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Thank of a human pokemon character and a fighting game...

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#1
that character is in that game.

What would be his/her moveset?

User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#2
Thank you, Kurt, for all of the balls you make me.

Thank you, SSB, for introducing me to other Nintendo series I enjoy.
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User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#3
Whitney in SSB. Yeah, that's awesome! Moveset? Using Pokemon like Clefairy and Miltank for attacking. You control her, unlike SSBB Pokemon Trainer
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#4
Lt. Lt. Surge vs. Mr. Sandman?

I'm in!
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User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#5
Thank you Joltik for being my favorite hat.

I don't thank the fighting genre or community for anything.
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User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#6
Dawn in Super Smash Bros.

I guess she'd play like Pokemon Trainer with Piplup, Pachirisu/Quilava, and Mamoswine. That'd be pretty fun.
Official Bulbasaur of the Pokemon X boards.

User Info: Probit_Return

4 years ago#7
Maylene in BlazBlue.

Pokemon Team-Up. Tosses a pokeball to release Lucario (first one of her pokemon to come to mind), which uses a simple attacked based on which direction is pressed. She can continue attacking during this time. The "PP Gauge" lowers every time this is used, but can be restored by blocking attacks.

Using Numerical Annotation, because it's easier to type out. Much easier. To read, look at the number pad on your keyboard. Apply directions to numbers based on their position. So 2 would be down. 8 would be up. So on and so forth.

623A, B, or C- Jump Kick: Springs into the air and attacks with a kick to the head.
236D (midair also)- Force Palm: Has Lucario launch a shockwave attack.
22C- Swords Dance: Powers up attacks for a limited time.
421B- Quick Guard: Blocks the enemy attack and counters with a quick punch.
360 (circle motion) C- Seismic Toss: Grabs the opponent and jumps into the air before slamming them down onto the ground.
46D- (midair also) Vacuum Wave: Lucario launches a quick vacuum wave attack.

Distortion Drives:
214214C- Hi-Jump Kick: Leaps high into the air delivers repeated kicks to the enemy. Deals damage to Maylene if it doesn't connect.
41236D (midair also)- Aura Sphere: Maylene kicks the opponent into the air and has Lucario attack with an Aura Sphere on the defenseless target. Before they hit the ground, Maylene kicks the opponent away.
236236D (midair also)- Dragon Pulse: Lucario launches a Dragon Pulse while Maylene uses "Extreme Speed", dashing toward her opponent and landing a series of punches and kicks before the Dragon Pulse hits.

Astral Heat:
2363214CD- Guillotine: Instant Kill. Maylene tosses three pokeballs, releasing Lucario, Medicham, and Machamp before rushing her opponent. If the attack lands, Medicham holds the opponent in place while Maylene wails on them for a while. Lucario comes in next, attacking with more rapid strikes, before Machamp comes in and slams all four arms into the opponent's neck.
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User Info: Luigifan141

4 years ago#8
Wattson in Super Street Fighter IV.

I can see him and either Rufus or Zangief being buddies or something. XD
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User Info: NinjaKitsune

4 years ago#9
Jasmine in One Must Fall: 2097. This game has the overall "fighter" divided into pilot and robot. The pilot has a stat for strength, endurance, and agility which respectively affect the robot's overall power, defence, and movement speed. The robot defines the moves they have.

Anyways, since Jasmine would be a pilot it wouldn't really make sense to talk about what moves she has. As a gym leader of Steel pokemon, I'd expect her to have a moderate to high strength, max endurance, and low speed.
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User Info: Sid_Starkiller

4 years ago#10
Hilbert, Smash Bros.

A team of Snivy/Dewott/Emboar.

EDIT: Snivy/Pignite/Samurott would be fine, too.
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