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Pokemon Fusion: Part 11!

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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#101
Dreadtion2 posted...
protobakurion posted...
Dreadtion2 posted...
protobakurion posted...
Dreadtion2 posted...

How often do you get on?

like umm i dont know once every 2-4 days

Okay. Just remeber that you can give me the okay to control Axiom.

Is it Ax (e) om or Ax L om?

it's Ax [e] om and, if i'm gone for more the 4 days you have the authority to take over Axiom, Temperance [Temp] , Zenith, Isthmus, Xerox and Zri.

Okay. Thanks for the clarification. I wanna get on that Jace and Axiom arc.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#102
Although they were both on a mission, Mephistopheles and Angelica both took their time to take in the sights and sounds of the sprawling metropolis. Giant signs advertising various products lined the sides of the skyscrapers, while workers on giant machines with long, stilt-like legs put new ones up. All was kept clean and orderly, while constructs resembling massive zambonis cleansed the sidewalks of filth. Floating cameras swept the streets, highways and alleys, ensuring no crime would go unnoticed. And a regiment of armed grunts marched by, the citizens stepping aside and staring in wonder and curiosity.

Rather than feeling safe, Mephistopheles shivered at these sights. "I hate being watched," he muttered. "Makes my skin crawl."

"You're the last person I'd expect to be camera-shy," Angelica responded.

Their attention was turned to a rather large group of hybrids huddled around the automatic doors of a sterile-looking building. The banner above the door seemed to indicate it was some sort of government-owned medical facility. The hybrids crowded inside, presumably very excited about something.

"You think we've found it?" Angelica asked.

"Only one way to find out."

The angel and demon duo approached the back of the croud. They both then stood on their tippy-toes in an attempted to see what the fuss is about. Sure enough, beyond the myriad of oddly-shaped heads, a sign displayed the text they had been hoping for:

Cleanse Orb Hybridization Treatment

"Wow. I'm actually kind of amazed we managed to find it," Mephistopheles remarked.

Angelica then smirked. "Well, wait in line, then."

"I don't think so," Mephistopheles replied, sneering. He then whispered to Dusknoir, "Dusky, Night Shade."

"With pleasure."

The crowd of hybrids stared in bewilderment as a cloud of darkness gathered before them. Suddenly, a massive phantom Dusknoir emerged from it, arms outstretched and making a HHHHHHHHHRRRRRRAAAAAARRRRGH sound. Naturally, the crowd scattered in panic. Before the armed grunts could react, the Ghost-type Pokémon vanished.

The shaken group of hybrids once again gathered by the automatic doors, only this time Angelica and Mephistopheles were at front.

(Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, Changlini.)
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#103
-Poli Draxis-

Upon landing in Fortree, Poli grimaced.

Right. This was a target of one of my rampages.

Young, new trees dotted the city, with a Gym and Pokemon Center amongst them. Tree homes couldn't be built until the new trees reached maturity, so the former residents migrated. Poli headed east.

Draxis ----- "You know, Kyurem, the LotSS knew what we did. I never understood why they didn't deliver punishment until that trial.
Kyurem ---- The mind is a complex thing.

The Scorched Slab lay in a pond near the city limits. Poli hurried on over, and entered. This seemingly random cave held nothing of interest.

Aside from the reddish ripple of course.

Draxis ----- "Let's go."
Kyurem --- Wait. Make sure you're in our Black Form. Even though the Lunar Crest and Shrine are fixed...take no chances. Your demonic appearance will be good camoflauge.
Draxis ------ "Right."

After making sure he was in Black Forme by firing a blue lightning bolt towards a cave wall, Poli waved his hand, opening the portal, and stepped inside.
Makuta Polimarix.

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#104
It's quiet... Too quiet...

