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Things you want them to fix in X/Y from previous versions

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User Info: Kementarri

4 years ago#11
1. Remove IV's or Make them less random. If they stay put a screen on the summary page that details them.

2. Put a screen on the summary page that details the pokemons progress in EV's.

3. Make field trainer battle like battles in the tram/battletower. Or at least the ability to toggle that on and off. I'm sick of easy mode battle in the story line.

4. Allow all pokemon who can learn field moves to use them in the field without teaching them a battle move. ex: all water pokemon can swim, why do they need the battle move "Surf" in order to do so? And make all HMs into TMs or moves that are learned.

5. Bring back the toggle for running, I'm sick of holding "B."

6. Make the box system better. Give us more than 20 boxes, and give us the ability to sort our pokemon, and tag our "favorites" so they don't sort with the rest.

7. Make dream world pokemon able to be captured within the game.

8. Keep the achivement system. :)

9. Straight up just fix the stupid GTS there's hundreds of things wrong with it from the interface, to the lvl 9 legendaries...

User Info: kaonohiokala

4 years ago#12
Be able to alter a mons IVs and check in-game for EVs and IVs.
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User Info: crunchy612

4 years ago#13
Fix gts
Gen 3 secret bases. And contests. Bring em back
Battle frontier, both flavors
Scott. F***ing scott
Rematchable leaders
Make IV's checkable without cheats(really, i refuse to play pokemon games without check ev/iv codes)
No more DW. stupid DW.
Starters obtainable. All of em. Tho it's more or the benefit of older players(i have all starters from different gens and games lol)
Story! BW had it right; BW2 fell short, but it had a pretty good plot
Some complicated way to make trade evos possible solo; like level up Alakazam with max friendship, holding a twistedspoon and having learned Psyshock and Kinesis to level 55
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User Info: SlappyDog

4 years ago#14
-Bring the Game Corner back
-Gen 3 Secret Bases
-Fix the GTS
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#15
Troll: *Requests a level 9 yveltal*
GTS: You cannot request for low level shinies!

also, make you able to search for pokemon you have that THEY want.
I.E: I have a zoroark, but since I despise that pokemon, I'll see who wants it.
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