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Let's not kid ourselves. Viridian Forrest gave us half our teams as kids.

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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#41
pidgey wasn't the forest.
and i sure as hell didn't use BOTH caterpie and weedle thanks supershadow for this

User Info: VeesMcGees

4 years ago#42
I only caught Caterpie when I was too lazy to get Abra. I'd get Pikachu every now then, but I rarely used Pidgey (I was a Spearow man) and Weedle even less.
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User Info: Decon082

4 years ago#43
Nowadays I pretty much only use my starter up until I can get a Sandshrew. But as a kid, I definitely used Pikachu and a Nidoran, and sometimes a Pidgeot. Of those three, only Pikachu was from Viridian Forest, because I'd catch the Pidgey on Route 1. :P
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User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#44
My Red, Blue, Yellow, Japanese Green, Fire Red or Leaf Green used no Pokemon from Viridian Forest. Pikachu doesn't count since it's a starter.
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User Info: IrisVile

4 years ago#45
Strain42 posted...
The first Pokemon I caught was Nidoran which was not in Viridian Forest. I think the next Pokemon I caught was Drowzee...which I used to catch Abra...which I then traded for Mr. Mime...which I never really used xD

No, in my first playthrough when I was a kid, nobody in my final team came from Viridian Forest.


I caught Pidgey usually.
Then Nidoran male and female
Then either use Clefairy/Meowth/Vulpix/A grass pokemon
Then Lapras
And Starter.
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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#46
Nope. I used Viridian Forest to grind my starter up and get a few fodder pokemon that I could bring out to heal my Charmander.

By the time I got to the E4 my Charizard was super high level and all my other pokemon were from Victory Road.

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#47
Nope I had Yellow.

Pikachu. Nixed Pikachu.

Caught a Pidgey on route 2? before the forest.
Kept Officer Jenny's Squirtle,
Caught a Ghastly then Haunter. Brother traded with me and I had a Gengar
.Turned Eevee into a Jolteon.
Caught a Growlithe and it became Arcanine later on.
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User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#48
Hell no, as a kid it was just Venusaur all day, every day. Until I wasted my master ball on Articuno. My Venusaur murked Gary'd charizard at the E4.
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User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#49
I used Pidgeot and Butterfree, but I eventually swapped out Butterfree because it becomes less useful later in the game and all the Pokemon were new and exciting and I wanted to try many. Pidgeot proved useful for the whole game (AFAIK as a child; I didn't realize there were stronger things). Plus Pidgeot was the first Pokemon I caught.

Also you don't catch Pidgey in Viridian Forest.
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User Info: MaveCryst

4 years ago#50
Nope :P Caught a Pidgey before I reached the forest, and didn't like bug pokemon at the time.

My standard pokemon lineup for gen 1 always had Charizard, Golem, Gengar and Articuno. Couldn't do without them. My other 2 got changed here and there, but I normally would have Zapdos or Jolteon to cover my electric typing. The last slot would have anything.. I even had a Wigglytuff to clear the E4, it seemed quite tanky actually...
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