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Since Genesect lived 300 million years ago

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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#11
MagikarpRules posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
MagikarpRules posted...
Maybe. But what would said alternate form do? Break its robotic exterior?

A naked Genesect?

Maybe somewhat similar to Accelgor (minus the ninja thing).

That would be pretty cool actually...
Maybe he'd be Bug/Dark...
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User Info: aurumArgentum

4 years ago#12
So I tried the alternate Genesect
I regret it
Oh well
I accidentally MK75

User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#13
I thought there was some statement from a Gamefreak person saying they're probably not going to make the original Genesect.

Don't know how legitimate the statement was though.
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User Info: PhoenixHunter89

4 years ago#14
We had a similar discussion about if it where kabutops on the ONM fourms (official nintendo magazine). We came to the conclusion they are not the same. Genesect has an abdomen, has no claws and his head is slight different. Those where a few of the main points.
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User Info: GeneralCortez

4 years ago#15
I wouldnt mind a clone of the real one, especially since current Genesect was chose for cyborgification due to being extremely vicious and badass....
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