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Hoping for new Tropius evolution

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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#11
becarefl what you wish for.
they may pull a mantine thanks supershadow for this

User Info: TriforceofPlot

4 years ago#12
Archwing3441 posted...
Door2Light posted...
mutehero7 posted...
Sounds cool to me. I just hope they don't pull another Rhyperior. *gag*

what was wrong with ryperior? did you not like it's design?

quote from snuffles504 in another topic:
"Because instead of expanding on the ideas that Rhyhorn and Rhydon had going, it introduced unrelated concepts way out of left field. Not only that, it thew away everything that was cool about Rhydon, and some of the choices don't even make sense in the context of an evolutionary line.

For example, Rhydon gained ears upon evolution. Rhyperior took those away.

Rhydon, while bulky, has muscular legs that support it. Rhyperior has stubs that barely keep it off the ground.

Rhydon has a chest plate, giving its body some definition. Rhyperior took that definition and turned it into, quite literally, a ball of rock.

Seriously. Rhyperior's body it a ball. Not rounded or kind of round - it is a sphere.

The cannon arm idea is kind of cool but comes out of nowhere, and they way they're designed seemingly renders Rhyperior's arms useless for anything else. (The Ankylosaurus tail also seemingly somes out of nowhere.) The drill is now angled forward, which just gives Rhyperior a comical Pinocchio look. And speaking of comical, THICK ORANGE EYEBROWS. For the love of Arceus, who thought that was a good design idea.

And then to top it all off we get the nonsensical orange armor bits. Now, if these had been placed on Rhyperior as if to expand the armor concepts of Rhyhorn and Rhydon's plate armor, then that could have been great. But no. They're little chunks of who-knows-what that have been thrown onto a design that is already too fat and bulky. In fact, their placement looks closest to a belt and suspenders, further adding to the comical effect.

So far I've described a fat Pokemon with useless arms and a Pinocchio nose that wears bright orange suspenders. How exactly am I supposed to take this Pokemon seriously?"

Frankly, I didn't think his design was that bad until I read this.

Goddammit, now I think Rhyperior is godawful.

I'm that piece in the middle that does stupid stuff like randomly giving Ganon a piece when he needs a way to not die.
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