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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Game Freak's balance testers?

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  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Game Freak's balance testers?

User Info: Rad_Dudesman

4 years ago#1

P.Com: There are so many Pokémon now, as well as so many different ways to battle, such as Triple Battles and Rotation Battles, the testing to ensure gameplay balance must be incredibly difficult. How does gameplay testing work for these kinds of games, such as making sure no Pokémon or moves are too powerful?

Mr. Masuda: On the GAME FREAK staff, we have a group that is constantly examining each Pokémon and figuring out what kind of parameters they would have. They’re focusing on the fine details of each Pokémon. This group is constantly battling to test out new moves and how they interact with each other. And their focus is to make sure everything is balanced.

But obviously you can’t predict everything. By going to events such as the World Championships and watching the players there, a lot of unexpected things come up. We pay attention to the trends of the competitive players and see what is strong, and work those ideas back into the next games later on. It makes live events very exciting for us to watch.

P.Com: How good at battling are these balance testers on your team?

Mr. Unno: I always lose when I play them!

Mr. Masuda: We have tournaments inside the company, and those guys are very strong.

I give them a 5.

User Info: R__Truth

4 years ago#2
id say 6, they do what they can to give underpowered pokemon evolutions and get to what they can.

how many non-legendary pokemon are Ubers? 3?
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User Info: SinExDeath

4 years ago#3

As far as in-game is conserned, the balance is okay. Meta-game on the other hand is too unpredictable to properly play test. Worldwide tournaments are really the only way to reliably guage the metagame's balance and tournaments can only be held after the game is released. Having tournaments with known participants before release would increase the chances of the games contents being leaked(at least the identities of new pokemon and new moves).
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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#4
Don't care/10
I don't care about stats
I suppose it would be more accurate to say "Can't judge/10"
Although ferrothorn+rocky helmet is definitely hardcore broken in-game
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User Info: reaverz

4 years ago#5

In every gen there are signs that they actually care about competitive play, and even create items and abilities specifically with competitive play in mind (i.e. Choice items, Magic Bounce, Prankster, etc.). That being said, they seem to have overlooked that certain types are clearly superior to others while others continue to suffer.

I'm feeling optimistic about Gen VI's balance, since GameFreak has been keeping records of all WiFi Competitions and following the trends in usage for the most-used Pokemon (including abilities, natures, moves, and teammates). They could very well have used this data to make informed decisions for Gen VI.
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User Info: PK_Gaming

4 years ago#6
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#7

- The evasion clause has been around for generations, but GF still hasn't realized how broken Double Team and Minimize are.
- They for some reason think speed isn't very important giving "speed-doubling" abilities to everything.
- Stealth Rock
- Moody, Contrary, Speed Boost
- Water has been broken since the current type chart was established

+Everything else seems fine.
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