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Pokemon Fusion: Part 11!

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#51

GenePoli ---- "Heh, wouldn't be Pudding without a trick or two."

GenePoli faced up against Mecha-Poli, Mecha-Pryce, and Mecha-Martini.

MP ----- "For Master Pudding!"

Mecha-Pryce charged, sword drawn, at GenePoli. The experienced bounty hunter backflipped over the robot and shot at it's back.

Mecha-Poli launched freezing icicles at GenePoli, taking advantage. They hit, but weren't very effective.

GenePoli ---- "Tsk tsk, Pudding."

GenePoli avoided another strike, and X-Scizzored Mecha-Martini, whom was waving about a steel rod.

The fight continued.


-Poli Draxis-

Poli and Twila decided to head up into Heaven, to see if they could locate Akuro from there.

Draxis ----- "Feels good to be able to speak again."
Twila ---- "Indeed."

They headed into Twila's house, and looked through the bookcase. Poli was looking for anything written by his father, as Twila flipped through a notebook. Poli eventually found a History book, and went to Twila.

Draxis ---- "Found it."
Twila ------ "Good. Lemme just get the new angels registered for medical service...there."
Draxis --- "Isn't having medical care up here rather moot, since we just regenerate?"
Twila ----- "It's moreso for those instances where we can't regenerate."
Draxis ----- "...Were Pryce and Katherine amongst the list?"
Twila --- "Hmm? Oh...right, what Dark Poli said. I'll check."

She flipped through her book, and smiled.

Twila ----- "Indeed, those two are here."
Draxis ---- "Thanks mom, just wanted confirmation. Lets see if this book will help us."

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#52
"There is only one Martini." -Martini, whispering.

The mecha-Martini implodes in a ball of logic!

Wait... Didn't I have clones at some point?


That never happened.

Several universes get erased.
Official Fabulous of the Internet!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#53
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
Changlini? I kinda wanna continue with Chocolate.

Okay, I'll check up.
Sorry for making you wait.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#54
Pepper Ringles was on a computer, battling a battle with something much more evil than anything ever made at this point.

Pepper----''Noo! I don't want to reload!''

The screen was filled with the words This webpage is not available. Which Drove him mentally mad.

UGH! If only I could punch this status into oblivion!

The folloing happens;

This webpage is not available


This webpage is not available


This webpage is not available


This webpage is not available


This webpage is not available

*Definition of insanity*


He couldn't believe it, the page finally loaded! Revealing a bluish dinosaur with the head of a cobra fighting against some strange looking raptor!

Pepper------"Vertigo, the Goddess of Insanity.. Well played my lady.. Well Played.."

The fighter saves the data on an SD Card, and proceeds out to where Chocolate is.
And seeing her looking at a Fabulous Furret that went away, pepper couldn't help but state.

Pepper------''You wouldn't believe what I had to go--huh, you know that person?''

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#55
I'm out. Good night. Also, I probably won't be able to post at all tomorrow, Because I'll be out of my town for several hours. Not sure though.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#56
Chandler014 posted...
I'm out. Good night. Also, I probably won't be able to post at all tomorrow, Because I'll be out of my town for several hours. Not sure though.

Meh, I'll be at a family meeting in therapy tomorrow.
Goodnight though!

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#57
"I can go no further without risking being spotted," Belial said, landing a ways away from the Black Wall. He then embraced his son. "Promise me you'll return safely. Promise you won't fall into the hands of the deathly curious humans."

"I promise, Dad," Mephistopheles responded, returning the hug. He then smiled. "Don't you worry. I could outwit a human any day."

"Ha, I know that much. Now, go. Find your cure, and come back to me."

"I'll get out of that place as soon as I possibly can," Mephistopheles reassured. "Come on, Angelica."

The angel followed the fledgeling demon, reluctantly waving goodbye toward the hulking black demon.


Angelica and Mephistopheles were stopped at a heavily-guarded checkpoint just outside the Black Wall. They both beheld the one and only way inside the Land of the Rising - or Setting - Sun. On both sides of them were additional, shorter walls, lined with double-barreled machine gun turrets. Each was manned by a well-trained guard, ever watchful for those who would offend humanity, ever ready to unleash hellfire in the name of the Lady in White.

All of the humans stared at the visitors curiously as they cautiously made their way through the gauntlet of checks and tests, all in the name of protection.

BW Grunt 1------------ State your names, please.

"Angelica," the angel responded truthfully, her wings hidden and tucked away beneath her coat.

Mephistopheles had a little more difficult time. "Me-- er, Mel. Melvin."

BW Grunt 1------------ Angelica and Melvin... Right. We'll just get you checked up, and you'll be free to go on.
BW Grunt 2------------ Stay right where you are in the meantime, outsider.
BW Grunt 3------------ Take it easy, Yastille. These are the first visitors we've had in weeks. I, for one, am glad to see a few new faces.
Yastille, the second grunt, snorted as the first grunt entered the command tower.
Yastille----------------- Hmm. Perhaps you are right.

Meanwhile, in the command tower, the first grunt approached the Gate Command Officer, who was leaning back in her chair, smoking a cigar.

BW Grunt 1------------ Gatekeeper Harloff, reporting.
GCO--------------------- What is it, Gatekeeper?
Harloff------------------- Visitors, madam. A female human, approximately late teens to early twenties in age. And what looks to be a male run-of-the-mill hybrid, madam.

The Gate Command Officer swiveled her chair around to face the grunt.

