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Pokemon Fusion: Part 11!

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#31
-Poli Draxis-

Orre came into view.

GenePoli ---- "So, the Essences are here?"
Twila ----- "Appears to be."
Draxis ---- Let's do this.

The three soared down to the abandoned warehouse that hid the elevator down into the complex.

Twila ---- "Over there. That elevator will take us in."
GenePoli ---- "Understood."
Twila ----- "We best be careful, who knows how many robots are down there."
GenePoli ---- "Uh..."
Twila ---- "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."
GenePoli ----- "it's fine."
Draxis ----- Let's go.

The entered the elevator, and, with a hiss, it began to descend into the earth.



Within his complex, Gaul was steaming.

This cannot be happening. That Kyurem escaped.

He took a deep breath, and looked at two shining spheres on his desk. One was blue, one was red.

Gaul ----- "At least I've stripped it of these."
Magnezone ---- "201740-73251903751!!!"
Gaul ---- "Intruders?"

Gaul pulled out a tablet, and set the view to the security feed. A camera within the elevator showed three beings inside, entering.

Gaul ----- "The angel...the hybrid...which appears to be fused with Kyurem, and..."

He took note of the Genesect.

Gaul ---- "The hero of the Ark threw his lot in with those rancid divine beings? Well...all 'heroes' have their end."

Gaul paced out, and through the hallways.

My DDCZ-36, in it's finest hour...

Shal crush both divine and hero alike. For the sake of the people...
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#32
TYLER'S Story (Cont.)
( Continues playing)
The Three Heirs: We must right our wrong in summoning you!
Regigigas-Arceuxtra: You fools! Go on and try! Wait, NO!
A dark Aura fled the Two gods.
Tyler: They've lost power! Now's our chance!
Dialga-Kuro: You still won't win....
Tyler: Naglfar!
The Spell blasted Kuro back.
Atlas: Light Sword!
Azure: Astral Blade!
The Two slashed at Arcuextra, knocking him back.
Vrai: Ice Blast!
Vrael: Inferno!
Vin: Tornado!
The Three spells combined.
Vrael/Vin/Vrael: Infernal Frost Hurricane!
The Tri-Spell blasted Through Kuro and Arcuextra, blasting them back.
Kuro: Ugh!
Arcuextra: NO!
Tyler: Now! Credillylad!
Azure: Astral Credillylad!
The two Spells hits both gods, causing an Array of light.
Arcuextra: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuro: I WON'T FALL YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The room became covered in Light. When it cleared, he Gods were on the ground, barely alive.
Arcuextra: Hahahahaha..... You think...... you have won......
Kuro: But you won..... nothing...... You might've slain us..... But you can't kill us forever......
Vrai: But I can.
Vrael: So can i.
Vin: Me as well.
Arcuextra: You wouldn't dare..... I am your ancestor..... please, my great-great grandchildren..... Help me.....
Vrai/Vin/Vrael: God slaying Blade!
The three sent a powerful aura into Tyler's blade.
Tyler: Goodbye, Arcuextra. Kuro.
Arcuextra: No-
Kuro: But you-
Tyler swung his sword. The Two Gods heads sliced right off, and their bodies disappeared.
Erika: We did it.....
Tyler: Yeah....
Xalier: But for nothing.....
???: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Oh, but you DID do something!
Tyler: That voice!
Tyler turned, and saw a shadowy figure walk out.
Ancient Evil: Hahaha! You have only made my Resurrection come quicker! Thank you very much!
Tyler: What are you-
Ancient Evil: In order for me to be revived, the Blood of a god must be spilled. You slayed TWO gods, making me even stronger!
Tyler: No!
The Ancient Evil disappeared, with his laugh covering the tomb.
Tyler: ...Let's go. We need to find either Vortex or Galaxia.
Azure: Right.
Erika: Okay.
Vrai: Of course.
The group left the tomb.

(Now i can't do anything until Astral Does Galaxia's next scene.)
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#33
Willingmess: OK this is grand! if you need help, tell me! but let's just get on with the quest right now!

With that, Willingmess draws his blade, and a rainbow erupts from it!

Willingmess: We shall defeat Pudding!!!

With that, he piles onto the original dragon, dragging Martini along with him!

Willingmess: Huzzah! we shall Right the wrongs of the world!!

With that they fly off, off to Pudding's lair... where everything eventually meets its end....
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#34
Poli Draxis

The elevator took them down into the Hangars.

