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Stop complaining about Focus Blast and Stone Edge's accuracy

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User Info: NewMoonShadow

4 years ago#21
linkf89 posted...
I don't mind these moves. I always thought of it as high risk equals high reward.

This. If we're going to take the most powerful attacks in the game and give them 100 Accuracy with no drawbacks, we might as well give "Guillotine" and "Sheer Cold" 100 Accuracy.

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

4 years ago#22
Trading Stone Edge for Rock Slide is an easier pill to swallow than trading Focus Blast for HP Fighting though.

I always had pretty decent luck with Stone Edge. Focus Blast, not so much.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#23
willingmess posted...
But why does something like fire blast have better accuracy? It has a high burn chance, it's a fairly good attacking type, and It's got alot of power....

Heck, Fire is considered a better attacking type than Fighting in standard metagame. Fire Blast has that coupled with more accuracy, the same PP and BP, and a chance to burn (sure, Focus Miss can lower Sp. Defense, but Burn lowers Attack fairly significantly AND does damage).
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User Info: Dark_Einherjar

4 years ago#24
InfernalFive posted...
LightningAce11 posted...
The miss can mean a loss in a match.

Then use something with better accuracy. It's that simple.

No, it's not.
The power loss (100/120 to 75/70) hurts even more than the accuracy loss, as many Pokémon fail to score the OHKOs/2HKOs they could score with the stronger move.
This is stupid because many other types + categories have better moves at higher accuracy.

Just give Aura Sphere to a lot of Pokémon and make a physical Rock move that has 80+ BP, 90%+ accuracy and a wide distribution, and people MIGHT stop complaining (at least until they find something else to ***** about).
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User Info: tamayamawuv

4 years ago#25
It's annoying when I use Focus Blast and it nearly always misses the first time, while the opponent always gets it to hit <_<

User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#26
TC hasn't even posted again since OP.

Ignorant, much?
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#27
Thank you.

The point of Fighting, Rock, and Ground is that they are extremely good offensively and acceptable defensively. But to counter that, they don't have the most powerful moves.

Fire doesn't have as many strengths, and is more unfortunate defensively, so to counter that, it has both a very unique set on strengths, and very high powered moves.
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User Info: F1areaGaman

4 years ago#28
LightningAce11 posted...
The miss can mean a loss in a match.

And that's part of the balance.
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User Info: ReachOutToTruth

4 years ago#29
70% accuracy is fine. It'll hit, in theory, 7 times out of ten, perfectly reasonable considering it's BP.

Stone Edge is even better, at 80%.

Honestly, these things WILL hit much more often than they miss. Yes, the RNG can be weird sometimes (I once won a match because the opponent literally could not get Hypnosis to hit, after like, 6 tries.) but generally speaking it's fine.

If you want to complain about luck ruining a battle, try playing DnD sometimes, and scoring a critical miss with a bunch of zombies closing in on you.
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User Info: ReverseFuture

4 years ago#30
I swear, it's harder to hit with Rock Slide than Stone Edge, accuracy be damned.
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