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Remember when Pokemon...

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User Info: luigispezzotti

4 years ago#1
were actually worth something? As in each individual Pokemon you had actually had a value, such as that Mew you got for the official event that all your friends wanted you to trade to them but you wouldn't because it was worth too much to trade. Or that Salamence you EV'd and IV'd to get maximum stats on that was probably your most valuable thing on your game?

Now that Pokegen and Pokecheck are around, anyone can have any Pokemon at the push of a button. Pokemon aren't worth what they used to be worth anymore seeing as everyone can have any Pokemon.

User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#2
Since I don't use those, pokemon are worth something to me.
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User Info: Bartz

4 years ago#3
Game Shark existed long ago, too. So it's always been possible, easy, and accessible to get whatever Pokemon you wanted, it's just the knowledge of how to do so has increased.

In fact, if anything, it's gotten HARDER to hack legit Pokemon. Back in the day there were pathetically few features to ensure you got a real Pokemon (no level caught at, place caught at, etc screen to verify). About all you could use to judge if a Pokemon was legal or not was ID (for certain event Pokemon) and legal stats/moves.

Nowadays, there are a variety of things like PID and checkers that make it to harder to just pop up hacked Pokemon by any inexperience person and there are a lot of ways to see if a Pokemon was hacked or not if it's done improperly.

The real difference is the fact that WiFi trading exists. Your Pokemon have less value because worldwide there are several other people offering the same Pokemon. You are no longer limited to your group of friends. And this is a good thing, because now you have options. What if you need something your friends don't have? What if none of your friends play? Or what if they are jerks and demand ridiculous things in exchange? It doesn't matter, because the pool of people you can trade with now is much larger.

User Info: Jarred623

4 years ago#4
Shadow Flare13 posted...
demand ridiculous things in exchange

Someone hasn't actually used the online trading system in the games >.>
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User Info: NekoHime64

4 years ago#5
Jarred623 posted...
Shadow Flare13 posted...
demand ridiculous things in exchange

Someone hasn't actually used the online trading system in the games >.>

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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#6
Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Shadow Flare13 is right on but the impossible trade demands are the bane of finding a Pokémon w/ a reasonable offer.
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User Info: fallenKlNG

4 years ago#7
I completely agree with everything Shadowflare said.

I don't care about the sentimental value of Pokemon; never did and never will. At least, not when it comes to wifi battles. When I did competitive battling back in the HG/SS days, I couldn't stand the thought of having to IV breed for days/weeks in order to get the right nature and IVs and possibly the IVs needed for Hidden Power. After that, I'd still have to EV train and level the Pokemon all the way up to 100 if I wanted to get the Pokemon the legit way.

There's no way I can find time for all that. I've got places to go, people to see, other games to play, and battles I wanna partake in. Even if I did finally get the Pokemon I wanted, I'd have to repeat the entire process for my entire team. Even If I was somehow able to muster the endurance to do all of this, the majority of the time I would only realize that the team I put together had serious flaws and that I would have to start from scratch. That would just kill me.

There's no way I'm giving up that much of my life to do something I care so little about, and for something that doesn't matter to me or anyone else in the slightest. That's why I support the use of hacks in competitive battling.

Why do Pokemon have to be to "valuable" anyway? What's wrong with having expendable Pokemon in the competitive battling scene? The fun in Pokemon comes from battling, not the exclusivity or sentimental value of the Pokemon.
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User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#8
The fun in Pokemon comes from battling, not the exclusivity or sentimental value of the Pokemon.

Well to be fair, that's a matter of opinion.
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User Info: Lone_Hunter

4 years ago#9
They were never worth anything. Sure I collect the event pokes legitly and I use pokegen for my battlemons. None of the are worth anything in the slightest. Never have never will (unless someone wants to pay me for a pokemon than sure take what you want.)
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User Info: Minjo26

4 years ago#10
I would take the game much more seriously if hacking somehow didn't exist. I would love to make a legit fully EV'd team, but I just can't bring myself to it knowing I can (and others can) with the push of a button.
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