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To be quite honest I think D/P/Pt is my current favorite generation.

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User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#61
Each gen the games just get better. You have the same basic red line followed while the gameplay mechanics, graphics and story involvement improve. Gen 4 was really a milestone with the P/S split, I can't go back to anything before that gen because of it. Gen 1 and 2 are horrible by today's standard. They were fun when they came out (though Gen 2 has some horrible problems), but they are complete **** today and cannot beat any of the new gens.
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User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

4 years ago#62
BoyOfBattle posted...
DPP metagame post salamence and latias is super fun

if you're a boring old man, maybe
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#63
Gen 4 had the second smallest amount of new Pokemon of any Generation, and it still manages to have the higest (or lowest...not sure) ratio of Pokemon I like vs. Pokemon I don't.

Gen 4 is a weird one for me because the Pokemon that I like from it, I REALLY like. Froslass, Gastrodon, Honchkrow, Rotom, Croagunk

But outside of the ones that I really like, pretty much everyone else I'm either neutral towards, don't care about, or actively dislike. My platinum version is the only version I own where I don't even have a Pokemon who knows Surf on my main team because I don't like any of the other water types.

So to me Gen 4 has overall the worst new Pokemon (I'm just speaking my opinion based on how I feel about them personally. I don't care if DPPt introduced the super best OU metagame whatever Pokemon)

Now admittedly the new Pokemon are usually what I judge about 70% of a gen on, so that's not a good place for it to be with me. The remaining 30% are based on things like the characters, story, the world itself, etc. etc. which Gen 4 is still probably the worst for me. I didn't really like any of the gym leaders...or any of the elite 4...and Team Galactic are a joke to me. They look stupid, and to this day I don't even understand what exactly they wanted to do.

Team Rocket just wanted money and power with Pokemon, Team Rocket GSC wanted to rebuild, Magma//Aqua wanted to expand the land/sea, Plasma wanted to liberate Pokemon, but Galactic...I just don't know. I know Cyrus wanted to build a new world where he could be alone but...why was Galactic following him? What possible reason is there for them to follow him towards that? At least Ghetsis' plan was hidden from his own men. I'm sure there is a reason...I just have no idea what it is.

So yeah, if I had to rank the Gens, this is how my ranking goes

1 (yes, probably out of nostalgia. I admit this)
6 (based on what we have so far, subject to change)
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  3. To be quite honest I think D/P/Pt is my current favorite generation.

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