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Pokemon Fusion: Part 11!

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#71
3 things.

1) Bump.

2) Good night.

3) Will, are we currently battling something? Just wondering, 'cause it's been a while since I last wrote a part.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#72
(Good Night)
(Only thing I know is that Genesect is battling along with Team Willingmess against Pudding)

Pepper Ringles was ecstatic.

"Yes! Let's go on our path to fun!"

With a powerful fist Pump, Pepper and Chocolate headed to a luxury boat that would land them inside the mainland of Poketopia.

[---Fed-Up Operating Building---]

Two Familiar Historic Guard members were within the FUOB that was embedded near the tip of the Ghostly white Mountain of the familiar island. They had a mission to find what became of the Angel, and Demon, and they will see it through.

HG 2-------''Alright, keep the signal at that frequency, and we'll find the two that were experimented by the Department.''

The Familiar Feminine operator of the Fed-Up systems did her magic with the controls, seeing the screen fill up with dots that represented Meteors, debris, and of course, the 268+ space stations.

Operator 1--------''Okay, I'm placing the one Above Orre in search Mode for that specific Frequency... done.''
HG 1----------------''Now, I'll be looking for anything you have recorded within the 40+ years of service for the Fed-Up System, while..''
HG 2----------------''I keep searching for a match on the Orre Orbit Specific Screen.''
Operator 2--------''Which frees me up to..well, guys..''

They all look at the monitors that the second operator is currently keeping watch of, seeing Poli Draxil in his glory, within space.

Researcher 1----''Well, there's absolutely nothing that Dracid can do, sadly..''
HG 2----------------''Doesn't mean we shouldn't put up with all the things he seems to have been pardoned of .''
HG 1----------------''Just get back to work, we need to find these two.''

They went back to work.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#73
As the battle continued to rage, Willingmess saw all the forces... Battling, battling for their lives. Each robot seeming like a perfect copy! It was his hardest task to maintain a fight between himself and 3 of the most powerful robots, including Pryce, Will, and Mephistopheles!

Each one worked perfectly together, Will guiding water for Pryce to ride while Mephistopheles acted as a tank and mage, blocking devastating blows while also attacking with his own Spells!

Meanwhile, Martini was sort of skipping around, leaving a trail of Fabulous destruction that just so happened to be near him while it happened... Not his fault at all, I swear!

Meanwhile, Sadie and Selena were left to deal with Tyler and Erika! His spells bouncing about the place, and her arrows bringing great harm to many of the combatants! However, Sadie and Selena themselves were working hard themselves. Working together to form great twisters and Thunder bolts hurling them at The two!

All the while, Pudding watched on... Sitting on his throne...

Pudding: Hehehe.... If there's one fault with these machines, it's that they aren't as powerful as the originals are now... But they are plenty numerous and powerful enough to take care of these whelps!

With that, the battle raged on!
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#74
(And the search.. is kept)

Prindle was waiting outside of the hospital, greeting Octillery as she left through the revolving doors, along with an Ekans that slithered closely to her.
(So, Kyogre..)

Octillery-----''Alright, what is it? A shiny in need of a beating!?''

Prindle glances at Octillery, then to the Ekans.

Prindle------''Nope, something much more interesting..''

He hands her a large folder, Titled KoG. And to her great surprise, it had everything.

Octillery---''What, is this?''
Prindle-----''You know what it is. Containing everything from the Matter Accumulation Disks, the Legendary Pokemon Egg Research, to the last known coordinates, and heading.''
Octillery---''But, why me?''

With a smile that released such a calm, he responded to the Menace that still wore Medical Divisional Armor.

Prindle-----''Space Station 386 or was it 268? Whatever the number is, that space station has been requesting more, and more people to search for any clues that could lead us to its wherabouts. And after that Orre Fiasco, the Vortex Scandal, and the ever growing in power parties within the planet like that fact that this planet will never stop being in peril..''

He sighs, along with turning his sights on the Ekans, straitening up his posture too.

Prindle-----''Mew. Have you gone into space?''
Prindle----''Heh, well, I'll take that as a Yes. But rest assured, this isn't gonna be something that takes you both away from this planet.. A larger matter has appeared within Poketopia.''

Octillery was interested.

Octillery----''How is it more important that this?''
Prindle------''It isn't, it's just that, that in your hands is paper, and what's happening around the tourist trap Poketopia is happening in real time..''
Mew----------''Does it deal with Hybrids?''
Prindle------''I'm afraid so.. along with shiny pokemon''
Octillery---''What about the shiny pokemon?''
Prindle------''You know the rarity of them? How it's making them be worth Billions of Poke'?''

Octillery----''Are you saying that-''
Prindle------''SHH! Just go to Holon, and get in Seeker-2. Anna will explain from there.''