GCO--------------------- Did you run a background check on them?
Harloff------------------- Came up with nothing, madam.
GCO--------------------- Not uncommon in these times. One more question... The male, what is he a hybrid of?
Harloff------------------- Banette, madam.

The female officer appeared to be lost in thought for a moment. Then she looked back at the grunt.

GCO--------------------- ...Let them through. Only, keep an eye on the Banette hybrid.
Harloff------------------- Of course, madam.

The lowly grunt bowed, then exited the room.

(Did I do okay, Changlini?)
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#58
I'm basically ready for the next RP by now,unless I get bored and squeeze the demon gauntlet in.When the sequel registration topic is made,PM me.
I don't even know anymore.
"Go Ahead."-TheSpiderSense5

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#59
(You did Great, Gubbey!)

[---Monicle, Octillery, and Mew---]
(Two warring teams)

Within the bottom floor of the Guard Hospital, where researchers, Doctors, and Guard Members alike were looking for a decision on what cure to use, Monicle, and Octillery were at it, trying to get their idea to get the green light.

''...and I said that the Cleanse orb is the fastest way to go!''
Shouted Monicle.

''Really?! What about all the money spent on that Mio Cure of SoUL?! Hell, we've already found a way to bypass the activation process for the Berry Virus, why should we just magically go the easy way out?!''
Ranted Octillery.

These two are worse than Groudon and Kyogre. At least with them, the fights ended!
Thought Mew

Monicle, and Octillery both took a pause to darkly stare at anyone who would think that they were childishly fighting for a mute point. And with the silence, they continued.

Monicle-----'' Why don't we just use both? ''
Octillery----'' On a world wide scale?! It's too expensive! ''
Monicle-----'' Yeah yeah, and we don't waste money in setting bombs up within all the libraries of the world. ''
Octillery----'' Knowledge, is power, why do you think we lasted this long in the first place?! ''

A Male Guard member came into the conversation, Prindle on the line.

GM 12--------'' Prindle says to- ''
Octillery----'' What does that guy know?! ''
GM 12--------'' That using the Manufactured cure is much better for our publicity about being independent, while the Cleanse Orb would make us look like we heavily depend on things that were already made by forces out of our control.''
Monicle------'' Alright, I won't fight just because it's Prindle who's suggesting that.. and what about the Orb hunt? ''
GM 12---------'' Fed-Up satellites are currently in search mode, we'll find the culprit, don't worry about it. ''

He starts to leave back to tell the other researchers, leaving Monicle, Octillery, and Mew left with whatever they decide on doing.

Mew----------''Still, why don't you guys just jump me? I'm the ancestor of all pokemon!''
Octillery-----''Now don't you go off wanting attention, there's just too much going arou-''
Monicle------''Actually, Mew, we don't because we don't want to lose focus on the main objective..''
Mew----------''Which is?''
Octillery-----''Getting one million of the Mio Cure ready to sell-''
Mew----------''Didn't you say you guys were going to give it awa-''
Monicle-----''Giving it away just like that will just make the public paranoid, selling it, or revealing it to the world after we get backed by other government organizations is the best way to do this. Now then, let's get to doing what we need to do.''

Octillery, and Mew start to follow him.

Monicle-----''No, you two are needed up above.''
Octillery-----''Better be a Shiny Predicament!''
Mew----------''That'd be wonderful!''

They both head back up to the upper floors.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#60
-Poli Draxis-

Poli searched the book to see if any clues on Akuro's where abouts were present. It came up blank.

Draxis ----- "Nothing. How can a giant floating ball of darkness be so hard to find?"
Twila ---- "I don't know..."

Draxis put the book back, and noticed the Berry vines on the walls wilting by his aura. He sighed.

Draxis ---- "Sorry about your Berries, Mom."
Twila ---- "No, it's quite fine. I can restore them later."
Draxis ------ "Right, healing magic."

He placed his hand on a wall, and plucked a Rowap Berry.

Draxis ---- "A Rowap? Isn't this supposed to-"
Twila ---- "Yes, Arceus's very own Berry. They grow exclusively up here in heaven."

Poli chuckled.

Draxis ------ "You're lucky those goons in LotSS are unable to get up here. They're madly in love with Berries."

He put the Rowap away, and settled next to Twila.

Draxis ---- "But there will be nothing left if Akuro is not stopped. But the books here offer no clues..."
Twila ---- "Maybe there's something in Hell's Grand Library?"
Draxis ------ "Isn't that where..."

Draxis's painful memories of his fathers deatj resurfaced.

Twila ---- "...Yes, it was."
Draxis ----- "If anything relating to Akuro isn't there, then it can't be anywhere."
Twila ---- "Quite. But...I can't accompany you down there."
Draxis ----- "Why?"
Twila ---- "I would be useless down there. Besides, you're part demon. You can activate any portals you find."
Draxis ---- "True. Well...I suppose I should set off then."
Twila ---- "Good luck sweetie."

Poli nodded, and left. Twila sighed.

Twila ------ "He's as headstrong as Nekky was in his younger days..."


Poli saw the airspace of Hoenn come into view, as he returned to PokeEarth.

Draxis ----- "And we're back."
Kyurem ----- From when we went to save Kyogre's Sign Fuser...I believe we should check out caves.
Draxis ---- "Agreed. I'll check out the Scorched Slab first. That place is ideal for a Hell Portal."

Feeling the wind in his face, Poli descended towards Fortree, the Scorched Slab nearby.
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