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Yveltal could be Fighting/Flying

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User Info: Renjiro7

4 years ago#11
SpacePirateKhan posted...
Sucks for Yveltal if he's Fighting/Flying and his rival Legendary is Psychic/Electric... XD
lol yeah, I was thinking either/or though, then Ground as secondary typing

RingsOfUranus posted...
Who knows, if you would have told me Zekrom was electric I would have looked at you odd.
I may have guessed it and pointed you at the engine-looking tail. But I know its type now so idk if I really would've thought about it when I didn't. That reminds me, when B/W were announced I didn't really care about it much, never visited the forums and bothered speculating R/Z's type...what's with X/Y that's got me way more excited? Maybe coz gen 5's mascot legendaries were just kind and white, I still like them though, much less a fan of the starters.
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