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You can order a cake flavored after any Pokemon

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User Info: SteveBob

4 years ago#21
So MewCake would taste like all Pokemon mixed together? o_O
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User Info: jobacohue

4 years ago#22
Muk cake
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User Info: Ciclon92

4 years ago#23
Jynx flavor...
What?! I like Lipstick...

User Info: 3PiesAndAFork

4 years ago#24
Meta289 posted...

Bacon Cake.

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User Info: Galbrant

4 years ago#25

*takes one big bite*


*falls over dead*
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User Info: BottledPoe

4 years ago#26
Vanilluxe with Cherrim.
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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#27

You are the universe
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User Info: GeneralCortez

4 years ago#28
Wouldnt Gardevoir be pie? You pervs

Also, uh. Munchlax. Probably honey flavoured

Snorlax would probably be random garbage flavour
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User Info: B-dayCake

4 years ago#29
read user
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