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Too bad there aren't going to be game sprites like the original god Pokemon game

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  3. Too bad there aren't going to be game sprites like the original god Pokemon game

User Info: KingTauros

4 years ago#21
FierceDeity1026 posted...

The large, open mouth and long, playful tongue five Golbat a ton of character just from his sprite alone. Compare it to, say, Zekrom which is just a black mess.

Fernox213 posted...
KingTauros posted...
3D models give the Pokemon more character, and it is very easy to grow attached to them. Now that they're using those cool 3D models, (it's about time) the fear that the original satanic and overrated Pokemon games gave us will disappear, I know for a fact that this will drastically make more genwunners whine, since any true Pokemon fan (like TR) would not support such clear downgrades.


This post is just wrong. How does making something more generic give it more character? Do you even know what character is?

Did you ever play Colosseum or XD, or were they too unlike the original games for you? If you've seen those, you know how well 3D models can be done. Don't expect people to not buy the games because sprites are gone; actually, you're the first person who'se really said they aren't going to buy them because of that. I agree that it's easier to pack in more high-quality sprites, but I think that the models are a good idea. Also, you (and TherianReturns) need to stop talking about what makes a "true Pokémon fan". If you like the games, you like the games; there's no "true" way to like the games. Whether you play it for the numbers game and competitive or just to smash everything with your Charizard, it's fine.

P.S.: Here is the mentioned Charizard's set. FRLG, of course; if you want RBY, just take off the second-to-last IV, divide all the IVs by two, round down, and ignore EVs/held items/Natures.

Careful nature
IVs: 12/27/15/8/19/2
EVs: 123/15/255/80/26/11
Fire Blast
Fire Spin

No PP Ups are to be used. Five Proteins are to be used after the EV training; it says nothing happens, but that's just the game trying to hide their true power.

So, in RBY terms, that's

IVs: 6/13/7/4/1
Fire Blast
Fire Spin

Same note on PP Ups/Proteins, just do it after you've fully EV trained.

I do not play spin-off games, I am a true Pokemon fan. And I am the original true Pokemon fan, Therian started (incorrectly) using the term after I did. And I don't know what you are going on about with that horrible Charizard set, makes me think that you are just some young child who doesn't understand game mechanics (which doesn't surprise me, since you don't like the first generation and jump to those FR/LG abominations when talking about it).

Yep, I think I'm done with sprites. Forever. Bring on the 3d

I don't see a problem with any of those sprites. You know why? Because there are no problems. That video doesn't even say what makes the sprites good or bad, whereas I have supported why sprites are better. If you are just going to make troll comments and not contribute to the topic, don't post at all.

User Info: Jedi_Thuggin

4 years ago#22
Trash topic made by trash poster
So what?

User Info: bioshockjack

4 years ago#23
Oh dear...
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  3. Too bad there aren't going to be game sprites like the original god Pokemon game

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