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Fan art competition 2c. Froakie's chain

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User Info: VirtualAnomoly

4 years ago#21
Balamb00 posted...
Sammuthegreat posted...

Maybe because Chespin is the only good one out of those three. imo

Sammuthegreat posted...

Lastly, you should have used the following pictures as well for the polls, seeing as they're much better than a lot of the rubbish ones you've included: (this one isn't a starter evo, it's just a really cool Fakemon)

Agreed, those are amazing. Especially the first two. The third one gives me hope if Fennekin turned out to be fire/fighting. The other two are terrible in that pic. Chespin is the only one I really like in the fourth one. And that Fakemon is AWESOME!

Anyhow, those are some cool pics but at the same time. Maybe TC never stumbled across those and you're bashing him/her for no reason. At least it comes off as bashing. While I agree, some of those pics that TC selected were a complete waste of poll space and my copy/paste you are being rude.

Lol thanks.

But yeah, the 5 and 9 thing was stupid of me, I had a different picture, but pasted the wrong one.

I did like two of your suggestions as well, but already had a fire/fighting appearing one that I liked better, and figured people would not enjoy many that looked like they could be.

As for the others, I had found others I greatly preferred to some of these, but tried to put some things in there everybody would like, as my opinion is obviously not shared by many, as my vote is only winning on one poll.
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#22
None of them...

This one is the best:
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