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User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#105
Zenith: so what up
Zri: this is so stupid *jumps over Axiom*
Temp: then go
Xerox: wait since when did Zri have a ticking clock on his forehead?
Zri: since when did you have four circles, one on each wing?
Isthmus: why is there a Scythe on your arm Zen?
Zenith: whats up with the halos on you legs, arms and your neck?
Temp: why does my palm have a bomb?
Axiom: Shaaaaat uuuuuuup! i could kill you all
?:yes but, me and Zri can make you all disintegrate.
Zri: true dat Vyra
Vyra: Axiom, Temperance, Zenith, Isthmus and Xerox. these are the worlds S rank assassins?
Axiom: who made you Miss. critic?
Vyra: *copying Axiom's tone* who made you boss?
Zenith whispering to Temp: watch Zri
Xerox: I hate to break this lovely couple but
Axiom and Vyara: What!? i hate him/her!
Xerox: whatever but, those dots heading towards us dont look friendly.
[i need ideas for what the guys going to VP. {vernal paradox is team name} And what they look like. my mind has gone blank.]
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#106
Tyler and the others were walking out of Metropolis after healing.
Tyler: So, Your leaving?
Azure: No. I want to make sure the Mortal Plane gains it's balance first, before i leave to take the throne as Astral King. Not sure how to rule it though....
Tyler: Trust me, you'll figure it out.
Azure: Yeah. Thanks for helping me defeat my Father. I can only now repay the debt by helping you defeat your Brother.
Erika: ...Hey, Where'd the Heirs go?
Tyler looked. Vrai, Vrael, and Vin disappeared. A letter was on the ground, saying:

Thank you. We have left to our separate Lands now. Peace once again, I thank you.

Vrai, Vrael, and Vin. The Three Heirs of Arcuextra

Xalier: They didn't even say goodbye...?
Tyler: They're mysterious, for sure.
Zora: Now, to find Vortex. But where....
Atlas: ..... I sense a large amount of Dark power coming from Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh.
Zenon: It's been like that for awhile. A portal is opening....
Tyler: That must be it! Vortex's Lair is in where all Darkness lies! The Distortion World!
Azure: So we should go then!
Tyler: Yes, Hurry!
The group boarded a boat, and sailed to Sinnoh.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#107
Tyler and the group arrived at the Summit of Mt. Coronet.
Erika: *Huff* I hate this Mountain....
Xalier: Come on. It's only a small walk!
Zora: Though she is so Delicate.
Atlas: Agreed.
Erika: I am NOT Delicate!
Tyler: Hahaha. Now, where's-
Azure: Look! The Portal!
Tyler looked to the center of the Summit, and saw a purple portal.
Tyler: Come on!
Tyler and the others jumped through the Portal.

At the Distortion World...

Tyler and the others fell through.
Erika: Ugh.... Whoa!
Tyler saw a huge castle above them. Bigger than the size of Hogwarts (Harry Potter Reference).
Tyler: The V-Castle. Come on!
Vortex appeared on top of the Castle.
Tyler: Vortex!
Vortex: I'm surprised you survived Galaxia's Rage, as well as the War. I thought for sure the Astral Dahaka would've destroyed you. Tut, Guess I was wrong.
Azure: You! You talked my father into fighting, didn't you?!
Vortex: Not quite. I only "Supplied" Him with a "Little" Darkness added to his pathetic, Frail heart.
Azure: You.... You started this. You started ALL of this! As King of the Astral plane, I'm going to make you regret your Choice! FOREVER!
Azure Readied his blade.
Tyler: You started the War too! You destroyed Orre, and Revealed your identity, knowing the Angels and Demons would be Outraged!
Vortex: *Smirk* You're JUST figuring it out?
Tyler: You wanted Chaos to Envelop the entire world, so you can cause Darkness to take over! But we stopped you, And We'll stop you again! This is the End of you, Vortex!
Vortex: Come and Try to reach me then!
Vortex held up his hand, and Several Thousands of Shadow Pokemon Surrounded the Group.
Tyler: We won't let you win! Come on! Let's Go!
Azure: Right!
Zora: Your going down, Vortex.
Atlas: For Wynn, For Sayer.... For Everyone.... I will slay you!
Xalier: I'm ready to right my Sins. By Finally saving the World from a being like you!
Erika: We can do it! We have to, For the Present and Future!
Zenon: I will Use all my Power to defeat you, Demon. Say Your Prayers.
Azure: I will Avenge My Father! I'll Avenge All the Souls who died in YOUR Cause!
Tyler: Vortex, Prepare to Die. Once. And. For. ALL!
The group ran towards the Castle, Charging towards the Heartless, Shadow Pokemon.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar.
Also Knight of the XEvent Organization. | XVII |

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#108
At the counter was a woman with a blank expression, writing something in a pile of papers. When she saw Angelica and Mephistopheles approach, she pulled out another paper, bound to a clipboard.