Octillery and Mew were then set on their way.
All the while, Prindle Got a Phone Call.

Furez-------''A Harloff was just given orders to keep watch of a Banette hybrid.''
Prindle-----''And what's so special about that?''
Furez------''I just have a feeling.. anyways, I'm getting Close to discovering the whereabouts of Uka's Orb, and with the Press Going Crazy about Us basically letting Kyurem go, I'm issuing a classified.''
Prindle-----''Oh, okay.. My lips of your whereabouts are sealed.''
Furez------''Just keep in mind, Forever and After will be launched when we find the Killer of Glory.''
Prindle-----''Will keep that in mind.''

She hangs up on the call, and Prindle goes off to his daily things.

(Goodnight guys!)

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#75
Harloff-------------------- Alright, you're free to go on.
BW Guard 2------------ Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun, visitor.

Angelica and Mephistopheles proceeded through the checkpoint, eyes of well-trained officers piercing them on all sides. Their steely gazes softened as they welcomed the visitors.

Harloff-------------------- Welcome, outsider, to a new home.
BW Guard 2------------ Welcome, stranger, to a new world.
Yastille------------------- Welcome, stranger, to a new beginning.

Turret Operator 1------ But you are no longer a stranger.
Turret Operator 2------ You are no longer an outsider.
Harloff-------------------- You are no longer foreign.
BW Guard 2------------- You are no longer an outsider.
Yastille-------------------- You are no longer alien.
All-------------------------- For now you are family.

When Mephistopheles and Angelica were a little farther away from the ever curious grunts, they began to whisper to each other.

"Seriously, what's up with the chanting?" Mephistopheles asked, eyes scanning the area ahead. "You'd think we're being initiated into some infant-blood-drinking cult."

"Isn't that what demons do?" Angelica responded.

"I would appreciate it if you'd refrain from the blatantly offensive over generalizations."

The angel and demon pair stepped through the gates, and into the sprawling metropolis that spread before them. Skyscrapers that stood as tall as mountains towered overhead, casting a dark yet reassuring shadow. Highways carrying countless automobiles crisscrossed, resulting in a deceptively chaotic appearance. When in reality, all was secure, all was in order, and all was balanced.

"...Where do we even start in this place?" Angelica asked, clearly intimidated by the sheer volume of urban architecture that dazzled the eyes. "I mean, just... where?"

"As much as I despise the thought, we may need to seek the guidance of some those Acronym I Can't Remember goons..."

"What if they find out... Well, what you are?" Dusknoir questioned, concerned with this idea.

"Then I run. Very quickly."
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User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#76
Sorry, I haven't been posting much for a while. A mix of writer's block and a general lack of motivation. Anyways, I've got a part now.


Marle paced around her room for the thousandth time.

They're probably still watching...Ever since they found out about Stram, they've been watching me outside, so there are probably cameras in here too. Whatever. I just have to wait until Stram gets back here. I doubt they'd let me just walk out of here, and I'm going to find out what this place really is anyway.

She continued pacing around the room.

Will I go crazy from waiting, or will I find out the truth about this place?

Outside the LOTRS

Miki surfaced from the water. "I've found it!" she yelled.

Lancar and Stram ran over to the shore.

"Are you sure?" Lancar asked.

"Yes. It's definitely Zade's cellphone." Miki said. "But I'll need help to get it. Stram, if you could?"

Stram transformed into an Octillery and jumped into the water. Miki turned into a Lanturn and dove down again, Stram following after her.

Lancar remained on the surface, watching for LOTRS forces.

Good. We'll be done here soon.
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#77
We must keep this alive!