GenePoli ---- "Time to look for those Essences."
??? --- "I disagree!"

The trio looked up as the giant mech, DDCZ-36, crashed down in front of them. Poli's face gave to rage.

Draxis ----- Gaul!
Gaul ----- "I'm afraid you won't soil anymore innocent lives, runing amuck like you own the place, for 'heroic' deeds. Your divine lives end here."
GenePoli ---- "Listen, we nee-"
Gaul ----- "Silence, bug. You should've remained a statue."

Poli materialized the Tao Cannon, his original Spirit Weapon, and aimed at Gaul. Twila brought out her Staff, and GenePoli assumed a fighting stance.


Gaul began by firing an Ice Beam from the clawed hand towards Poli. Poli swiftly side-stepped, and redirected the Beam at the mech, damaging it.

Gaul ----- "Just as planned!"

The fist sped into Poli, sending him flying into one of the docked airships. GenePoli retaliated with a Techno Blast infused with fire.

Poli got out, and began firing Ice Beams at Gaul's mech, whittling away at it. The mech seemed barely phazed.

The fist was imbued with Dark energy, and slammed into the ground in a Dark Bomb, releasing shockwaves of Darkness. The two Poli's avoided the attack, Twila got hit, and affected badly.

Twila ---- "Aah!"
Draxis ---- Mom!

Poli, infuriated, Shifted, and went into an Outrage, the rampage dealing heavy blows to everything hit. GenePoli, avoiding the wild Spirt Fuser, took Twila and got to safety. Twila began casting various healing spells upon herself until she was good to go.

Gaul's mech took the blunt of Poli's Outrage, various bits of armor denting or breaking.

Gaul ---- "Er...this isn't the end!"

Poli, confused by fatigue, was open to a hyper-charged Rocket Punch delivered by DDCZ-36. He was blown away.

Draxis ----- This doesn't look good.
Gaul ---- "My mech was built to handle pests like you!"
GenePoli ---- "Not quite."

GenePoli fired a fulled charged Water Techno Blast at Gaul, whom was distracted by Poli. The ensuing explosion left the mech smoking.

Gaul ---- "Water causing explosions? That makes no sense!"
GenePoli --- "All in the Hydrogen."
Gaul ----- "No matter...Anti-Energy shield, ACTIVATE!!"

As Twila rushed to Poli, whom deShifted, to heal him, the mech's shoulder pads ejected spikes, which radiated a purple forcefield around the mech.

Gaul ----- "After that short-sighted Vortex decided to nuke Orre, I perfected my AES to protect my devices from every attack imagninable!"
Draxis ----- Guess we'll see about that.

Draxis charged up a Blizzard, and sent it roaring around Gaul. When it cleared, the mech stood, uninjured.

Twila ---- "No!"
GenePoli ---- "How is this possible?"
Gaul ------ "Science, my soon to be flattened enemy, Science."

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#35
I'm going to make a part when I stop procrastinating >_<
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#36
Good night.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#37
TVirusPredator posted...
Good night.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
Also Knight of "the Organization."

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#38
"I gave him one simple task," Aster grumbled, alighting on the sandy shores of Mirage Island. "And he still manages to screw it up. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he was living with the Wynaut or somethi--"

The angel then saw Hyacinthe on a grassy hill, playing with two Wynaut. He was tossing an odd-looking berry about, then a Quilfish came and whacked it aside.

Furious, Aster stormed over to his "son".

"What in blazes are you doing?!" he yelled. "What about your mission? Why aren't you taking power from Yggdrasil!?"

"Wow, I never expected to see you here, Father!" Hyacinthe replied in his usual cheery tone. "How're you doing? Come join us!"

Aster smacked the berry out of Hyacinthe's hands, quivering with fury. "Fine. I'll just do it myself!"

"No, wait!" Hyacinthe shouted as Aster hurried down the cavern, pushing aside the mindlessly laboring Wynaut. "Yggdrasil is vital to the planet's survival! All plant life with will wither and die if Yggdrasil does!"

"I don't care! I need power!!" Aster screamed as they arrived at the altar of the World Tree. "And this is my source. This is how I will destroy the demons!"

"I'm sorry, Father... But I'll have to make you stop," Hyacinthe said, readying a spell. But he instead doubled over, clutching his chest.