Receptionist------------ Full name, please.

"Melvin... Strider," Mephistopheles thought up on the spot.

Receptionist------------ Melvin Strider. Please proceed into hold number four.

"...Huh? That's it? No background checks? No fingerprint scans? No quizzes?"

Receptionist------------ With you being a hybrid, it'd be impossible to ascertain if any of the information you give us is true. That'll come after you're cured.

Mephistopheles shuddered, but strolled into the automatic door labled "4". Angelica followed after him, but was stopped by the receptionist.

Receptionist------------ Ma'am, are you here for a Cleanse Orb as well?

"Er, I'm not a hybrid," Angelica answered. "I'm just going to watch my... Uh... Friend."

Receptionist------------ ...Okay. Next in line!

Angelica walked into the hold, and found it to be a rotund, sterile room with white walls and floors. In the middle of the room was the precious Cleanse Orb, while armed guards were stationed on opposite sides of the room.

"Er, can I get a little privacy?" Mephistopheles asked.

Guard 1------------------ No. We'll need to analyze your structure and ascertain your identity after your cleansing.

"We're bolting as soon as I'm cured," Mephistopheles whispered to Angelica. She nodded in agreement.

Guard 2------------------ Please proceed to the center of the room and make contact with the Cleanse Orb.

Mephistopheles looked back and forth nervously, inching toward the orb. His fabric-like forehead began to break out into a cold sweat as he thought more and more about what might happen if he's caught.

Guard 1------------------ There's a line outside, citizen. Please complete your treatment quickly.

With a trembling fabric claw, Mephistopheles finally took hold of the Cleanse Orb. His body began to warp and gyrate, the fabric skin being painfully replaced with grey, demonic flesh. The zipper-like mouth began to retract. His claws once again became hands. Little did he know, the armed guards began to point their weapons at him as the transformation completed.

"What are you doing?!" Angelica shouted.

Guard 2------------------ Your friend is a demon... A very infamous one. Stand back, lady.


Mephistopheles had come to his senses, having been fully transformed. He saw the danger he was in, and whipped his cape at one of the guards, disorienting him for a bit. He then bolted out the door, taking Angelica's hand.

The crowd was bewildered as a strange, black-cloaked boy weaved through, trying to lose the pursuers.

Harloff-------------------- Subject is confirmed to be Mephistopheles. Deploying pursuit pods.

Waiting for the angel and demon outside the facility was a tall vehicle with long legs, and a half dozen smaller, floating vehicles.

Harloff (Radio)--------- There's nowhere to run, Mephistopheles. Come quietly or there will be... Trouble.

Bothe Angelica and Mephistopheles turned to run again, but they felt a piercing pain in their backs.

"What... was that...?" Angelica sighed, beginning to collapse.

"Fiddlestyx..." Mephistopheles swore, the sedative taking effect. Both the angel and demon laid on the ground, tranquilizer darts sticking out of their backs.

Harloff------------------- Subject is in custody.

(Changlini, feel free to do whatever you want to Angelica and Mephy, as long as you don't kill them ;))
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#109
(Sorry, I've been Busy on Warflame with a Certain Pest that appeared on it)

