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Give me a good reason to buy this game! B/W2 got a bit redundant

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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#31
From: Enferolunos | #025
So you think it would have been a bigger change from BW to have the same catchable pokemon as BW?

I never said that. While I can't exactly fault the game for not doing the same thing as BW, it doesn't change the fact that it returns to the old formula and was not as interesting as BW.

"I prefer to count N"
"Wally does not count"

N counts because he's a kid your age whom you fight five times, over the course of the whole story.

Wally doesn't count because you fight him twice.

You don't start your adventure at the same time as either one, and neither one uses a starter.

The very fact that you can't get the mascot before the end of the game is a difference to the formula before post-game

Wow, this game is so different! This time, you beat the mascot instead of capturing it!!!

It had no impact on my experience that I couldn't catch Kyurem.

You criticize the game's story for going back to old mechanics, then don't mention the actual changes to the story mechanics. Sounds like ignoring to me.

No changes to the story mechanics were significant enough to get me to care about the plot. Hearing the phrase "two years ago" every few minutes changes nothing. Again, I liked the fact that they were sequels, but that made no difference to the story experience.

Here's something I didn't mention: Members of Old Team Plasma actually believed in what they were doing while New Team Plasma and all the other teams were like "lol were bad guys who don't care about pokemon".

We're getting lost in the technicalities. Point is, I enjoyed the main game of BW more because it was different and I would like to see more changes. If X and Y follow the same formula, I won't care too much because they're Pokémon games, but I do prefer it when they change things up. When people say things likeFrom: FuneralCake | #021
Every game is redundant.
I just feel like that's settling for less.
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User Info: trewerd

4 years ago#32
It's what a lot of folks, myself included, wanted when we were little: a full-fledged 3D pokemon adventure.
I like English dubs.

User Info: ClassyOldHat

4 years ago#33
Enferolunos posted...
ClassyOldHat posted...
Why does everyone immediately assume that TC was talking about the series as a whole? He only specifically mentioned BW2, the only time a game recycled a region (with a handful of changes on the first playthrough), so it seems likely to me that he just didn't want to go through Unova again. (Unless I missed a post where he said that he did mean the series as a whole.)


I should have clarified by adding: While claiming to be a whole new game. Those games openly said they were remakes. BW2 only feels like a sequel story-wise. The rest of the time, they feel more like a split third version.
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