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List of favorite pokemon by type

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User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#11
Fire: Flareon (dat Attack)
Grass: Sunkern (dat BST)
Water: Q (
Fighting: Meloetta-P
Flying: Rotom-F (dat Ability)
Poison: Drapion
Ground: Trapinch
Rock: Shuckle
Bug: Final Gambit/Sandstorm/Rest/Substitute Shedinja (dem moves)
Ghost: Sableye
Steel: Magneton
Electric: Pachirisu
Psychic: Deoxys
Ice: Sneasel
Dragon: Hydreigon
Dark: Sableye
Normal: Missingno.
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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#12
Normal: Whismer
Fire: Magmorter
Fighting: Scraggy
Water: Gastrodon
Flying: Archeops
Grass: Sceptile
Poison: Nidoking
Electric: Stunfisk
Ground: Flygon
Psychic: Gardevoir
Rock: Kabutops
Ice: Snorunt
Bug: Venomoth
Dragon: Latios
Ghost: Golurk
Dark: Absol
Steel: Lucario
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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#13
Electric: Luxray (2. Galvantula, 3. Zekrom?)
Water: Suicune (2. Kyogre 3.Lapras)
Fire: Vulpix (2. Houndour? 3. Numel?)
Bug: Scolipede (2.Scyther? 3. Leavanny?)
Poison: Scolipede (2. Haunter 3. Seviper)
Rock: Relicanth (2. Cradilly 3. Archeops)
Steel: Skarmory (2. Jirchi 3. Ferrothorn)
Fighting: Blaziken (2. Breloom 3. Heracross)
Ghost: Sableye (2. Chandelure 3. Haunter)
Ice: Lapras (2. Sneasel 3. Articuno)
Ground: Flygon (2. Gligar? 3. Numel?)
Dark: Absol (2. Sneasel 3. Cacturne)
Grass: Tropius? (2, 3. Too many???)
Dragon: Flygon (2. Rayquaza 3. Reshiram)
Normal: Smeargle (2. Aipom 3. Kecleon)
Psychic: Deoxys (2. Jirachi 3. Lugia)
Flying: Skarmory (2. Rayquaza? 3. Tropius?)
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User Info: XxWontonxX

4 years ago#14
Normal: Meleotta
Fire: Ninetales
Water: Starmie
Grass: Sceptile
Bug: Scizor
Electric: Jolteon
Poison: Nidoking
Ice: Cloyster
Ghost: Gengar
Dark: Hydreigon
Psychic: Espeon
Steel: Excadrill
Rock: Kabutops
Ground: Krookodile
Flying: Staraptor
Dragon: Garchomp
Fighting: Infernape
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User Info: Ezheil

4 years ago#15
Normal- Exploud
Electric- Jolteon
Water- Relicanth
Fire- Torkoal
Grass- Venusaur and Cradily
Flying- Xatu
Ice- Glalie and Articuno
Fighting- Hariyama
Poison- Arbok and Seviper
Psychic- Abra, Xatu, and Gardevoir
Dark- Mightyena
Ghost- Sableye
Steel- Aggron and Steelix
Ground- Sandslash and Trapinch
Rock- Relicanth
Dragon- Dragonair
Bug- Shedinja

User Info: NintendoFan2000

4 years ago#16
Fairy: Sylveon
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User Info: banana360

4 years ago#17
Electric: Galvantula (2. Zapdos)
Normal: Snorlax (2. Slaking)
Flying: Staraptor (2. Noctowl)
Fire: Rapidash (2. Reisharm)
Water: Blastoise (2 Milotic)
Grass: Torterra (2. Leavanny)
Ice: Weavile (2. Froslass)
Dragon: Flygon (2. Kingdra)
Ghost: Chandlure (2. Haunter)
Steel Excadrill (2. Empoleon)
Poison: Nidoking (2. Weezing)
Fighting: Mienshao (2. Machamp)
Dark: Sharpedo (2. Krookodile)
Ground: Sandslash (2. Golurk)
Psychic: Alakazam (2. Gardevoir)
Bug: Yanmega (2. Scolipede)
Rock: Onix (2. Gigalith)
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User Info: nro87

4 years ago#18
Normal: Snorlax
Fire: Volcarona (Favorite overall)
Fighting: Breloom
Water: Swampert
Flying: Swellow
Grass: Sceptile
Poison: Toxicroak
Electric: Raikou
Ground: Landorus-Therian
Psychic: Alakazam
Rock: Terrakion
Ice: Weavile
Bug: Galvantula
Dragon: Dragonite
Ghost: Chandelure
Dark: Scrafty
Steel: Lucario
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#19
I am deliberately avoiding using any Pokémon twice.

Normal: Persian
Fire: Charizard
Water: Feraligatr
Grass: Sceptile
Electric: Zapdos
Ice: Lapras
Fighting: Lucario
Poison: Arbok
Ground: Groudon
Flying: Braviary
Psychic: Espeon
Bug: Scizor
Rock: Rampardos
Ghost: Chandelure
Dragon: Salamence
Dark: Houndoom
Steel: Steelix

User Info: Masterbob1872

4 years ago#20
Normal: Tauros
Fire: Blaziken
Fighting: Hitmonchan
Water: Kingler
Flying: Braviary
Grass: Torterra
Poison: Crobat
Electric: Magneton
Psychic: Gardevoir
Rock: Tyranitar
Bug: Scyther
Dragon: Hydreigon
Ghost: Dusknoir
Dark: Darkrai
Steel: Aggron
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