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What would Fairy type need to be strong and weak against to make it balanced?

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User Info: Byuusetsu

4 years ago#1
I've felt like if they added another type it needs to be weak to Psychic since they've overdone the watering down of that type after Gen 1.

Could it be used to weaken the Dragon type? I think it should probably take neutral damage from the elements. Not sure how it should fare against Dark and Ghost, it could make sense for it to be weak or strong against them.

User Info: Zarren364

4 years ago#2
I think weak to poison to give that some help.
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User Info: TehLizardKing

4 years ago#3
In mythology fairies are vulnerable to cold iron

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#4
It will be weak to fart-type.
There won't be a fairy type.
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User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#5
Weak to Steel and Poison. Resist Fighting and Dragon.

User Info: TwiceNightley

4 years ago#6
Fairy should be weak against Normal type moves.
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#7
TwiceNightley posted...
Fairy should be weak against Normal type moves.

I was thinking Fairy can't hit Normal, but the inverse isn't true. So it's not really an offensive strength for Normal, but it's still an advantage, I guess. My logic behind this is that just like "normal" people often don't believe in ghosts, they also don't believe in fairy tales.
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User Info: Skull_pro

4 years ago#8
Ice and rock should resist it.
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User Info: ArmandoXIIIl

4 years ago#9
TwiceNightley posted...
Fairy should be weak against Normal type moves.

I think there is a reason why normal isn't super effective against anything. If fairy was weak to normal, it would be an awful defensive type, competitively speaking. Return is a normal type move with a lot of PP, perfect accuracy,102 base power, zero drawbacks and it can be taught to virtually every Pokemon in the game. This would ruin fairy types.

Taking SE damage from Extremespeed and Explosion also wouldn't be pretty. I like the idea of normal being strong to something, but the distribution of Return is too strong for the opposing type.
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User Info: Vulcan_Blitz

4 years ago#10
Most likely this:
Super-effective to Ghost & Fighting (Or Ghost & Dark)
Weak against Poison & Dark
Resistant to Psychic, Fighting, and Fairy (Psychic Pokemon would have the same exact resistances)
Resisted by Psychic, Grass, Fairy, Steel

Reasons for the above:
1) The stronger the Pokemon's spirit, the weaker they are to Fairy attacks. Ghost & Fighting would represent this. If not that, Fairies would be strong against impurities (Ghost & Dark). I can see Celebi being retyped to be a Grass/Fairy Pokemon. In Pokemon Colosseum, Celebi could cure Shadow Pokemon when one uses the Time Flute:
2) Fairies would be weak to Poison. As Fairies are only really seen in enchanted forests and springs, and since pollution can easily destroy these areas, Fairies would take a lot of damage from Poison attacks. The Dark weakness is there to symbolize the rivalry of Xerneas vs Yveltal (the two new legendaries).
3) Because I can see a lot of previous Psychic typed Pokemon being changed to have a Fairy typing, and because the two types just seem similar in general, Fairy and Psychic Pokemon would share the same exact resistances. This would make previous changes to Pokemon, such as Celebi, easier to adjust to for competitive play.
4) As much as I hate to say it, I can see Steel Pokemon resisting Fairy attacks...
5) Because Fairies are attuned to nature, they cannot harm it that much. Therefore, Fairy attacks wouldn't do a lot of damage against Grass Pokemon. Grass Pokemon deserve the buff, anyways.

Other Changes to the Type Chart I would like to see:
1) Ice Pokemon resisting Dragon attacks. Defensively, Ice needs a buff, and offensively Dragon needs a nerf. This would be a rather easy fix to implement.
2) Poison being super-effective against Water. Similar to the above: Poison needs an offensive buff, and Water needs a nerf in general. Another easy fix to implement.
3) Rock Pokemon resisting Rock attacks. It just seems inconsistent how Steel resists itself, but Rock doesn't. This would slightly buff Macargo, Shuckle, Aerodactyl, Armaldo, Archeops, and Crustle without seriously affecting other Pokemon.
4) Something to nerf Steel Pokemon. Losing some resistances, being weak to Electric attacks (though I myself am skeptical of this), or something along those lines.
5) Changes 3 & 4 are not nearly as important as changes 1 & 2.

What I would do to nerf Stealth Rock:
1/16th damage to anything with a single resistance to Rock.
1/8th damage would be neutral damage from Stealth Rock.
1/4th damage to anything with a single weakness to Rock.
Double weaknesses and resistances to Rock are not counted.

Lastly, my thoughts on what Pokemon have the highest possibilities of being retyped as Fairy Pokemon:
Likely Fairy-types: Clefairy, Blissey (Normal/Fairy), Sylveon, "Mewthree" (Psychic/Fairy), Togekiss (Fairy/Flying), Dunsparce, Celebi (Grass/Fairy), Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy), Milotic (Water/Fairy), Chimecho, Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf, Cresselia (Psychic/Fairy), Manaphy/Phione (Water/Fairy), Audino, Meloetta (Fairy/Psychic or Fighting)

Likely/Unlikely line: Wigglytuff, Lilligant (Grass/Fairy), Luvdisc/Alomomola (Water/Fairy), Absol (Dark/Fairy), Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie (just one of them)

Unlikely Fairy-types: Ninetails (Fire/Fairy), Meganium (Grass/Fairy), Mew (Psychic/Fairy), Victini (Fire/Fairy), Xerneas, Granbull (Snubbull = Fairy Pokemon; Normal/Fairy type?)

Unlikely/Doubtful line: Butterfree/Beautifly/Masquerain (Bug/Fairy), Delcatty, Altaria (Dragon/Fairy?), Solrock/Lunatone, Latias/Latios (Dragon/Fairy), Froslass (Ice/Fairy), Cinccino, Musharna, Gothitelle, Jirachi (Steel or Psychic/Fairy?)

Doubtful but MAYBE: Shaymin (Grass/Fairy; base form only), Ampharos (Electric/Fairy), Bellossom, Unown (...), Wobbafett, Mr. Mime
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