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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#361
Hm...I'm actually considering going ahead and writing a fanfic based on TWG CIP (not using those old characters though) as I need something refreshing. =o


Then again...I hope I have time. >.<
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#362
As Sadie and co. left,Tableflip,Emile,Dawn,and Chack walked to Jessica's house.

Dawn:Dad,where are we going?

Tableflip:Our house was destroyed a while ago by this's complex.


Chack:Who lives there then?

Tableflip:I'm sure that Dawn's met her.This is Jessica's house.

Tableflip opened the door.He saw Cuna,Jessica,and Rose watching TV while Antonio was asleep in his crib,and Tabs' mom was sitting in a chair.

Mother:...who's this girl?

Emile(whispering):Should we tell your mom about this?

Tableflip:Go ahead.

Emile:Well,we've been telling you that this is a girl we've been babysitting,but um...this is our daughter.

Mother:You mean I have a grandaughter?


Mother charged to Dawn and hugged her tight.

Dawn:Please...that's too t-tight...


Chack:Is that a Reshiram?

He pointed his hoof to Rose.

Dawn:A Reshiram!?

Dawn broke loose from the hug and ran to Rose,and because of her love for animals,she petted Rose.

Dawn:Can we keep her? Please?

Rose:You do know I talk,right?

Dawn:We're going to be best friends forever!

Rose smiled,as she now found a new friend that's around her age.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#363
-Poli Draxis-

As Poli slept, a dream crept into his head. His aura intensified, as the streets around his old house began to ice over.


Preservation...what is it?
Is it the act of keeping control...or more?

Poli found himself within a grey void. A chill crept into his spine.


On que, the Goddess descended down, Togekiss fluttering about.

"How wonderful to speak with you. Ever since that demon father of yours perished, my link to you has been re-established...little one."

I will NOT destroy the world for you! I don't care how you try to justify it, there's no justifying killing tens of millions of billions of people, Pokémon, and hybrids alike!

Prekura laughed, and pointed her rapier at Poli.

"My little pawn, you're the one to talk! You froze most of the world. You killed the people! Heh, I'm rather insulted those techy bafoons in the LotSS haven't stuck your head on a stick!"

Poli frowned.

I...yes, Kyurem and I have done so. But the past is the past! We will keep these people safe from your tyranny!

"You? You can't even speak with that frozen jaw of yours! No matter what you do, you will be taken down by the human's primitive legal system!"

She twirled her rapier, tilted her head, and winked at Poli. Poli's face twisted into a blushing mixture of anger and disgust.

"But...alas, my way will be done. Those reporters will see to it...have fun Poli. You'll be mine soon enough..."



Poli jolted up, bumping his head on the top bunk.


He got off the bed, rubbing his head, and looked out the window. That is, if he could. He looked around the room.


The room in its entirety was iced. Poli grimaced, shameful that his aura got out of hand. He headed outside.

By Arceus's eyepatch...

He found that Starshine, at least a small radius around where he was, was entirely frozen. He slammed his head on a pole, only to recoil from the pain.

Ow ow oww...ugh, my aura wasn't this outta hand before.
Kyurem ----- It has been a while since you last had to mindfully control our icy aura.
I know, I just didn't want to do this to my house of memories...

Poli, still needing to get his mind together, set off for the elder's house.

He was the one that wanted me executed for bonding with you, Kyurem. Maybe he can give me answers.

(No, the part Poli accidentally froze is not near you, Tabs, don't worry)
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#364
Rose:Mom,Dad,can I invite this girl to my club?

Jessica:Sure you can invite Dawn! She's a nice girl.

Chack:Well,can I come?

Rose:It's a girls-only club.


He stayed at the house,along with the party.Rose led Dawn to a treehouse atop of a huge tree.The tree looked ancient.

Rose:Do you want me to fly you up?

Dawn shifted into her sylveon form,and lept from branch to branch,making her way to the top of the tree.Dawn smiled at Rose.


She deshifted,and she entered the treehouse along with Rose.Inside the treehouse were multiple girls of Starshine Villiage,in which their ages ranged from four to fifteen.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#365
(Huh, this might actually make it to it's 10th Non-Canon Time.)

ZORA'S Story
Zora saw Newmoon Isle. He saw that all the other groups were there.
Zora: Shoot, They beat us already?!
Azure: Wonder if they got the pieces then.
Zenon: Let's find out.
The group landed.

