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Say Something Good About the Pokemon You Get

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User Info: sonic2307

3 years ago#91
Houndour. A terror in XD early in the game.
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3 years ago#92
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User Info: ColtCababa

3 years ago#93

It's very good defensively, especially with its typing, which allows it to wall plenty of Fighting-types.
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User Info: LordZetta

3 years ago#94
Honchkrow...he's an awesome gangster/crow, what's not to like?
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User Info: Defender31415

3 years ago#95
Dewott. It's a samurai otter. Had one in BW2 and it was good.
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User Info: Flail_Glameow

3 years ago#96

Evolves into dinner.

User Info: War_Flame28

3 years ago#97
sonic2307 posted...
Houndour. A terror in XD early in the game.

Got the same pokemon. It's never been a favorite, but I've always thought it looked pretty cool. Don't know how it's stats are, as I've never really used one/I don't battle competitively.

On a side note, I thought Houndour/Houndoom were gen 3 for the longest time..
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

3 years ago#98

A cute pokemon. More should stop underestimating it just because its based off a garbage bag.
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