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Best Pokemon that starts with the letter... - Day 18

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User Info: GunnerXII

4 years ago#51

User Info: S_S_Gohan

4 years ago#52

User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#53
bump Thanks Fellwolf and L4DHunter! <3

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#54
Reshiram is the one that appears in my head for this sub.
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User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#55
Rhydon! The original pokemon!

User Info: Wii306

4 years ago#56
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User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#57
Official Houndoom of the Pokemon XY boards.

User Info: MajorHoppy

4 years ago#58
The best Pokemon whose name begins with a R would have to be Reshiram. I really like the way you catch Reshiram in Black version too.
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User Info: makedounia

4 years ago#59
Raikou posted...

User Info: austingl

4 years ago#60
Official Red Eyes B. Dragon of WC2011 board
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