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Draw this Pokemon in MS Paint.

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User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#21
I am NOT attempting Genesect.
"Combine Cloak and Dagger with Boots of Swiftness so CC doesn't stop you from moving faster toward defeat." - Frost_shock_FTW

User Info: Arne83

4 years ago#22
themagicpainman posted...
I am NOT attempting Genesect.

Oh, come on... it probably won't come out as bad as mine did.
More of a Pokemon fan than TherianReturns will ever be.

User Info: PK_Ness

4 years ago#23
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User Info: Gray_Areas

4 years ago#24
I'm glad I got a very simply designed Pokemon.
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User Info: FunleashTheUry

4 years ago#25

Not too bad.
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User Info: gren-aid

4 years ago#26

I tried!
'When thou enterest into Oblivion, Oblivion entereth into thee.' -- Nai Tyrol-Llar

User Info: icequeenprince

4 years ago#27
I guess I'm the only talent in the house.

*Takes a deep breath*

Ahh, feels good to be..well... good.

User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#28

Second attempt, this abomination is called a Mr. Mime
Official Jigglypuff of the Super Smash Bros. Wii U boards

User Info: Umuru

4 years ago#29

...something. Blarg.
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