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Favorite movie?

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User Info: M4nnimal

4 years ago#21
Mewtwo Strikes Back, probably. If not that, then Destiny Deoxys.
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User Info: SirPierce

4 years ago#22
Deoxys has two of my favorite Pokemon...Deoxys and Rayquaza so it wins.

M16 looks awesome.
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User Info: TheMightyGuardi

4 years ago#23
Alphox99 posted...
-Keldeo- posted...
Fernox213 posted...
-Keldeo- posted...
My movie is best movie.

Are you a TherianGuardian alt?

What makes you think that?

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! TherianGuardian is back!!!!!!1!.

as you may know I'm back, bosse.
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