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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#341
TableFlip posted...
I'm going to bed.Sorry I only made 1 part today.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#342
I'm out. Good night.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#343
TableFlip posted...
I'm going to bed.Sorry I only made 1 part today.Also,will Ho-oh literally be reborn,or just find a vessel to be a spirit fuser?

Well, you said it was a phoenix, so I presume it'll be reborn like how phoenixes normally resurrect.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#344
Chandler014 posted...
I'm out. Good night.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#345
"Hold on!!" Belial shouted over the rushing winds. "Whatever you do, don't let go!"

"What are you--" Lloyd began, before he was interrupted by water rushing up his nostrils. Belial dove underwater to avoid being spotted by the angels and demons, still locked in perpetual strife. Belial's riders held on tight as he ordered, struggling to keep their grip.

After what seemed like an eternity, the huge black demon emerged from the ocean onto the white sands of the island, safe from the volatile abyss that was Fullmoon Isle. Isaac, Lloyd, and Mephistopheles dismounted, having violent coughing fits.

"Perhaps I should have told you all to pinch your noses," Belial chuckled, though his riders weren't so amused. Angelica then alighted next to the demon, pointing towards some figures.

"Well, would you look at that?" Angelica spoke. Tyler and friends were the first to bring a piece back."

"Or they haven't even set off to obtain it yet," Mephistopheles responded, recovering from his coughing.

"If that were they case, I'd beat their #%$@ing skulls in," Isaac growled, cracking his knuckles.

"And I'd have an excuse to slice Tyler in half," Mephistopheles added.

"We'll have to see for ourselves if he's completed the task," Belial answered. "Perhaps we can do that before we get violent."

So the group approached Tyler and company, wary of the battle raging in the distance.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#346

Trevor hopped off the cliff face when the ground was near, landing firmly on the sand. He brought out the Orb.

Trevor ---- "...This thing is important? Looks just like any ordinary orb..."

Trevor tapped the Orb, and felt waves of anger wash over him like an incessant tidal wave.

Trevor ---- "Anger? Who would think ANGER is a good trait? It breaks mutual bonds! It ruins the mood for everyone! Why would anyone want to harne-"

Trevor immediately placed his arms to his chest, as a freezing gust of wind blew throughout the area. His newfound rage melted. Trevor placed the Orb back in the bag, and looked overhead.

A humanoid figure sped away, into the blue horizon. The chilly gust originated from it.

Trevor ----- "Crud, is that Kyurem? Argh, better get a move on before those grunts spot me!"

Trevor looked around for the Alakazam Hybrid that was supposed to teleport him out. Nowhere in sight was the hybrid seen. Trevor's Feraligatr-esque head soured in contempt.

Trevor ------ "Freakin' abandoned me. Guess I'm taking the long way."

Trevor dequiped the Raptor Claws, and leapt into the ocean, swimming.



Up in Heaven, Twila passed by countless propoganda posters to join the Seraphim War. The spirit of fighting was in the air, as Twila witnessed the most rowdy of angels shout and cheer and play-fight.

Why do we fight to settle conflicts? It only results in property damage, loss of life, destruction of spirit...

She soon arrived in her house, greeted by the faint scent of her husband.

Twila ----- "Shame Nekky is no longer here..."

She hurried to the room that housed her Observer's Cloud. Laying atop it, she looked into the misty view, focused on Poli.

Twila ----- "Where's my son..."

The mist began to clear, and Twila saw rolling waves. Looking around the scene, she saw a draconic, humanoid figure. that?

The view zoomed in on the face of the figure. Despite an iced jaw and scaled skin, this was unmistakably her child.

Twila ---- "Poli! Why....why is he fused again with...Kyurem?"

She shook her head. Time for that could wait until they reunited. She got up, and promptly left the room and her house, and flew down towards the planet.


-Poli Draxis-

As he flew over the sea, he descended towards the water, looking at himself.

Draxis ---- Well...looks like I'm that Dracid the world hates again. Except I'm angel and demon.
Kyurem ----- Poli...
Draxis ---- What?
Kyurem ----- I wish to apologize for what our bond has caused you. I...we both have been played into being the world's enemies by Prekura. I apologize for betraying everyone for her.
Draxis ----- It's no fault of yours. The silver tongue is quite the weapon...and meh, I consider that exile a building experience. After all, I wouldn't have set off and learned more about myself.

Poli looked towards the direction of Kanto, and flew towards there.

