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Sylveon Type Theories

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User Info: Moohaha2

4 years ago#1
I thought I would compile all of the existing speculation on Sylveon's type into one thread. I'll post my understanding of the arguments for/against each type, and edit this post as people add ideas to it. Note that I know most about the supporting evidence for the normal type, so this will seem skewed in that favor until I update it accordingly.

The remaining types that do not yet have an eeveelution are Normal, Flying, Ghost, Bug, Fighting, Poison, Dragon, Rock, Ground, and Steel.

Since it appears that each eeveelution is of a different type (and without considering the possibility of a dual type), if Sylveon is of an existing type then it is one of the above. The possibility for a new type is also considered.

Arguments by type:


-Uses several normal type moves in reveal trailer
-Cosmic looking powers in anime trailer (Clefairy-ish)
-Design features pink bows. The pink bow is an item that powers up normal type moves.
-Pink, cutesy design like many other normal types
-Shape at the end of the anime trailer - encased in a pink egg
-Possibility of being female only? Egg as a symbol of fertility?
-Female looking
-Revealed on valentines day
-Feminine movements and mannerisms in anime trailer
-Seems to use attract in the trailer on male meowth
-Name - "Nymph" could refer to a beautiful young woman, or a beautiful female spirit
-Name - "Sylv" - Sylvan, faerie (Feelinara, Fee = fairy in
German). Past faerie types have been normal.


-Lightest eeveelution
-Ribbons float in air
-Opposite to Jolteon in an official pokemon image, which seems to imply a type (dis)advantage over an electric type.
-Faeries fly, so sylv = faerie = flying
-Ribbons - pilot scarf, flying
-End of anime trailer, encased in a pink egg, which appears to have a wing shape at the bottom. Also, an egg could refer to a bird.
-Apparently, person who leaked the B/W pokedex claimed at one point that Sylveon is a Flying type.


-Sylvan referring to a spirit of the forest, so could be a ghost.
-Large, "soulless" eyes
-Lightest eeveelution, maybe due to being spectral?


-Name - "Nymph" could refer to insect larvae.
-Name - Sylvan, faerie of the forest, which is inhabited by bugs.
-Bug-like eyes.
-Bow resembles a butterfly.


-"Ribbons" could actually be stylistic of certain fighting techniques, like Mienshao's arms.


-Tips of its ribbons are of a different color, which could be filled with poison.


-All previous eeveelutions have been of the original "special" types, of which only dragon remains.
-Has fangs.
-Blue/Pink color scheme similar to Dragon type symbol.


-Name - "Sylv" - Silver.




-Across from Jolteon in official nintendo image, implying type advantage/disadvantage to an electric type.

New Type (Faerie/Light/Other)

-Mysteriousness surrounding its type
-Doesn't immediately seem characteristic of a particular type (aside from maybe the normal type)
-Apparently, person who leaked the B/W pokedex claims that Sylveon is a new Faerie type.

User Info: Moohaha2

4 years ago#2

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#3
I'm just saying its gonna be pure flying because it seems most likely, and I would be SEVERELY disappointed if it ended up being a normal type.. Or even a Normal/Flying type.

User Info: Numbuh100

4 years ago#4
Fairy? Light? Warrior? What is this? Yugioh?
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User Info: Moohaha2

4 years ago#5
Numbuh100 posted...
Fairy? Light? Warrior? What is this? Yugioh?

I'm not really in favor of the new types, but I thought I'd include it in there since that's been a prevalent idea thrown around lately. Personally I'm hoping on Normal, but we'll see what happens at least.

User Info: Xavier_On_High

4 years ago#6
Egg-type confirmed.
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User Info: nightblade_hawk

4 years ago#7
I'm guessing they're trolling with us and Sylveon is just a Normal Type Evolution, maybe Normal/Flying.

On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if this stupid little thing will really be Fairy Type.

Also there was a thread on here were the TC suggested Sylveon will be Ghost Type and is evolving by using the Item "Sharp Knife" - that would be awesome!

User Info: LandscapeManX

4 years ago#8
yep, still think it'll be a Rock-Type...

srsly, how ignorant are people.
The only plausable types it can be is Normal / (Flying) / or New-Type.
for the simple fact that eevee always resembles it's type.

If it was going to be Steel; it would look more like Jolteon, at the very least metal'ish
If it was going to be Bug; then it would have bug like features.
If it was going to be Fighting; then it would look tough.
If it was going to be Dragon: it would be a bit like vaporeon and have a dragons tail, or scales (example)
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