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ITT:Crossover pokemon with your favorite series

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User Info: thebananabandit

4 years ago#1
Like the title says, crossover time

Pokemon+Devil May Cry(originals)=Devil May Catch 'em All
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User Info: shagohad3

4 years ago#2
Pokemon x digimon. Let the ultimate battle begin!
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User Info: RingsOfUranus

4 years ago#3
Pokemon + Doctor Who = Catch'n 'Em all throughout time and space.
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User Info: sonictrainer

4 years ago#4
I would like to see Sonic run through the Giratina's Distortion Zone.
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User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#5
Pokemon + Pokemon?

Let's change that…

Pokemon + Smash Bros = A Smash Bros like fighter with all 700 Pokemon playable. YES PLEASE!
Official Bulbasaur of the Pokemon X boards.

User Info: slmcknett

4 years ago#6
Game series?
Pokemon x Kingdom Hearts = Basically the exact same thing as Dream Drop Distance.

Anime series?
Pokemon x Bleach = Gotta catch all the Hollows?

Pokemon x Doctor Who = Traveling to different regions throughout time. Although, the Doctor was already in "Black & White".
Official Luxord of the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Board

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#7
Non-Pokémon Game Series
KH3D DDD pretty much is this already.

Betrayal Knows My Name: Now Yuki has a Gallade, Luca has a Houndoom with a BST of 750 somehow, and Reiga has a Kyurem. Sodom is a Purrloin Gijinka that can turn into an oddly powerful Mightyena and sometimes a Reshiram. It only gets odder from there...

Book Series:
500 Kingdoms: All the fairy tale creatures are replaced by the Pokémon that represent them, nothing else changes.
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User Info: pokemonzero

4 years ago#8
pokemon and yugioh

Already happened with Yugioh Falsebound Kingdom
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User Info: Sobriquet835

4 years ago#9
Pokemon X Game of Thrones.

Beheaded pikachus and zombie Sawsbuck.
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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#10
Pokemon x Pokemon, needs more Pokemon

Pokemon x Yugioh
Falsebound Kingdom, but hopefully good next time >_>

Pokemon x Super Sentai
I would throw so many wallets
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