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Best Pokemon that starts with the letter... - Day 16

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User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#1
Today's letter is the letter P.

For whatever reason you feel like, list your favourite Pokemon that starts with the letter P. It could be because of it's looks, it's competitive capabilities, or whatever other reason that makes it your favourite. If you wish to change your vote, please just edit your post before I close the topic. Also, each "day" will more than likely be up for more than a day.

Obviously, only one vote per person.

Remember, this contest is for Generations 1-5 only. No voting for Pokemon that have yet to come out.

If you wish to see an alphabetical list of all Pokemon:

Also, at the end there will be a Victor's Championship where the winners will be compiled into groups of 5 and voted upon till there's only 1 standing. Also, there will be a chance for redemption for some of the Pokemon that didn't make it. In addition to the victors, we will also have the 15 Pokemon with the highest percentage of votes from their previous round added into the final showdown. So just because your favourite Pokemon isn't winning, doesn't mean you shouldn't vote for it. Every vote will count!

To make things fair, if a day has 8 or less Pokemon in it then the Pokemon that don't win will not be entered into the runner up leader board. This is to prevent days with few Pokemon from disrupting the leader board.


In the previous round the results were as follows:

Oshawott - 50
Omastar - 39
Onix - 24
Octillery - 22
Oddish - 7
Omanyte - 4

Oshawott takes the letter O with 50 of the 146 total votes.


Day 01 - Absol ----------------------------- 15.25%
Day 02 - Blastoise ------------------------ 19.57%
Day 03 - Charizard ------------------------ 30.77%
Day 04 - Dragonite ------------------------ 22.14%
Day 05 - Espeon --------------------------- 22.54%
Day 06 - Feraligatr ------------------------ 25.77%
Day 07 - Gengar --------------------------- 15.34%
Day 08 - Heracross ----------------------- 21.86%
Day 09 - Ivysaur ---------------------------- 50.70%
Day 10 - Jolteon ---------------------------- 43.36%
Day 11 - Kyogre ---------------------------- 24.39% (won the tiebreaker)
Day 12 - Lapras ---------------------------- 20.37%
Day 13 - Mewtwo -------------------------- 25.61%
Day 14 - Nidoking ------------------------- 39.62%
Day 15 - Oshawott ------------------------ 34.25%


Current Top 15 Runner-ups

1. Ninetales ---------------------------------- 28.30%
2. Krookodile -------------------------------- 24.39%
3. Eevee --------------------------------------- 21.97%
4. Blaziken ----------------------------------- 19.02%
5. Flygon -------------------------------------- 18.56%
6. Lucario ------------------------------------- 16.67%
7. Darkrai ------------------------------------- 15.71%
8. Chandelure ------------------------------- 13.68%
9. Haxorus ----------------------------------- 13.66%
10. Hydreigon ------------------------------- 13.66%
11. Houndoom ------------------------------ 13.66%
12. Kabutops -------------------------------- 13.41%
13. Aggron ----------------------------------- 11.86%
14. Alakazam ------------------------------- 11.86%
15. Aerodactyl ------------------------------ 11.86% Thanks Fellwolf and L4DHunter! <3

User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#2
Pinsir. Thanks Fellwolf and L4DHunter! <3

User Info: Cucumberflant

4 years ago#3
"It's like there's a secret society of TF2 players who swear to only play Spy and Sniper on pubs, and they have all taken a vow of silence. -Emporer_Kazbar

User Info: karasu009

4 years ago#4
Darkdragongirl's other alt

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#5
Cucumberflant posted...
The other true Pokemon fan.
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#6
Man, P is a pretty weak letter…

Pikachu it is.
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User Info: HardHorseJam

4 years ago#7

User Info: PickYourName

4 years ago#8
Gotta go with Pidgeot. I always liked that design.
Life is very dangerous, no one gets out of it alive.

User Info: MajorHoppy

4 years ago#9
Pupitar. End of story, good bye, the end! Any questions?
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User Info: gwithy16

4 years ago#10
IceDragon77 posted...
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