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I'm not the only one whom's mind was blown?

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User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#21
DoctorJimmy133 posted...
From: Great_Reapette | #005

"Whom's" is the goodest thing I've heared in whiles.

Your right, whom need well grammar anyway?
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User Info: NewMoonShadow

3 years ago#22
It's probably a play on all three words, not sure why you guys can't just agree on something.

This. Is there a reason it can't be the rare-but-awesome triple-pun?

Hejiru posted...
mralpha543 posted...
Mephilas posted...
PsychoWolfX posted...
uh...I'm pretty sure it's called SQUIRTle cause it's a water type, and...y'know, squirts water n' stuff.

No. Squirrel makes more sense.

It's probably a play on all three words, not sure why you guys can't just agree on something.

Because Squirtle has nothing to do with a squirrel. This is just stupid.

His tail is a commonly used cartoon version of a Squirrel's tail, a fluffy thing that spirals inward on itself. If it's not intentional it's still a pretty awesome coincidence. Also in the anime and certain games (Like Smash Bros. Brawl) he definitely moves more like a Squirrel than a turtle. In Smash he's even capable of wall-climbing...

User Info: DoctorJimmy133

3 years ago#23
Squirtle does not say "Squirtle squir squir squirtle squir."

It says "Squirtle squirt squirt squirtle squirt."
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User Info: Enferolunos

3 years ago#24
Actually, why has nobody noticed this?
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User Info: Estheimaster

3 years ago#25
This blew my mind more:
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User Info: RingsOfUranus

3 years ago#26
I had no idea anyone did not realize this.
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User Info: Bountyan

3 years ago#27
Old and most likely wrong
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User Info: Arne83

3 years ago#28
I have to wonder... has the person that made that ever actually seen a squirrel?
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