging.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#37
Wynn: Impressive that You've made it this far.
Tyler: We try our best.
Atlas: Yeah, Now we must beat you, Wynn.
Wynn: .....Hahahaha.....
Atlas: What?!
Azure: Uh, Did she get deeper in voice...?
Wynn: I am no ordinary Angel. I bear HIS Mark! The Mark of the Ancient Evil!
Wynn showed out her hand. It Bore an Evil Sign that was the same as The Ancient Evil's signs.
Tyler: No! Did he-
Wynn: He has given me my power! Now, I will destroy you.... I Will Destroy ALL of YOU!
( Starts Playing)
Tyler: We must win this!
Tyler: Naglfar!
Wynn: Block.
The Spell immediately disappeared.
Atlas: Light Sword!
Wynn: Come.
The Sword flew out of Atlas' hand, and stabbed him.
Atlas: Ugh!
Azure: Astral Blade!
Wynn was hit by it, though to little avail.
Wynn: Infernal Tornado.
The Fire Tornado Sayer used appeared, and tackled Azure, blasting him away.
Azure: AH!!!
Tyler: Rexaura!
Atlas: Aura!
Wynn: Guard.
A barrier blocked off the Spell. Tyler looked outside the Barrier, seeing several Angels and Demons dying due to the Battle raging outside.
Tyler: (I must not fail!) Naglfar!
Atlas: Light Sword!
Azure: Astral Blast!
Wynn: Inferno.
Fire pillars covered the Ground, Surrounding Tyler and the others where they were trapped.
Wynn: Tsunami.
The Pillars turned into Flaming Water, and Bombarded the Group.
Tyler: Ah!
Atlas: Rain of Light!
Light rain dowsed the Fire on Tyler.
Tyler: Naglfar!
Azure: Astral Blast!
Atlas: Aura!
Wynn: Dark Explosion.
The Whole Area exploded in Darkness.
Tyler: Ugh!
Atlas: Gwa!
Wynn: Ancient Credillylad.
Tyler: What?!
The Whole area covered in Darkness, Then Exploded. Then Light, then Astral Entity. Tyler began losing consciousness.
Tyler: Ugh... N-No.....I won't..... Fall..... Yet.....
Atlas: Aura! Hang on Tyler!
Azure: You have to live! Please! For the World!
Tyler: Ugh...... You're.....Right......
Tyler stumbled back up. He saw Atlas and Azure were terribly Wounded as well.
Wynn: Impressive. No one has ever Survived my Credillylad.
Tyler: How'd you.... Use it...?
Wynn: I obtained it from Zarlox long ago.... That Foolish Demon.....
Tyler: Then Try this...! Credillylad!
Atlas: Aura!
Azure: Astral Credillylad!
The Two Credillylad's Combined with Aura, and Bombarded Wynn.
Wynn: No! You fools! You cannot kill me that easily! I will Return. Trust me on it!
Wynn disappeared. The Barrier curved, Creating a path over the Water to Newmoon Isle, avoiding the Fight.
Tyler: Heh.... Good work.... Azure....Atlas..... We show....Him....Or her.....Ugh...........
Tyler then lost consciousness.
Atlas: Tyler!
Azure: No! Get up!
Atlas: ....Hm.... He's alive. But Barely. We need to hurry to the Isle!
Azure: Right!
Atlas threw Tyler over his Shoulder, and ran towards the Barrier path to Newmoon Isle. Azure Followed.
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#38
Meanwhile, Martini gazes at the stars from the peak of Mt. Silver. It takes out a telescope and sees a meteor coming towards it.

"There it is!" -Martini, putting the telescope away.

A glowing red dot appears on its forehead. It grabs the dot and pulls, causing a guitar to emerge from its face. It prepares for a homerun swing as the meteor comes closer and closer. Soon, the meteor is right in front of it. Time stops. Martini swings the guitar, causing the meteor to fly off to an unspecified location. It high-fives Red and flies away on a hoverboard.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#39
ATLAS' Story
Atlas and Azure reached Newmoon Isle. Tyler was Still Unconscious.
Azure: We need to hurry.
Atlas: Yes, But.... How was she so strong?
Azure: Don't know.
Atlas: Hm. There they are.
Atlas and Azure approached the group.

ZORA'S Story
Zora was thinking to himself.
Zora: (Why doe's Tyler want these Heirs...?)
Vrai: Because Arcuextra had a secret power that he sealed inside me and my brothers.
Zora: Wha- You can hear my mind?!
Vrai: Of course.
Zora: Invasion of privacy, it is. So, A Secret power.... Hm.....
Erika: *Gasp* TYLER?!
Zora looked. He saw Atlas and Azure dragging an Unconscious Tyler. Erika ran towards him.
Erika: What happened?!
Mephy: Whoa!
Belial: No! My son!
Atlas: We fought against Wynn... Uh, Except she said she was some "Ancient Evil" or something. She was very powerful.
Azure: Tyler was blasted away by a Credillylad Blast.
Erika: What?!
Belial: !
Poli: Hm....
Tyler: Ugh.... Don't worry....About me.....
Atlas: Tyler!
Erika: Aw, Thank goodness your alive!
Tyler: Urk.... I don't die easy. What'd you guys find out?
Poli told Tyler What he found out.
Tyler: Lunar Crest Pieces.... Hm....
Zora: I believe we split up, then?
Tyler: Yeah. So, Who goes where?
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#40
Can't go on until i know who's going where.
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