Avenging Bump!
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#78
This is actually moving faster then the Organization RP it seems like. Now, I'll get working on the battle Scene(s). Thanks Astral.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#79
Tyler ran forward and Began slashing through several Astral Soldiers.
Zora: Let's do this!
Azure: Father.... everyone.....
Tyler: No holding back!
Then Tyler was nearly blasted by a huge Fire blast. He looked and saw Galaxia and the Astral Dahaka up in the air.
Tyler: WHOA!
Tyler couldn't get a good look of it before, but He saw what the Astral Dahaka looked like.
Erika: A-A Hydra....?
Zora: One.... five.... Ten heads....
Atlas: Wings.....
Azure: The Astral Dahaka is the Astral Plane's last Weapon resort! Father must be desperate....
Galaxia: Foolhardy Humans! Prepare to face my wrath!
Tyler: Let's end this, once and for all, Galaxia!
Galaxia jumped off the Astral Dahaka and sent it to the Army.
Galaxia: I can defeat you myself. En guarde!
Galaxia then summoned a powerful Astral Blast at the Group, Causing a Barrier to form. Tyler and Azure were trapped with him.
Azure: Father! Please! Stop this, now!
Galaxia: You foolhardy son of mine! You DARE to betray me! You DARED to Fight and Wound me back at Silph Co.! You are Meaningless to me!
Galaxia then rushed forward to stab Azure, but Tyler blocked the Attack.
Tyler: Naglfar!
Galaxia: Astral Flame!
The Two spells canceled out each other, but Galaxia rushed and Stabbed Tyler through.
Azure: Astral Blade!
Azure hit Galaxia with the Sword.
Galaxia: Why You?!
Tyler: Ugh, Thanks. Shadow Sword!
Tyler then clashed with Galaxia.
Galaxia: Astral Hurricane!
A huge gust of Wind picked Tyler away from Galaxia, and Hurled him to the Wall.
Tyler: Rexbolt!
The Thunder spell blasted into Galaxia.
Galaxia: Ugh!
Azure: Astral Blast!
The Spell almost hit Galaxia, but he blocked it off. He then sent it back into Azure.
Tyler: Rexaura!
The Light spell missed.
Galaxia: I'll show you, Demon! Astral Light!
Several Rays of light Descended from the Sky, Hitting Tyler.
Erika: Tyler!
Azure: Astral Blade!
Azure hit Galaxia with the Sword, Causing the Light spell to end.
Tyler: Huff.... huff..... Thanks. Naglfar!
Galaxia: Astral Blast!
The Dark spell collided with a Astral Blast. They Canceled, and The two Collided with Swords.
Tyler: I won't let you win!
Galaxia: I must complete my Conquest!
Azure: Father!
Galaxia turned, and a blast hit him in the chest.
Tyler: Thanks. I owe you one.
Galaxia: Grr.... Enough of this. I'll end you, right here....
Galaxia began glowing with blue energy.
Tyler: Get ready.
Azure: Right.
Galaxia: RIGHT NOW!
Galaxia pointed his hand towards Tyler and Azure. They did the same to Galaxia.
Galaxia/Azure/Tyler: CREDILLYLAD!
The Spells collided. Azure's and Tyler's combined.
Tyler: put all your Strength to it!
Azure: Father.... Hm.
The Combined Spell became larger.
Galaxia: No, Impossible! I was taught this Spell by Belial himself!
Tyler: And I am his Son. You process a powerful aura. But Mine... Is greater!
The Combined Credillylad combined with Galaxia's, and hit The Astral King directly.
Galaxia: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Whole area glowed with Blue. Tyler couldn't see a thing. He heard only a roar.

(Note: Galaxia's still alive. Next scene will be Tyler and Azure VS Him on the Astral Dahaka.)
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#80
As Sadie and Selena fought on, fending off Mech-Tyler and Mech-Erika, another figure pounced on them. Mecha-Pryce.

"It'll take a lot more than a familiar face to phase me!" Sadie shouted at Mech-Pryce, unfazed.

"Why don't we make sure of that?" Pudding said to himself, watching from his throne. "Let's have some real fun with that one..." He said as he pushed a button on one of the panels, which caused Mech-Pryce to say, in a voice completely identical to the original, though still as cold and devoid of emotion as the replica itself...

"And to think, I once thought you could be strong enough to save me."

Sadie was sent reeling back for a brief moment, which was all Mech-Pryce needed to rush Sadie, and cut her in half. Her top half fell on the floor.

"Sadie!" Selena said, still fighting Mech-Tyler and Mech-Erika as Mech-Pryce ignited his sword, now covered in demon blood. She shot a powerful lightning bolt at Mech-Tyler and Mech-Erika to stun them for a short while, and screamed "F5!!!", catching Mech-Pryce in a tornado, and flinging him at Mech-Tyler and Mech-Erika. But before Mech-Tyler and Mech-Erika could get up...

"S-S-System Malfunction." Mech-Pryce said. "Error code 47923. Must maintain primary objective. Primary objective alpha: Eliminate all hostiles."

But instead of going after Sadie and Selena again, he went after Mech-Tyler and Mech-Erika after they got up. As they battled...

Selena rushed over to Sadie's top half. "I'm sorry, Sadie." she said as she tried to close her friends eyelids, but...

"What are you doing?" Sadie asked, surprising Selena for a bit, but then she remembered...

"Right. Demon." Selena then lifted Sadie's top half back onto her legs, and then asked "How long will the regeneration take?"

"Don't worry." Sadie said. "Once I'm not so shaken up, which will happen after regeneration is complete, I'll be back in the fight soon enough. Meanwhile, why don't you help dad over there soften up the Mech-Army?"

"Right." Selena said as she ran off. "Get better soon. We all know you can."
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