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favorite fire/fight starter

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User Info: Bountyan

4 years ago#11
3DS FC: -
White 2 FC: 1765 0547 5604, Name: Kojo

User Info: Obeyy00

4 years ago#12
i hope Infernape creeps up and wins haha Blaziken is pretty cool though, i have no problem with Emboar but it's my least favorite

User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#13
Blaziken was awesome
Infernape was good because it was a Wukong reference.
Emboar was a bad idea overall. Wukong makes sense to reference but Zhu Bajie of all the things they could have used?

User Info: MagikarpRules

4 years ago#14
I like Blaziken the most out of those three. But I still like 'Nape and Emboar.
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