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Favorite Pokemon name(s)

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User Info: audino666

4 years ago#11
octillery is my favoirte pokemon i've used octillery as one of my main 6 pokemon since gen 2 .

User Info: lighting_deity

4 years ago#12



User Info: Painted_Fish

4 years ago#13
DoctorJimmy133 posted...

User Info: XxWontonxX

4 years ago#14
Palutena, Micaiah, Shulk, Chrom, Lucina, Female Pokemon Trainer, Roy, Ashley, Mona, and Mega Man for SSB4.

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#15
Painted_Fish posted...
DoctorJimmy133 posted...

I forgot it, and Omanyte I mean Dynamite.
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User Info: NekoHime64

4 years ago#16
I always liked Mismagius.
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User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
4 years ago#17
I've always liked Articuno. Rolls oft he tongue and sounds graceful.

User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#18
From: Painted_Fish | #013
DoctorJimmy133 posted...

User Info: Marcx629

4 years ago#19
Lucario, cause he's my favorite Pokemon. Sorry, I feel like I just have to mention it.

Anyhoozle, I really like Pokemon names that are clever at explaining the Pokemon.
A few examples are Golurk, Krookodile, Aerodactyl, Ditto, Groudon or Hydreigon.

Then there are names that just sound cool and roll of the tongue. Like Lucario, Galvantula, Krookodile, Roggenrola, Gengar and Dusknoire or Solosis

I also like A FEW names that are just so simple and to the point. Like Mewtwo or Alakazam.
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#20
Geodude (people may hate the Pokemon, but damn that was a good name)

Off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more.
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