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List of favorite pokemon by type

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User Info: Jiroro

4 years ago#21
Dark: Umbreon
Rock: Kabutops
Normal: Eevee
Poison: Venomoth
Fire: Typhlosion
Fighting: Mienshao
Steel: Scizor
Water: Totodile
Flying: Togekiss
Grass: Snivy
Electric: Thundurus
Psychic: Espeon
Bug: Heracross
Dragon: Dragonair
Ghost: Gengar

User Info: Zesnam359

4 years ago#22
Dark: Absol
Normal: Porygon-Z
Fire: Volcorona
Water: Crawdaunt
Grass: Meganium
Electric: Magneton
Ice: Articuno
Fighting: Mienshao
Poison: Beedrill
Ground: Garchomp
Flying: Braviary
Psychic: Xatu
Bug: Galvantula
Rock: Terrakion
Ghost: Giritina
Dragon: Hydreigon
Steel: Metagross
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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#23
Ezheil posted...
Normal- Exploud
Electric- Jolteon
Water- Relicanth
Fire- Torkoal
Grass- Venusaur and Cradily
Flying- Xatu
Ice- Glalie and Articuno
Fighting- Hariyama
Poison- Arbok and Seviper
Psychic- Abra, Xatu, and Gardevoir
Dark- Mightyena
Ghost- Sableye
Steel- Aggron and Steelix
Ground- Sandslash and Trapinch
Rock- Relicanth
Dragon- Dragonair
Bug- Shedinja

gasp another fan of whismur line!!
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User Info: NinjaKitsune

4 years ago#24
Let's see...
Fire: Ninetales
Water, Electric, Psychic, Dark, Ice, Grass,Normal: Relevant Eeveelution
Fighting: Mienshao
Flying: Articuno (Aerodactyl if we restrict it to non-legendary)
Poison: Nidorina
Ground: Flygon
Rock: Ehh...Lunatone I guess
Bug: Volcarona
Ghost: Mismagius
Steel: Lucario
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#25
MalkyeaImbak posted...
Electric: Zebstrika (2. Jolteon, 3. Raikou)
Fire: Ho-oh (2. Blaziken 3. Arcanine)

*sees Jolteon and Raikou in the top 3 electrics*
*sees Ho-oh getting some appreciation*

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User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#26
NinjaKitsune posted...
Steel: Lucario

Not even a real Steel-type. <.<
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User Info: NinjaKitsune

4 years ago#27
From: ColtCababa | #026
NinjaKitsune posted...
Steel: Lucario

Not even a real Steel-type. <.<

It has steel in its typing. That's all I care about.
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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#28
Dark: Zoroark
Fighting: Lucario
Fire: Arcanine
Electric: Luxray
Dragon: Flygon
Bug: Scizor
Water: Samurott
Grass: Roseraid
Ground: Garchomp
Ice: Glaceon
Rock: Tyranitar
Poison: Gliscor
Flying: Staraptor
Ghost: Rotom
Psychic: Kadabra
Steel: Metagross
Normal: Furret
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User Info: Sheep007

4 years ago#29
Normal:Staraptor (Stoutland,Fearow)
Fire:Infernape (Darmanitan,Typhlosion)
Water:Samurott (Gyarados,Suicine)
Electric:Mareep (Magnezone,Raikou)
Grass:Venusaur (Serperior,Cradily)
Fighting:Infernape (Machamp,Cobalion)
Flying:Staraptor (Lugia,Fearow)
Psychic:Lugia (Medicham,Gardevoir)
Bug:Venomoth (Galvantula,Armadalo)
Ice:Mamoswine (Articuno,Froslass)
Rock:Cradily (Armadalo,Tyranitar)
Ground:Hippowdon (Golurk,Donphan)
Poison:Venusaur (Toxicroak,Roserade)
Ghost:Golurk (Rotom,Giratina)
Dragon:Reshiram (Kyurem,Hydreigon)
Dark:Zoroak (Absol,Hydreigon)
Steel:Dialga (Magnezone,Cobalion)
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User Info: Windyligth

4 years ago#30
Normal: Sawsbuck
Fire: Houndoomed
Fighting: Machamp
Water: Red Guyrod
Flying: Flygon
Grass: Sawsbuck
Poison: Oddish
Electric: Eelektros
Ground: Nidoking
Psychic: Bronzedong
Rock: Colosoil
Ice: Mamogram
Bug: Scizors
Dragon: Dragon
Ghost: Eviolite Dusclops
Dark: Weavillain
Steel: Brong'sdong
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