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So why does everyone hate smogon?

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User Info: GiftedACIII

4 years ago#61
BlazingRain posted...
GiftedACIII posted...
BlazingRain posted...
GiftedACIII posted...
BlazingRain posted...
Is anyone else laughing at this guy so viciously defending Smogon that he can't see himself doing everything he's trying to criticize others for?

And what weighted stats? Charizard is used a lot everywhere. Stop acting like it isn't overused and just accept that the tiers are biased.

Yeah, do some research for once. You must not've done well in school. And actually, you're the minority on this one as can be seen when you whined how "everybody was attacking the haters despite asking for it". You're just proving to me more that smogon haters are all ignorant and hypocritical. This also asked arguments yet all you're doing is trying to make a strawman and dodge points.

Wow this guy is so bad I feel sorry for him.

He literally attacked me for making a generalization and then claims that I'm proving to him that all "Smogon haters" are ignorant and hypocritical.

I'll change that. What I meant was ignorant misconceptions, not generalizations because geneneralizations imply that it's true. But yes continue to show that you're bad at arguments and can only resort to trolling now.

Whatever dude. If you seriously think I'm gonna waste my time arguing with someone like you, or that by not arguing with you I'm conceding something, you again prove nothing other than you having social issues that you should attend to.

Hahaha trying to bring up the social life card again? What was that about hypocrisy? You're like a revolving door around your posts. Emotional turmoil, that's what you have. It's funny because you're doing what you're calling others. You're not making any arguments, just angrily using personal insults. Are you venting your insecurities? I feel bad for you. You can't be much older than a teenager. Don't be mad your strawman attempts have failed.

User Info: keyos27

4 years ago#62
BlazingRain, please don't bother arguing back. He does not realize that he is still attacking you personally and emotionally by provoking, taunting and guessing your age. I was going to reply every statement and question of his but after reading

Nintendo's list is HORRIBLE, refusing perfectly good Pokemon just because they're events and having item clause on. So stupid.

I decided not to...although I will say this. I think "USAGE" is so stupid. Tiers are determined by USAGE? Does Smogon know the exact number of Pokemon players in North America? Did you say Smogon haters are ignorant and hypocritical? (Despite changes were made after, you still said it)

Because you guys are being brainwashed by Smogon's data and mathematical system.

The item clause is common clause in Japan and Nintendo's rule has been recognized for years without massive complaints like Smogon receives now. And because they are event-Pokemon which are hard to obtain, that is why they are banning to prevent people from abusing stats with hacking device. It is not fair for legitimate players. I also hate how Smogoners easily edit their event Pokemon with the right hidden power for the competitive purpose.

Lastly, stop guessing player's skill based on your thoughts. Calling me having no experiences of facing good players but bad players is another biased view from you. This is the most common prejudice I get whenever I mention about defeating Overused Pokemon with my favorite Pokemon. You want an evidence? I can send you screen shots of my Pokemon who are currently listed in RU/NU tiers (I was very shocked to find out that Ludicolo being in NU..oh wait actually not because I am in SMOGON!) knocking down bunch of OU Pokemon frame by frame. And Yes, I could care less about what others use, but Smogoners keep planting Tier seeds to new players all over the place by calling innocent Pokemon "Looking for NU/UU battle" or "I think A should descend to RU and C should move up to UU."

Can we just call their **** names plz???
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User Info: keyos27

4 years ago#63
but without tiers, they wouldn't be used at all and people will just stop playing competitive altogether whining that it's the same thing over and over again.

Forgot to post another major prejudice, there are bunch of people who play competitively while having less-effective Pokemon in their team without erratic and elongated tiers of Smogon but just with one ban list. People aren't trying hard enough to pull the full potential.

By the way, could you please tell me tomorrow's lottery numbers?
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User Info: scraadin

4 years ago#64
I think it's a kind of pendulum thing. Back when we were waiting for third gen, there was no Smogon. I had to bust heads to get people to recognize that the games could be played in any other way in competitive.

With the formation of Smogon, most of those players drifted off, and now the Gamefaqs boards have gotten pretty casual. We've hit the point where casual players are now bashing the competitive ones.

I don't battle competitively. Haven't really felt the urge, but I can recognize and respect the people who do, and I find the stuff Smogon comes up with pretty interesting, while recognizing that it's not things I would want to do myself. IV breeding and EV training are much more on the nuisance side of things outside of simulators.
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User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#65
The thing about Smogon is that their tiers aren't balanced at all, and there are still things flat out broken with the game. Stealth rocks nerf a lot of pokemon in the NU tier that would probably be in the UU tier if it wasn't for those things.

As is there is no reason not to have someone on your team with Stealth rocks, every single team should have a stealth rocker since it's easily one of the best moves in the game with no drawbacks.

No pokemon in immune to it, it always break sash's and can cripple teams just because they are a certain type.

And weather, mostly rain is probably the most broken combination, and instead of banning drizzle like they should, they ban everything else.

So, what we have is a system that only work for certain pokemon while working against others. And yes, I've played competitively I used a Sandstorm team, mostly because I wouldn't have to worry about stealth rock damage.

Really, maybe if they offered my styles of play, like a no entry hazard/Stealth rock Tier, and different match types, people wouldn't be complaining. But there are no two on two match type information, or rotation and three on three match types.

Though that might be for the best, since things like Stealth rock aren't good in anything other than one on one singles matches. And a lot of top tier pokemon aren't that great outside of singles.
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#66
Smogon is fine. Its just idiots who hates on them. Their movesets and tiers are perfect.

However banning Deoxys-D to Ubers is some what still questionable. Up to some extend, Tornadus-T too.
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User Info: Ubergeneral3

4 years ago#67
The pokemon metagame is not in a good place. I don't understand smogon's logic. Like other games imbalences should be edited out in patches. Yet smogon seemed to want their game to be a perfect recreation, where as I think pokemon should be buffed and nerfed, so that more pokemon are viable in OU play. Many pokemon with bad flaws could be much better if they got a new move, had a few stats moved around, or a metagame changing move had it's effect changed (stealth rock....)

Is there anyone that thinks the way I do and wants to buff and change things instead of making tiers?
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User Info: samurott20

4 years ago#68
My reason for hating smogon is that 95% of the time I go to random matchup I see the same damn pokemon with the same damn strategy. Basically It's like I'm battling the same person a 100 times and after a while it gets boring.

User Info: BolognaSammich

4 years ago#69
nothing wrong with smogon but their userbase is really stuck up and condescending, so i try to avoid posting on their forums.

which is ironic bc chaos is actually laid back and cool
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User Info: Earth_Echidna

4 years ago#70
I guess there are those out there who hate competitive battling and believe Smogon as a cause. Sadly, I was one of them. I use them now because I'm not good at making my own movesets.

Believe me, it can be odd.
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