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Can we agree that Garchomp is the coolest dragon?

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  3. Can we agree that Garchomp is the coolest dragon?

User Info: Davidk92

4 years ago#91
Sir_Specter posted...
Everyone's afraid to bash on Dragonite just because it was the first dragon type.

Uh... no. The first Dragon-type was Dratini.
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User Info: Sylista

4 years ago#92
1. Flygon
2. Fraxure
3. Reshiram
4. Latias
5. Zekrom

Kingdra is a cooler dragon than Garchomp.
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User Info: Des_Shinta

4 years ago#93

It's Freaking King Ghidorah!

User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#94
iKhanic posted...

I'm not taking you seriously. In fact, you are trolling with that opinion.
"Nostalgia makes the heart feeble. It is the heart's nemesis." - Trema

User Info: Ari917

4 years ago#95
Legends only
1. Rayquaza
2. Zekrom
3. Latios
4. Reshiram
5. Kyurem/Giratina

Regulars only
1. Haxorus
2. Salamence
3. Druddigon
4. Garchomp
5. Kingdra
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  3. Can we agree that Garchomp is the coolest dragon?

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