"Hmph. The curse is claiming you," Aster remarked. He then placed his hand on the World Tree, closing his eyes as the power flowed into him.
Team Miror Scientist! Official Zorua disguised as Beheeyem of all boards!
Honesty is the key to any lasting relationship. Fake that, and you're all set.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#39
[---Situation Room---]
(One Too Many)

Furez was seen going mad at everything she saw happen within the last few days.
Worlds Colliding.
More about the Angel and Demon War.
Poli Draxl, and many others continuing to gain fame.
Her hero, Raul Pintos, losing a fight to a Machamp hybrid.
And the Land of the Setting Sun, what she was placed to control over, ever losing its grip on competency.

All the while, she does nothing, knowing that she's doing nothing about all of this.

It was an emotional bomb ready to blow. And as the Female Guard Member Stands next to her male counterpart, she has a memory.


Furez came out of the interrogation room, angry. The two Guard Members outside were ready for a shouting.

Furez-----''Alright! That IDIOT is not talking!''
GM 1-----''Um-''

The Male Guard Member shows his tablet to Furez, where the destruction of Sharpedo Isle, and Mr. Happy Skipper McDip was seen escaping.

Furez------''VORTEX Escaping!?''
GM 2------''Yeah, but, there's more..-''

The Female Guard Member shows footage of Kyurem Escaping, with a crowd ready to riot.

Furez------''HOW, HOW- You know what?! Screw respect! Look at what it gives us, mockery!''
GM 1------''But-''

Furez shnaps.

Furez------''What's the status on Forever and After!?''
GM 1------''Just need to get the Fertilizer within the remaining targets.''
Furez------''Alright, tell them to wear the evil Team disguise, don't want any of this to lead back to us.''
GM 2------''Oh, and I should..''

Furez looked strait into her eyes.

GM 2------''Um.. it's about the last few locations for Operation Forever and After.''
Furez------''For the demonic thing, just look for a cave with these wave lengths..''

She shows the data to the Female Guard Member.

GM 2-------''But it's about the other one, why don't we just use Fed-Up?''
Furez-------''Ugh, I'm not that angry right now, call me back when something else that I hate happens.''

They leave to oversee the situation.

===End Flashback===

Great Lass, I'm going to have to pull the trigger..

The Female Guard Member looked at her male counterpart.

GM 2----''I..''
GM 1----''We have to do this, mostly you though. I already did this to her last time.''
GM 2----''But.. alright.''

She regains her bravery, and goes up to Furez. The room, filled with silhouettes of people observing the blue color screens that show various events that have past recently. One in particular was in space, but that was classified.

''What about that?''
GM 1----''It's been done.''

''Oh, and about the cure..''
GM 5----''Currently being decided whether or not the Cleanse orb out of nowhere should be continued to be manufactured.''

GM 4----''Operational.''

The Female Guard member that we followed arrived at the end of the dark room, seeing a figure facing the multiple screens.

GM 2----''Furez?''

The towering figure doesn't turn away from the large screen she's looking at, but pays attention.

Furez----''What? There's like fifty things I have to keep paying attention, what is it?''
GM 2----''Um.. Prindle, and Petite have confirmed that Uka's orb has been stolen.''

''I knew it!''

The Figure turns, the room silent.
Only to then she her face, it showing great seriousness.
She looks at the young woman, her fearing.

Furez----''Alright, get me eyes on wherever that blasted Orb is.''
GM 2----''Oh, really? Okay..''
Furez----''Let's do this before we lose it?''

They all got in positions, concerned on how well Furez took the news.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#40
Slowly.... the group landed in front of the cave...

Willingmess: So then... this is it...

Selena: Afterwards you'll help me find my parents right?

Willingmess: Yup... though you won't have to search far...

Selena: Wait, are my parents in there?!

Willingmess: Yup... I'm betting at least... It would figure he'd go after me again.

Sadie: Hmm? How is this about you?

Willingmess: Well, it's not exactly bout me, but more my family.... Pudding really hated mine... It'd figure, seein as he was always a jealous brother.

Selena: Wait, he's your brother?! And what's all this about family?!

Willingmess: *sigh* I only just remembered this, but I suppose you do need to know... Selena, This is hard to say, but I'm your great great great grandfather.

Sadie: But you look so young!

Willingmess: Ayup, I reincarnated, also, I'm a force of nature.... So.... Oh well. We need to get to Pudding!

With that, the group headed on in, deep into the bowels of the cave, heading for a final showdown.

Willingmess: This ain't over yet Tabs! I still got somethin to settle!

With the fourth wall finally fully broken down, nothing was left, but to face Pudding.
Life is like icecream! Enjoy it while it lasts! :D
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