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Event Pokemon.

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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#11
From: BurningFlareX | #001
This is getting worse as time goes. We first only had Mew, then Celebi, then it kept getting worse and worse with the addition of multiple event Legendaries and in-game events that require you to have an event Legendary. It doesn't help that Gen 5 added the highest amount of event Legendaries. The ridiculously high number of unobtainable Pokemon is really starting to get repulsive to me. What's the point of having tons of Pokemon if you can't obtain around half of them with in-game means??

Actually, Gen 4 added the most event legends.

User Info: stranksy

4 years ago#12
Strain42 posted...
stranksy posted...
Honestly, the notion of event pokemon is ridiculous. There should be an in-game, story-based reason to catch any legendaries from a given generation - the fact that you're just handed a pokemon, without having to try to catch it at all, is absurd, and goes against the spirit of the game.
If the creators can't think of a reason that the region a game takes place in can contain a pokemon, it shouldn't be released. If the creators can't think of a story for a legendary pokemon to be built up by, it shouldn't exist. It's really that simple.

Serious question here. What were your thoughts on the Victini event then? Rather than giving you the Pokemon they just give you the item that leads to the quest where you go and catch it?

It's an improvement. However, you shouldn't have to get an event item during a limited time promotion; I have no qualms with the item not being initially available. HOWEVER, after an initial publicity stunt wherein the item and pokemon in question are loudly proclaimed to exist, the item should be available permanently from WiFi.
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User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#13
They really should be catchable ingame.
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