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what do you want to see in the new Pokemon X and Y game?

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User Info: Ovoxoxo

4 years ago#1
new stuff we did not have in previous games?

or old thinks like having your Pokemon to follow you in HG/SS?

User Info: Davidk92

4 years ago#2
I want the ability to customize a trainer's appearance.
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User Info: Xazeal

4 years ago#3
Battle Frontier, Contests, Pokeathlon, Secret Bases, Pokeradar

At least three of those and I'll be happy.
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User Info: Swamp-marsh-mud

4 years ago#4
I want an new flying animation, a cutsene were you actual see you on the back of the Pokemon.

User Info: D_one_Dan

4 years ago#5
for move Pokemon to be at the top instead of deposit Pokemon.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#6
Davidk92 posted...
I want the ability to customize a trainer's appearance.
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User Info: soMEguy_povo

4 years ago#7
Must have
* Don't **** with the core game mechanics. Some innovation is fine, but don't radically alter everything.
* Easy/fast trades and transfers.

Would be nice, but not necessary
* Non-linear world map. Choose the order of gyms faced, and explore "too tough" areas at your own peril.
* Optional tutorials
* Trainer customisation
* Pokemon following (and not JUST whoever's up first, I should get to pick)

* Wild Arons on the first few routes (before second gym)
* Items instead of HMs
* No more "you are the chosen one" story... can't someone else handle that for once?
* 2 storylines - the standard good guy trainer, or a member of the evil team. Gameplay would be mostly the same... you'd need the badges to protect/steal vital technology kept by the E4 and champ. Also, evil team members would fight Professors instead of team Admins.
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User Info: JiggsMaster

4 years ago#8
Good pokemon....guess I won't be getting that
I don't listen to authority when authority is filled with dumbasses

User Info: elconoM

4 years ago#9
GTS accepts Egg deposit and search
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User Info: PopcornDelivery

4 years ago#10
Ive always wanted to see a new game plus sort of feature.

It would carry over all your pokemon so you dont lose them, but allow you to play through the game again with a new team, all the pokemon carried over could follow the same rules as pokemon traded over, where every badge allows pokemon up to a certain level obey you.
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