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Fennekin's evolution should be fire/flying

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User Info: Grammar_man

4 years ago#21
Rather Fire/NeoFalconHavok posted...
Pure Fire type.

It doesn't need a secondary, jesus.

Pure types are the laziest and worst starter choices period.


User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#22
jnethery posted...
Fire/Fight - Grass/Psychic - Water/Dark

-One hundred and nine characters of space for rent-

User Info: Gray_Areas

4 years ago#23
BlueDryBones1 posted...
jnethery posted...
DarkBuster22904 posted...
Personally, I'd like a fire/psychic. Far cry, but I'd like it.

For some reason Psychic/Fire is on the Serebii type chart even though other unused type combos are not...? Weird.

Darmanitan alt form and Victini are Fire/Phychic.

If Chespin and Froakie become Grass/Dark and Water/Fighting as some people have guessed:

Fennekin: Victini
Chespin: Shiftry
Froakie: Poliwrath

So neither would be a uniue type but will be an interesting starter trio since they each have an advantage over each other if their Dual types are that.

I want these dual types SO badly! It will be hard to choose either way, but this will make it even harder!
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  3. Fennekin's evolution should be fire/flying

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