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Moves you want

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User Info: Torru369

4 years ago#1
I would like an electric hyper beam, a special hone claw, and a physical dark attack that's powerful enough to attack something not psychic.

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
Ground type variant of Hydro Pump.
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#3
A 100% accurate 95 BP Rock Special attack.
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User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#4
Poison moves that can inflict dual ailments, like Paralysis and Poison at once.
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User Info: Pendragon71037

4 years ago#5
wind64a posted...
A 100% accurate 95 BP Rock Special attack.

So a rock flamethrower? I have no problem with this.
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User Info: RollerBob

4 years ago#6
Fire-type Physical attacks with power ranging from 80 to 95.
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#7
A fissure for every type.
Grass = Strangle vines
Water = Drown
Dragon = Dragon fangs
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User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#8
Psy-Kick: Psychic-type priority move. Medicham and Gallade can learn it.
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