Kyurem ---- Weren't we going to NewMoon?
Draxis ------ We will. But...I want to see the old place. The home I had in Starshine before I met you. And maybe we'll give the ol' ice cave a visit too.
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#347
Waiting on TableFlip (0_0 Wow, never thought I'd ever type that).
"When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade." - Hades
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#348
Bump Icarus.
"When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade." - Hades
Official Prince of WF

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#349
-Poli Draxis-

As Kanto came into view, Poli felt a warmth creep across his heart.

Home. How long has it been since I was last here?

The wind, chilled by Poli's aura, ruffled his hair. He landed in the valley surrounding the village. He looked around, taking in the familiar view, and began walking around.

He came to a clearing, where signs of a tunnel stretching far out towards the tundra were present on the ground.

Heh, that was when Will was driven mad by that evil shaman.

He walked onwards, coming towards a steep drop. He glanced down.

Isn't this the location of Pryce and Mephy's first battle, before Mephy straightened himself out?

He strolled into the forest, and came across a clearing of dead plants. Broken ice scattered the ground.

When I saw Mephy being chased by the villagers...and I helped him escape.

He continued, to stop at the path that led to Starshine. He inspected the walls he built around the village years ago.

Nice to see this held up since that time wild Pokémon attacked the village.

He looked up, noticing the clouds. A storm was brewing overhead.

Just my luck.

Poli traveled down the path and entered Starshine. It was just like normal. As he walked down the streets, frost layered the ground, and covered the windows. Poli sighed, then moved on.

After some scouting at the plaza, Poli found what he was looking for. A simple home, with a chimney and a Haxorus statue in front. Poli ran towards it. Upon reaching it, he placed his hand on the door.

My home...

He opened the door. The house was pitch black. When Poli turned the lights on, they flickered before lighting. Poli stepped inside.

The first thing he did was head towards the room he and Sonya slept in while they were little. The bunk beds smelled of dust. He used to take the bottom bunk, Sonya would take the top. Poli wiped his face, sending frozen tears shattering on the floor. This was what he was...a long time ago.

He turned towards the window, spinning the Latios and Latias diaroma that hung from the roof, and picked up a concrete slab resting on the windowsill. Engraved was an Axew pawprint.

I made this when I first got my Spirit Pokemon...

He got in and lay down on the bottom bed. It, now being too small for him, meant his legs jutted off the foot of his bunk.

Too bad this isn't what I am anymore...

Poli fell asleep.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#350
(Tell me if i need to change this. And Sorry if i messed GenePoli up somewhat, I'm guessing he's from TWG CIP, Which i didn't participate in.)

Tyler: I see. Well, Then we shall wait then for Poli- Er, Draxis, I mean.
GenePoli: Indeed.
Erika: Hey, There's Belial!
Tyler looked, and saw his Demonic Father approach. The Group landed, and Tyler noticed they all looked wet.
Xalier: What happened to you-
Angelica: Don't. Even. Mention. IT!
Xalier: Okay, Okay, Okay!
Mephy: So, Did you guys get it? The Lunar Crests?
Tyler held up his Lunar Crest, Atlas and GenePoli doing the Same.
Mephy: That's good. Now, To-
Mephy looked at GenePoli.
Mephy: Who are-
GenePoli: Long Story, I'll explain later. Just Call me GenePoli.
Belial: Aren't you....?
GenePoli: I'm the Fabled Hero who stopped the Ark of Yamato Many Centuries ago.
Mephy: Then where's....
Tyler explained everything that GenePoli told me that occurred with Poli's group.
Belial: Necrodium is Dead?! Who slayed him?!
Tyler: Poli's Heartless that Vortex Created years ago.
Mephy: Figures. That annoying Heartless half-Brother of mine is always causing trouble.
Tyler: Which Reminds Me, Vortex escaped his Prison.
Belial: He WHAT?!
Tyler: Father, Father! Calm down! He'll appear eventually, and we'll defeat him again. Trust me, he shouldn't even be at full power yet.
GenePoli: He's still weak compared to Akuro.
Belial: Akuro....?
GenePoli: Again, Long Story.
Mephy: So, We can't reform the Lunar Crest Pieces without Poli, then?
GenePoli: Yes.
Tyler: Plus, We're still missing one.
Mephy: Huh? Who....
Erika: Zora, Azure, and Zenon have not returned yet.
Belial: Why does that worry me?
Tyler: Don't know.
Belial: Just mainly the Azure part.
Tyler: You think his Father was involved?
Belial: Perhaps....
Mephy: Guess we just wait then for them to arrive then.
Tyler: Pretty much.
The Group Returned to watching the battle.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
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