Tyler saw Zora's group approach.
Angelica: Took you long enough!
Mephy: You guys are in last! No trophy for you!
Zora sliced Mephy in half.
Azure: Sorry. My father interfered with our plan.
Tyler: So you guys DID fight Galaxia?!
Zora: Yeah. Nearly killed me, until Azure saved my life. The King is very, Very strong. Trust me on that. He even possesses Credillylad!
Tyler: What?! But how...
Belial: That'd be my fault. Before this mess started, I taught him, our ally, the Credillylad spell. He masted it far quick.
Tyler: Hm....
Azure: Oh, Father's going to Rage now. He's probably marching his way here now as we speak!
GenePoli: ....
Erika: If that happens....
Tyler: Azure. We must defeat him. I'm sorry to say though.... that in order to that.... He must die.
Azure: No! Let's not fall to conclusions yet. Maybe i can convince father to stop his plans! Please!
Xalier: Might as well let him try.
Tyler: Hm. Fine. But if that doesn't work, I'll slice his head off. For good. Now, Did you guys get the Lunar Crest?
Zora held it up.
Tyler: Good. Now we only need to wait for Poli and Twila, right?
GenePoli: Yes. He is required to reform the Lunar Crests together.
Zora: So we wait?
Atlas: Apparently so.
the group went back to watching the battle, waiting for Twila.

Vortex saw the Battle raging.
Vortex: Tut, I should slay those fools now. All of them.
???: No.... Not yet.
Vortex: You again...
???: There are far too many who outmatch you here. Wait until the group splits, and the Ritual of the God begins....
Vortex: Ritual of the God...?
???: A ritual that unlocks an ancient power that can only be used by the Three Heirs of Arcuextra....
Vortex: I see. Hmph, Guess i'll stay here and wait.
Vortex sat down to watch the battle unfold.
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User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#366
Stram, returned to human form, rested on the ground.

That was close. I'm lucky they couldn't find me, but...

Too bad I couldn't find that guy Kyurem was looking for.

He walked through town, only to run into Marle.

"That was...interesting, what you did back there. You've made the news, although they don't know exactly who did this yet." She told him.

"What are you going to do?" he asked. "Turn me in?"

"No way." Marle said. "There's something I need to check, but I'm sure I'm being monitored. They will catch on to you soon enough. We're supposed to be in the lab, where they can watch us easily. They also know that you can transform, so you'd better leave." She handed Stram a piece of paper.

"Escape and follow the instructions on that."

"O-okay," Stram said, flying away.

Marle returned to the lab.

Soon after arriving, the phone rang. "Hello?" Marle said.

"Please remain where you are for a while." the voice said, without even a greeting. "We will send a representative to talk with you soon."
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#367
Jessica's house.

Chack looked at a nearby mirror and noticed his unicorny looks.He put a small frown on his face and faced Cuna.

Chack:Cuna,I might not believe in love,but Dawn's in love with me.I don't know what to do...

Cuna:Do you love her back?

Chack:She's more of a friend than a girlfriend...Also,I think she would rather be with someone else than a goofy looking unicorn man.

Suddenly,Tableflip entered the conversation.

Tableflip:If Dawn's more of a friend than girlfriend,just keep treating her like normal.She'll eventually realize that you're just a friend.

Emile:Tab's right.Just keep treating Dawn like you do now.Speaking of Dawn,what's that club about?

Jessica:Just girl stuff.

Starshine Girls Inc.

Dawn looked around the treehouse.She knew nobody there except Jessica.An espeon bearer,Tiara,sat next to Dawn.

Tiara:So you're new here,eh?

Dawn:Yeah...why do you want to know?

Tiara:I just didn't know who you are.My name's Tiara.

Dawn stuck her hand out to shake,but Tiara refused to shake her hand.

Tiara:You have to shake the tail,silly!


Dawn shook her hand with Tiara's tail.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#368
Starshine Girls Inc.

While each girl was talking,a man was sitting in a nearby tree,stalking the girls.

Pedo MacGee:Ooh yeah,that chick lots HOT.

He started to drool,and then he thought of something.

Pedo MacGee:I should kidnap them...yes...then I'd keep them! I'll just use my net gun...

PM climbed up the tree,and he looked through the window of the treehouse,where he saw Dawn dancing.

PM:Oh yes...

He shot his net at all of the girls in the treehouse.While they were struggling to get out of the net,PM dragged them to his secret lair found in a creepy white stalker van.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#369

Chack's horselike ears rose up.

Chack:Dawn's in trouble!


Chack:Follow me!

He got on four hooves and ran to Dawn's location.

Tableflip:You guys stay here!

Tableflip and Emile followed Chack.Their destination was a creepy white stalker van.Chack opened the back door,and all there was was a box.Chack opened it,and a portal appeared inside it.Tableflip and Emile followed Chack into the box.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#370
Inside of the box...

Rose:W-where are we?

Rose shuddered in fear of what Pedo MacGee would do to her.Dawn patted her on the back to calm her down.Tiara was scared as well since she was hiding under Jessica's wing.

Dawn:We're going to get out of here somehow.

She shifted into a Sylveon and started gnawing on the net,attempting to break it.After a few minutes of trying,she failed.

Tiara:Well,that didn't work.

Dawn sighed as PM walked towards the net.He stared at all the girls pervertedly,and he saw Dawn giving him a dirty look.

PM:I like a rebelious little girl like you.

He reached into the net and picked up the Sylveon.
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