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are you against pokegen...

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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#11
SlimeStack posted...
I don't care if people cheat to get legal Pokémon. The IV system is so horrible I understand why someone would want to skip the breeding. Besides, how someone wants to play the game is none of my business.

Getting unnaturally high stats or abilities and moves that Pokémon can't have isn't cool though.

Although I have played with moves and abilities a bit and it's sometimes kinda fun to burninate the in-game trainers with Contrary V-Create.
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User Info: hmmmmname

4 years ago#12
I only pokegen cause me and my friends battle constantly at school. Also i'm all for spending hours on grinding (I mean I play Disgaea for gods sake) but between school and my laziness and the fact that raising pokes to battle competitively is the only thing I dislike about Pokemon it started to grow on me.
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User Info: RingsOfUranus

4 years ago#13
My Pokegen Pokemon are always flawless. I can breed near-flawless ones in two minutes, making them flawless and skipping the time it takes to EV train them is the point. No one plays real competitions with anything short of Flawless Pokemon, though I won't make them in any way that couldn't actually exist in the game. No unnatural stats, moves they can't learn, etc, and I won't make them for anyone else either.

I'm a busy person, at the end of the day my Pokemon are the same as everyone else who competes, they're just obtained more easily. (Not really, probably half of the people who compete hack them as well. At least I don't make it glaringly obvious. Comin' at me with flawless shinies. Pshhh.) S'not cheating, it's being lazy. Cheating would be giving yourself an advantage somehow, the only advantage is less time spent hatching eggs.
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