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Fan art competition 2b. Chespin's chain

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User Info: VirtualAnomoly

4 years ago#1
Which is your favorite starter evolutionary chain? - Results (38 votes)
Option 1
10.53% (4 votes)
Option 2
10.53% (4 votes)
Option 3
5.26% (2 votes)
Option 4
0% (0 votes)
Option 5
23.68% (9 votes)
Option 6
5.26% (2 votes)
Option 7
0% (0 votes)
Option 8
28.95% (11 votes)
Option 9 (Will be reused in 2a and 2c)
13.16% (5 votes)
Option 10 (Will be reused in 2a and 2c)
2.63% (1 votes)
This poll is now closed.
1 being Eeveelutions poll.
None of these drawing are mine, I like my ideas, but sadly suck at drawing them
None of these artists work for the pokemon (to my knowledge)
None of these pictures were intended to be used for this purpose. Is that illegal?









(final form)


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User Info: Nightinangle

4 years ago#2
I love 2, 3, 8 and 10/

but I pick 2.

User Info: ScepterOfLove

4 years ago#3
I like 6 and 8, went with 6
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#4
Chespin intrigues me because while he isn't my favorite of the 3, he is the one I want to see the evolutions of the most.

Number 5 is personally my favorite of these designs, even though I don't think for a second that Chespin will end up looking anything like that.

The middle form on drawing 3 doesn't even look like an evolution, it's just looks like a normal Chespin in a different pose...
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User Info: Kaizukezu

4 years ago#5
I voted number 10. Out of all the options, I'd actually be excited for ALL forms of the starters if they looked like the forms in number 10. I'd definitely buy both X AND Y if I could do trading at the start of the games to get all three starters, if they looked like number 10.

User Info: axelUmog

4 years ago#6
Option 3 not close! (kinda close with 2 actually)
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User Info: Balamb00

4 years ago#7
I really like 8, especially due to the Grass/Flying combination in it's final form. But I think I have to go with 9. They're all so well done in that picture. Plus with that design Chespin could definitely pull off the Grass/Dark.

User Info: lanelazerbeam

4 years ago#8
Option 8, but i liked a lot of those.
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