The group slashed through the Shadow Pokemon and reached Vortex at the summit of the V-Castle.
Vortex: Ha. You guys don't know when to die, Do you?!
Tyler: That's because we won't die until we defeat you! I'll only die when the world is in peace!
(Boss Music:
Vortex: Then prepare to die... in Darkness!
Vortex immediately launched forward, Slashing Tyler into the Air.
Tyler: Naglfar!
Vortex: Gleipnir!
The Spells Intersected each other, but Gleipnir beat Naglfar, hitting Tyler.
Tyler: Ugh! How....
Vortex stabbed his sword into Tyler.
Vortex: You can't beat me!
Atlas: Light Sword!
Atlas hit Vortex, Knocking him back.
Vortex: How DARE you!
Vortex launched a Dark Blast at Atlas, knocking him back.
Azure: Astral Flame!
Vortex dodged.
Vortex: Die, Fools!
Vortex switched into Hydreigon and Shot a Meteor Strike at Tyler and the others.
Tyler: Ugh!
Vortex switched back and began slashing at Tyler. Their Swords locked.
Tyler: I won't let you win!
Vortex: We'll see about that!
Vortex and Tyler began swinging their swords, each strike clashing.
Azure: Astral Blast!
The Blast hit Vortex, and Tyler sliced him away.
Vortex: Grr... Gleipnir!
The Whole field became covered in Darkness, and Exploded.
Tyler: Rexaura!
The Field became covered in light, Hitting Vortex.
Atlas: Light sword!
Atlas hit the Distracted Vortex.
Zora: Take this!
Zora flew and stabbed Vortex.
Erika: Here!
Erika shot an Arrow through the demon.
Zenon: Psychic.
The Spell blasted Vortex into the Air.
Tyler: Now for the final hit! Lightus Sword!
Tyler's swords became covered in Light, and he Struck Vortex down to the Ground.
Vortex: Ugh.... I won't lose yet....
Tyler: Then i can stop you myself.
Vortex and Tyler forced their Hands out towards Each other.
Tyler/Vortex: This is the End of You! Credillylad!
The Two spells Locked to each other.
Erika: come on, Tyler!
Azure: You can do this!
Zora: ..... Don't lose.
Atlas: Win, for everyone on the Planet! The Entire Universe! You must win!
Zenon: ....
Tyler: I won't give up... I will not lose!
Tyler's spell began beating Vortex's.
Vortex: No! Not again! I won't lose again!
The spells combined, and hit Vortex.
Vortex: NO!!!!!!!!!!
The Entire room went white, and Vortex was kneeling on his knees, motionless.
Tyler: Finally. It's over.
Erika: Yes.
Zora: ....
Azure: Finally. Now the souls of the dead can be at ease.
Atlas: Guess we should leave. Right?
Tyler: Right.
The group left. Tyler looked back, and began leaving when he was blocked off by a barrier.
Tyler: What the-
Erika: Hm? Tyler!
Atlas: Where'd this Barrier come from?!
???: Hahahahaha..... You fool.....
Tyler Knew that voice. He looked back, and Saw Vortex was up on his feet already, his eyes glowing red.
Tyler: The Ancient Evil...?
Vortex: Yes... I took over this pitiful Soul who was weakened after the fight of Ransei. Now, He is mine. And i won't let you leave alive....
The Ground began falling apart.
Tyler: Uh oh. You guys, get back to the Portal!
Atlas: But-
Tyler: NOW!
Erika: ... come on!
The Group entered the Portal to the real world, except it closed before Atlas and Azure could enter.
Atlas: Dang it!
Azure: We'll stay with you, Tyler!
Tyler: .... Okay.
Vortex: Hahahahhahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prepare to die, Fools!


User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#110
Marle was walking around town, examining everything carefully.

Even out here, I feel that I'm still being watched. The worst part it that's the regular people, not the soldiers this time. There's definitely something wrong with this place.

Still, I just have to play stupid for a bit longer. Then I can make my move.


"Alright, are you ready?" Miki asked.

"Of course." Lancar replied.

"Let's go!" Stram yelled.

Stram transformed into a Kyurem and flew over the city.

This will get their attention, hopefully enough to buy Miki time. Now I just have to escape.

Miki transformed into a Lucario, and Lancar transformed into a Weavile. They jumped into the city, only to find guards running through the streets in an attempt to catch the Kyurem.

An armored truck passed by them, separating Miki from Lancar. Once it had passed, Lancar was no where to be seen.

Where'd he go? Well, I guess he'll be fine, so I'll just look for Marle.


As the truck passed Lancar, he noticed a strange presence in the truck, similar to Lycanthron's. Without thinking, he jumped onto the moving truck and held on to the roof.

Huh? What am I doing?

Either way, Miki should be fine, so I might as well find out what's happening here.
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