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Seismitoad, Toxicroak, Politoed, and possibly Froakie..

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User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#21
Ainodehna posted...
jayman7 posted...
Ainodehna posted...
FuneralCake posted...
It's the "Tadpole" Pokemon, but just f***ing look at it. Does that look like a frog or a tadpole? Yeah.

Let me also point out that the Pokedex calls Slowbro a hermit crab. Obviously it knows what it's talking about!

you're right, when I see those fists I think frog

I'll defer to the dex here

You're looking at the fists?? Really? Because tadpoles have fists too, right?

More to the point, tadpoles have tails, which they lose as they become frogs. Poliwrath (and even Poliwhirl) have lost the tails already.


I'm saying it looks like neither, so I'll defer to the dex

It's not correct to say "whoosh" when you say something ridiculous that isn't a joke. Sure, frogs don't have fists... but they're much closer to having fists than tadpoles do.

What you said is the equivalent of saying that you're going to agree with the Pokedex that Blastoise is a shellfish because tortoises don't have pointy ears.
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User Info: Ainodehna

4 years ago#22
you misunderstood what I said completely, hence *whoosh*

you're wrong, it's okay, sit the next few plays out
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