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Who's the best pokemon from this list?

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User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#11
The one that isn't jigglypuff

User Info: Axel21x

4 years ago#12
We need a potato Pokemon that evolves into fries.
Uchuu ni yume wo... hoshi ni negai wo...
"Yasui! Takai ga, yasui!!"

User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#13
Pudding vs potato?

I 'm not voting
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User Info: raazychx

4 years ago#14
Results of scientific study noted as followed:

Most responders chose the potato, even though potatoes have little to nothing to do with the video game series. They also ignored commenting on the severe psychological side effects of participating in a social engineering experiment. Perhaps the most intriguing detail of the study was either a lack of attention to detail by the participants or an apathetic attitude towards dead babies being incinerated in incinerators in preference to admiring the potato by approximately ~75% of the participants. The other participants, who all voted for various other options, displayed similar behaviors.

The poll will remain open for some time to allow the numbers to flow in. However, initial numbers are revealing for the scientific community. Fascinating. We must conduct more research.

User Info: raazychx

4 years ago#15
It appears this scientific study has come to a close.

All statements written thus far, we will analyze for future research. Thank you for participating in Scientific Community Inc.'s research polling. All data will be sent to public data-mining companies so that they may use it to their advantage to manipulate their customers into purchasing their products. After having communicated with one of the hundreds of third-party privacy-respecting data mining companies, one company has informed us that they will begin marketing their French Fries more aggressively to boost sales.

It will be duly noted that the questionable act of placing firewood in homes for the homeless as a charitable act did in fact not see as much benefit for the homeless as intended. However, Science Community Inc ensures the environmentalists that other families already consuming firewood were happy to accept the free kindling as fire starter; thus, the resources were still used to the fullest extent, especially in the incinerators.

To those who participating in the scientific polling, we thank you for your participation, and we look forward to your next participation in Scientific Community Inc polling. As we say in our offices, we couldn't do science without our faithful participants, even the rats.

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#16
The thing that doesen't evolve into an adorable bunny.
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User Info: Axel21x

4 years ago#17
Thepenguinking2 posted...
The thing that doesen't evolve into an adorable bunny.
Uchuu ni yume wo... hoshi ni negai wo...
"Yasui! Takai ga, yasui!!"

User Info: KwonJigglypuff

4 years ago#18
My nickname tells you who is the best!

User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#19
Next time all Charizard pls
Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you, staring into your soul, using its duckiness.

User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#20
HomeRowed posted...
Definitely Potato.
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